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Rave Or Die

Techno, Acid



Release date

Thu Mar 01 2018


Fri Mar 30 2018

Catalogue Number





Vinyl - 1x10"

I Hate Models / Umwelt - Rave Or Die 10
I Hate Models / Umwelt - Rave Or Die 10#1I Hate Models / Umwelt - Rave Or Die 10#2

Rave Or Die celebrates its tenth outputs to date since 2012 with a 100% frenchie split release! DJ & producer I Hate Models (Artscore, VOITAX, MonnomBlack) invests A side with irresistible “Requiem Of Desolation”, a blessing dancefloor mash up of untouchable Acid Trance flights and old school sororities . Very different from what we used to hear from this infamous and longtime Techno activist. This is what we call “Modern Rave”. On the flipside, ROD mastermind Umwelt unleashes Bass and acidic tones on killing “Requiem Of Haunted Warehouse”. Haunting horrific melodies enhanced by hammering kicks turn the track into a monster dancefloor track.

Warning Rave Anthem

I Hate Models / Umwelt

Rave Or Die 10

A - Requiem Of Desolation

B - Requiem Of Haunted Warehouse

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