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Sun Jan 01 2017


Fri Dec 15 2017

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Vinyl - 1xLP / Album / Limited Edition / Reissue / Remastered

Fondation - Le Vaisseau Blanc
Fondation - Le Vaisseau Blanc#1

Fondation was a two piece band: Annanka Raghel on keyboards, voice and reciting and Ivan Coaquette on guitar, bass, synthesizer, percussion. Their release was packed in an oversized match box with matches. Each track ends with short spoken word piece which is believed to be from H.P. Lovercarft. . Issued firstly on Pascal Bussy's amazing Tago Mago imprint in a retooled giant matchbox, this is purely of a piece with their previous releases, 'Le Vaisseau Blanc' in some respects representing a last hurrah for this aesthetic dimension of the French underground scene, with hallucinogenic webs of delayed electronics and wetly effected guitars weaving vapor trails around one another in a manner directly descended from the Heldon/Lard Free school of dystopian cosmic rock.

Ivan Coaquette and Anannka Raghel, are tunneling ever deeper into the filter swept and cyclically overlapping recesses of their synths and rhythm machines. Magnificent .


Le Vaisseau Blanc

A1 - Mouvement

A2 - Dérive

A3 - Spirale

A4 - Effervescence

A5 - Pénombre

A6 - Le Bal De Grâce

B1 - Magic Box

B2 - Impressions

B3 - Macumba

B4 - Souviens-Toi

B5 - Pulsion

B6 - Temple

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