Label: Invisible, Inc.

Formats: 1x12" 45 RPM EP Numbered

Style: Dub Dungeon Synth Experimental Tribal Nu-Disco

Release Date: 2017-03-27

Cat: INVINC 12

Country: UK

Sordid Sound System
Fear Eats The Soul

Fear Eats The Soul
Two years on from his last outing under the alias, Green Door Studio engineer Stuart Evans delivers a new Sordid Sound System EP. As usual, dusty old electronic instruments and analogue hardware are the Glaswegian's tools of choice, with hard-to-pigeonhole thrills being the result. He begins with the Golden Teacher-ish trip that is "The Grove", where echo-laden vocal snippets and dub-wise cut-ups wrap their way around acid-fired electronics and a chugging groove. The densely percussive "Fear Eats The World" sees him wander off towards post-punk krautrock pastures, while "Blues Pour Vivienne" is a slipped waltz beamed down from another planet. A fine EP is drawn to a close by "Sordida Discoteca", a delay-laden voyage into proto-techno territory in the company of a gaggle of Italo-disco and EBM freaks.

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