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Moonrise Hill Material

Folamour - Oyabun EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Limited Edition


A1 - Novalaise

A2 - La Pierre Et Le Sabre

B1 - Rue D'Amsterdam

B2 - L'île Des Gauchers

Folamour comes here with a crossover 12", exploring the whole spectrum of human emotion through his personal vision of a journey. The vinyl record starts with Novalaise, sweet memory of the french country where the producer's from. The track builds itself up around a slow progression of a catchy acoustic piano loop. The listen goes on with La Pierre et Le Sabre, in which Folamour spreads his love for french 90's House vibes, paying tribute to soul and gospel, two genres that mainly influence him. B-side starts with Rue d'Amsterdam, an undeniably Hip-Hop influenced track on which Folamour develops keyboards, bass and vocal samples around a rough beat, taking the listener away on an inescapable urban dream. The record ends with L'Île des Gauchers, bewitching song inspired by Folamour's literary ravings (Alexandre Jardin in particular). The track progression can be compared as a book reading, rocked by an ubiquitous bassline, attending its voices until the last furrow.


Folamour - Umami

France 2xLP / Album

House Deep House Hip Hop

A1 - Night Of Desirable Objects

A2 - Y'all Right

A3 - Petit Prince Du Macadam

B1 - Ivoire

B2 - Look At Me Or I'll Steal Your Eyes

C1 - Devoted To U

C2 - Oyabun

D1 - Kickflipin' That Stuff

REPRESS COMING SOONFolamour has worked under a number of different aliases and makes poetic music. As a DJ he has lit up dance floors all over France, and he also runs the FHUO Records label. This new nine track LP is the start of a busy year that promises more music on Church and Defected, all after some fine outings on labels like Fauxpas Music and All City Records. The excellent album is an ode to his love of Japanese culture and mixes up beats and house samples, disco swing and future jazz in ways that work both in the club and your living room.The warm and musical ‘Night of Desirable Objects’ kicks things off with loose jazz chords, shuffling beats and welcoming moods that come from smart vocal samples. It’s a brilliantly heartfelt opener that makes way for the slowed down grooves of ‘Y’all Right.’ Trumpets, live drums and gorgeous chords all exude genuine soul and funk, and ‘Petit Prince Du Macadam’ is an exquisite hip hop beat that echoes the great Dilla.Elsewhere, ‘Ivoire’ is a big, afro-tinged cut with bouncy drums and vocals as well as party-starting percussion. ‘Look at Me or I'll Steal Your Eyes’ then pulls back to perfect loops of funky guitar, trilling chords and organic drum work. Like much of the music here, the loveably rough style of Moodymann is a big presence in this one. French filter styles characterise the sunny disco influenced grooves of ‘Devoted to U’, ‘Oyabun’ is a blissed out bit of romantic house, ‘Kickflipin’ That Stuff’ is another gorgeous hip hop interlude weighed down by hot soul and ‘Jah Love’ is a masterfully melodic piece with splashes of cymbal, brilliant key playing and jazz drums that find their way into your heart.This is a fine artistic statement that comes ahead of tour dates and festivals at clubs all over Europe. As such, it is rightly sure to propel Folamour to the next level.


Marc Bianco - Serious Mass EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Future Jazz

A1 - Intro

A2 - Jay Steel

A3 - Interlude

B1 - Fête Nationale

B2 - Harland Jam

Marc Bianco's first EP on Moonrise Hill Material is going to surprise more than one person. After a quick appearance on the 6th release of the French imprint, Marc Bianco is now unveiling a totally different side of his project. Purely jazzy & J Dilla influenced, the tone of this record is given with organic flights on 3 chords basis. It will surely please bedroom listeners as well as club dancers.


