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Abstract, Ambient, Techno



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Fri Nov 18 2016


Wed Oct 26 2016

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Vinyl - 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Sharknado - Sharknado Family
"Sharknado" was elected the most useless word in the world in 2014. It was obvious for us to steal this film name and become illegal in the spheres of ignorance. Sharknado is a musician duo, much like fashion skewers the time, a little roast beef, shrimp and some time with the family grows a little more each day. Sharknado is electronic music everything from classic, a TR808, a bassline and some analog synths . nothing new ! We like the experience of all, which is why we do with what is, and with a small step back and humor we see the world's beauty in all its forms (can be an epigenetic story ...) . We see the beauty in the change in radioactivity and what it produces on wildlife. An albino shark fins three is our inspiration ... Sharknado attempts to write the story of a changed world, fed with uranium, a world unknown, abandoned.


Sharknado Family

A1 - Afrishark

A2 - Babyshark

A3 - Tropishark

B1 - Cricon

B2 - Loveshark

B3 - Sharknado

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