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Brothers From Different Mothers

Various - Only Promo Ma Poule

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Jungle Breakbeat

A1 - Purposeful Lady Glow Afternoon

A2 - Basse Music

B1 - Findus

B2 - Axel Fif (Part 2)

B3 - Gen

 Written and produced by Thomas Caesar, Guillaume Lespinasse, Axel Ropert-Lemercier and Jean Redondo. Distributed by Chez Emile records. Snowballs provided by Tony Mastroianni on a Kawasaki Z750. Type by Dinamo, Illustration by Almost Free Services


The Pilotwings - Pour Faire Pleurer Les Chômeurs

France 1x12" / EP

House Breakbeat Trance

A1 - Massilia Attack

A2 - La Réconciliation Des Intermittents

B1 - Just Be (Ushuaia Mix)

B2 - Dfc Du Pauvre

SPONSOR NEEDED!!!! a fresh new transmission from our favourite French duo. Back after the drop of their debut album ‘Les Portes Du Brionnais‘ over a year ago, followed by a quiet season in the studio, The Pilotwings are set to land a fourth release on their home base of BFDM, ‘Pour Faire Pleurer Les Chômeurs‘, 


Simo Cell - Pogdance EP

France 1x12"

Techno Downtempo Electro IDM

A1 - Crystal

A2 - Echo Doppler

A3 - Random noizes

B1 - I Love the monkey Head

B2 - Storm Steven

Simo Cell Zahef totalTribal chaka zulu, les singes viennent de sortir du zoo


Full Quantic Pass - Tika Bongo

A1 - Tika Bongo Rain

A2 - DJC

B1 - Rektank

B2 - Anua

 Stay straight to the line. This ep is dedicated to Gerard, king of the Kings, the man won the 2017 Razzle battle.Warning : Countrymans, do not listen to this record if you are not accustomed.


Basses-Terres - Counting Pulsations

France 1xLimited Edition

Ambient Dub Dungeon Synth

1 - Opening Triangulated

2 - The Mask Of A Peson Who No Longer Listens

3 - Trypophobia / Legs Wide Open

4 - Formed, Unformed, Re-Formed

5 - Lines Of Dismemberment

6 - Undecipherable Eyes, Protected From The Sunlight

7 - One Way Voice Link

8 - Kiss In The Neck / Reversed Reflex

The first trees trembled with constant little oscillations, junctions -disjunctions. A red light started blinking, half-buried in the snow. Deep in the Siberian forest, in the middle of the night, a girl with a Morse key, was running a shortwave transmitter off a diesel generator, sending messages toward the ionosphere. Her hands moved closer together, without touching. The pulsations became almost innumerable, incredibly elongated, hollowed out in the middle, like little pinnacles, but she knew that someone, thousands of miles away, would decipher her message. In a dimly lit hotel room, in a subterranean vault, he would build the bridges, channel the frequencies. Forming, unforming, and re-forming the lines, the waves, and the words."


Lastrack - Plan à Trois

A1 - Clairette To Die

A2 - Zdry Connexion

B1 - Kyle aux Rennes

B2 - Sweet Vanilla

Trap Techno Hybrid Dub. For your Safety, please remove all ashtrays around before listening. It's not a game ! #QUELAFIF


The Pilotwings - Les Portes Du Brionnais

France 2xLP / Album

Deep House House Disco Tribal Tribal House Breakbeat Downtempo Euro House Ambient

A1 - Les Portes Du Brionnais

A2 - Aladdinde

A3 - Le RSA

B1 - Pousse Un Peu Plus Chaque Jour

B2 - Christrance

B3 - Yomogi

C1 - Debeurdinoir

C2 - Brigade Des Moeurs

For the first time Pilotwings LP including Balearic Nordine Previously heard on LYL radio ! The much-anticipated debut LP from The Pilotwings is finally hitting the racks ! To celebrate the 10th release on BFDM, Louis and Guillaume dig further into their 80s balearic infused signature sound and take us on a sensuous journey to happiness


The Pilotwings - Agorespace EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / EP / White Label

House Techno Tribal

A1 - Trance Beats

A2 - Cavernes Magiques

B - Cours-la-Ville

Fresh and first ep from the Lyon is burning city again ! Pilotwings is two guys. Raw dancin' and atmospheric synth mix on 3 tribal tracks.Second hand, NM


DJ Normal 4 - Mental Command Terror

France 1x10" / EP

Breakbeat Trance Tribal

A - Transcendental Training Tactics

B - Disillusion Pyramid ft. Rasputin

Please welcome DJ Normal-4 on this original 10" in the Family. We don't have same mothers but we love the same women from the street Tabaga. This ep is dedicated to her and all the sisters. A1 is a transcendental training act original track from Normal-4. B1 have been made with Rasputin. Please trust us it's not because you nailed your ass that you have to respect us. Just concentrate on "chauffe le pain"


J-Zbel - Hyena Sticks Head In Elephant's Butt

France 1x12" / EP / Limited Edition

Breakbeat House Techno Tribal

A1 - Diablo Verde (Live At Bordeaux)

A2 - Nem de Porc

B1 - Logan Dub

B2 - Lauren Misogyn

J-zbel returns with second EP on 12 dedicated to all amigos rest in FIF. Each sides results in a massive piece of freaky vibes and suggest to dance the hell out of you. This is cross-style ep from hard rave to one thousand bpm.


J-Zbel - 69001 (Live 75021 at 6B)

France 1xLimited Edition / Mixed

Techno Breakbeat

A - Untitled

B - Untitled

Live by three Hooligans wearing bandana's and using pictures of black people for their releaseeuuhhh...Dammmmm!!!!! 100 copies no more repress... This live was recorded at the 75021 ( Big up Sonotown) the 16th april 2016 Duration : 1h15


Basses Terres - A Darker Rain

France 1x12" / 45 RPM / EP

Techno Electro Breakbeat Experimental Leftfield

A1 - Any Other Way

A2 - Going Until I Am Gone

B1 - Self - Sufficient Hole

B2 - Sonar System

A dark rain falls on the reeds. The girl stands in the marsh. Night birds are wailing. Slowly she sinks in the water. No other way. An immaterial wave swells around her. The voice echoes on the other side of the liquid wall. Going. She reaches her hand out to the translucent water and passes through… Her entire body, shivering, travels across. Gone. She falls down the self-sufficient hole. The white noise of the water becomes unbearable. Deafened, the girl tries to escape the surveillance of the sonar system. She finally crawls out of the aqueous tunnel : in front of her, lay the Basses-Terres.


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