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Diva - La Nuit

France 1x12" / 45 RPM / EP

Disco Funk Boogie

A1 - La Nuit (Version longue spécial DJ)

B1 - La Nuit (Version 45 Tours)

B2 - Prise Au Piège (Version 45 Tours)

Beware, Discomatin is back. In 2018, the Parisian crew of diggers and DJ’s originally known for their edits goes official with fully licensed and remastered reissues. For this new adventure, they chose an incredible in-demand French boogie EP from Diva, an eighties funk band from Bordeaux. Diva only released one EP with La Nuit, a sentimental, almost poetic boogie banger with great synth, guitar and vocal parts. The track could honestly have been a radio hit in the eighties with some real promotion. Today, it’s still time to make it right and it is already an anthem in the French underground disco scene.


Discomatin - Discomatin Edits 02

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Disco Boogie Funk

A1 - Show Me

A2 - I Need To Meet You

B1 - Le Paradis c'est l'enfer

B2 - Deboto Love Song

After a first release early 2016, the Discomatin crew from Paris returns to their Discomatin Edits serie with this second release, still in the spirit of the afterparty they organize to entertain the early birds who prefer to dance than catching the worms. The EP is composed by four tracks, finely picked and slightly edited by the DJ’s of the crew. From AOR mellow grooves to french original kitsch and funkyness, they open a wide range of possibilities. It’s fresh, it’s french, so don’t sleep on it ! 


Discomatin - Discomatin Edits 03

France 1x12" / 45 RPM

Boogie Funk Disco Zouk

A1 - Double Winner

A2 - Keep Tryin'

B1 - Cosmic Life

B2 - Ici Là-Bas Ailleurs

For their first release of 2017 and third edition of the series, the Parisian crew, Discomatin, dug harder than ever to propose edits still in the spirit of the afterparty they organize. The EP is composed by four tracks, finely picked and slightly edited by the DJs of the crew. They cover a wide range of genres, from French boogie, to cosmic disco, through West-Indies or new-wave influenced lyrics. There is definitely something for all tastes on this EP. It’s fresh, it’s French, so don’t sleep on it!


Discomatin - Discomatin Edits 01

France 1x12"

Disco Boogie Funk

A1 - Big Stuff

A2 - Sea And Sky Line

B1 - Périphérique Nord

B2 - Jolie Face

« Parce que le matin, c’est encore mieux » (Because it’s even better in the morning) is the motto of the Parisian after-party and edits label, Discomatin. Their first EP is composed by some edits from their resident DJs, within the spirit of the after-party, which is orientated towards funky stuff, freaky disco beats, or old-school and proto-house vibes. The four tracks open a full range of possibilities for all the DJs and reflect an eclectic long-term vision.


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