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Sun Jan 01 2017


Tue May 16 2017

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Vinyl - 1xLP / Album

Joao Selva - Natureza

Favorite Recordings proudly presents Natureza, first album of Joao Selva. The story of Natureza is made of the meeting between two passionate artists who are Jonathan "Matuto" Da Silva and Bruno "Patchworks" Hovart. Born and raised in Ipanema and son of a pastor, Jonathan Da Silva grew up in a community of ex- prisoners and converted artists. He made his first guitar notes before his 10th birthday, under the watchful eye of Wanda Sa (muse of the bossa nova), and influenced by a father who in addition to his work, was also a true music lover with a collection, where black music, rock and classical meet. From the age of 18, Jonathan began a life of entertainer, traveling the world to offer shows for disadvantaged children and intensively practicing the Brazilian traditional music arts (Capoeira Angola, Maracatu, Samba de Roda, Coco de Roda...). It was later in France and in Lyon that he put down his instruments. There he formed the trio Forro de Rebeca in 2008, touring the all country and winning many praise in media. The trio recently joined forces with American producer Maga Bo on the project Sociedade Recreativa, whose album was released in 2016 on The Jarring Effects label.

Joao Selva


A1 - Pessoas

A2 - Natureza

A3 - Felicidade

A4 - Um Caroço

B1 - Se Foi

B2 - Maria

B3 - Perto de Ti

B4 - Babado Forte

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