Label: Above board


Formats: 1x12x2 12x2

Style: Rave

Release Date: May 31, 2019

Country: United Kingdom

Fabio & grooverider
30 Years Of Rage (Part 2)

Fabio & grooverider - 30 Years Of Rage (Part 2) | Above board
This is a 2xLP Album part of a 4 season compilation. Organic rave music from 2 active masters of the London scene : Fabio & Grooverider. RAGE is approaching its 30th anniversary. Its sonic and cultural legacy is still being felt today, Fabio & Groove are still shutting down raves and festivals every weekend all over the world with their superior DJ sets and musical knowledge guided by their pioneering spirit. they have been at the forefront of UK dance music for over 3 decades. This is the roots of their story told through music.

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