Ethyène - Essence Of Adolescence

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

House Nu-Disco

A1 - Every Drop

A2 - A Common Soul

B1 - Cherish The Day

B2 - Time Flies Baby

B3 - E-Ful Ov'me

Second EP by Ethyène on the imprint he co-founded brings us back to the warm urban sound from the last decade of the 2nd Millenium. A bit leaving his early funky touch but staying true to the groove that made his trademark, the Lyon based producer delivers us a more and more personal sound in which we can definitely feel his love for the 90's Neo-Soul, R&B scene from the Philly/NYC area. "The EP starts with Every Drop, establishing the predominant atmosphere of this Ethyène record, built around an amazing 90's soul sample and soulful chords giving a very different colour to the producer's sound than what we've been used before.Then comes A Common Soul, flip of a classic hip hop instrumental turned into an enchanting groove dedicated to set a dancefloor on fire.B Side's first track, Cherish The Day immediately inducts a more melancholic ambience with a sweet mix between soulful vocals and nostalgic trumpet and guitar riffs.Time Flies Baby is the track that links Ethyène precedent work with this new 12". Indeed the track reflects the early Library Music and Jazz influences of the young producer enriched by a low tempo rhythmic section and a groovy bass. As in his previous EP's, Ethyène provides us a deep hip-hop cut to complete the record as a subtle wink to his Lo Life alias."


Saint Paul - Introspection

France 1x12" / EP / Limited Edition

Disco Soul-Jazz Funk Instrumental

A1 - Diamond In The Sky

A2 - Heart Is A Melody

B1 - Frenetic Dance Under The Moonlight

B2 - Loin Des Yeux D'Hélios

B3 - Boogie Or Not Boogie

First EP from Okwa under his side-project's Saint Paul. He delivers an introspective musical journey from his own vision. The whole stainted with organic sounds coming from various influences, which include funk, jazz, soul, hip hop and afro music.


Kaffe Crème - Kaffe Crème EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Deep House

A1 - Kapo Choc

A2 - Chez Moune

A3 - Chez Moune (Bonus Stems)

B1 - Jessica Penrose

B2 - Mountain Flow

Finally Repressed !Fully produced by Kaffe Crème, this 12" is the result of his multiples influences going from Jazz to Hip-Hop by traditional indian music; each track being characterized by KC's perfect rhythmics' mastery.


Various - Love Me Some Friends #2

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

House Disco Future Jazz Breaks

A1 - Saturday In Your Mind

A2 - Line 1202

B1 - Check-O-Matic

B2 - Spy Big Band feat. Bernie

2nd episode of Love Me Some Friends with two new guys which gave us their most beautiful experimental work on what Moonrise Hill love. Housy catchy track from side-project's Okwa, Saint Paul; the best Bassline ever from Marco "Goldmember" Bianco; Big beats, breaks and mushrooms in the same track with G2S; Shitty jazz orchestra debut to arrhythmic drops with the Poulaillerie Crew - Kaffe Crème with roomates Bernie.


Various - Love Me Some Friends #1

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

House Disco

A1 - Shine On

A2 - Love Frequencies

B1 - Your Ass Gotta Go

B2 - Gulf Ressac

With this fifth release, the Moonrise Hill guardians decided to deliver a vinyl conceived by half of them on the A-side and two friends they decided to invite on the B-side. The first side of the record is the more club oriented one, with two tracks from Ethyène & Folamour that sums well what made the early Moonrise style, between smart soulful sampling to unstoppable groovy beats that will instantly make you burn a dancefloor. The second side starts with one of the two guests of this record, LB aka Labat, with a house anthem that gathers all the Detroit codes and an undeniable Hip-Hop influence. Toshigi Canopy has been asked to end the record, something that he did perfectly well with a more lo-fi track leaving you with a mysterious poetic taste that the Moonrise Hill guardians have always been defending.


Ethyène - Sounds From The Streets

France 1x12" / EP

House Hip Hop

A1 - Back 2 The Streets

A2 - The Gulf Party

B1 - Ain't No Love Lost

B2 - Shoppers Blues

Avec cette quatrième sortie, Moonrise Hill Material offre cette fois la possibilité à l'un de ses autres fondateurs, Ethyène, de délivrer un EP sculpté autour de son attrait pour le groove, le sampling et les grattes-ciel. Toujours soucieux de réunir ses passions pour le boom-bap et la street-life avec l'ultra-sensibilité de la Black Music, ce maxi permet au producteur de confronter l'auditeur aux réalités qui sont les siennes, entre exploration de nouveaux territoires et nostalgie urbaine impérissable


Various - Traboules Nights

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Limited Edition

House Deep House

A1 - Fucked Up Jazzmen

A2 - Jack My Sista'

B1 - Manhattune

B2 - Cosmic Spirals

The first vinyl edition of the label Moonrise Hill Material presents the differents artists work which will composed the label. Funk to ambient, with proper jazzmen groove, where the house music predominate and appears like gold in every tracks with something which united them.


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