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Fri Sep 01 2017


Fri Oct 06 2017

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Vinyl - 1x12" / EP

Letherique - Emergence Pt. 1
Letherique - Emergence Pt. 1#1Letherique - Emergence Pt. 1#2

For its very first vinyl release after 2 years of activity in the digital realm, experimental ambient label Arythmic Records from Strasbourg (France) did a rather bold choice by putting its hopes into a local techno artist well known for its open-mindedness and creativity: Letherique.

After over a year of various experiments, the best ideas were selected and compiled into a series of 3 EPs, each one dedicated to a particular vibe. The first part is about the more synthetic and futuristic outcome. The second one will be rather dark and organic. Finally, the third and last one will be about the more experimental and minimalistic remainder.

Taking from many influences way beyond the world of casual techno music, Letherique ended up crafting unexpected techno tunes, usually starting with an ambient base on which he couldn’t help himself adding beats in order to develop what he knew best. After years of activity in the dark, he needed something a little bit special to put into what he could proudly call his first EP as a testament of his passion for the infinite realms of the electronic music genre. These were the perfect fit.


Emergence Pt. 1

A - Elevation


B1 - Ethereal Pong


B2 - Etherique


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