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Music From Memory

Vincent - Fast Forward

A1 - The New Age

A2 - Don't Wait

B1 - Be Easy

B2 - Morning Love



Gaussian Curve - The Distance

A1 - Breathe

A2 - The Distance

A3 - Dancing Rain

A4 - Suspended Motion

B1 - Ceremony

B2 - T.O.R.

B3 - Four For You

B4 - Another Place

New LP from Gigi Masin, Jonny Nash and Young Marco. Highly Recommended!


Denis Mpunga & Paul K. - Criola

Netherlands 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Compilation / Remastered

African Experimental

A1 - Intermezzo III

A2 - Criola

A3 - Intermezzo II

A4 - !!! KWE

B1 - Dou Niya

B2 - Intermezzo I

B3 - Funyaka

B4 - What

An mini LP of works by Denis Mpunga and Paul K. Combining elements of traditional African music with experimental electronics, the Belgian/Congolese duo released only a handful of tracks, scattered across a few rare LP and cassette compilations that were put out in the mid eighties by obscure european labels . This release also includes a few previously unreleased songs that were found on the original master tapes. 180gram pressing. BIG TIP!


Various - Outro Tempo: Electronic And Contemporary Music From Brazil 1978-1992

Netherlands 2xLP / Compilation / Remastered

Experimental Ambient Fusion MPB

A1 - O Sol Na Janela

A2 - G.R.E.S. Luxo Artesanal / O Camponês

A3 - Sem Teto

A4 - Só Quero Um Xodó

A5 - Amanhecer Tabajara (À Alceu Valença)

B1 - Por Quê

B2 - Kiuá

B3 - Mãoscolorida

For their first multi-artist compilation, Music From Memory take us on a trip to the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Outro Tempo: Electronic and Contemporary Music From Brazil, 1978-1992 is a double LP that explores the outer reaches of Brazilian music, where indigenous rhythms mix with synthesizers and where MPB mingles with drum computers. As Brazil faced the last years of its military dictatorship and transition to democracy, a generation of forward-thinking musicians developed an alternative vision of Brazilian music and culture. They embraced traditionally shunned electronic production methods and infused their music with elements of ambient, jazz-fusion, and minimalism. 


Richenel - La Diferencia

Netherlands 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Reissue / Remastered

Boogie Synth-pop

A1 - Autumn

A2 - Slave Of The Body / Mind

A3 - I Won't Bite

B1 - Gentle Friend

B2 - Baby Please

B3 - La Diferencia

Music From Memory hit it just right yet again- this time it's Richenel from the Netherlands who's lost tracks get the dusting off. 6 tracks of funkified lo fi bliss.


Gaussian Curve - Clouds

Netherlands 1xLP / Album / Repress

Ambient Downtempo New Age

A1 - Talk To The Church

A2 - Impossible Island

A3 - Dewdrops

A4 - Ride

B1 - Broken Clouds

B2 - Unsolved

B3 - The Longest Road

B4 - Red Light

Music From Memory's fourth release sees the Amsterdam based label taking an exciting sidestep with the release of “Clouds”, an album of contemporary music recorded in spring 2014. “Clouds” is the debut album of Gaussian Curve, a collaboration between Italian ambient pioneer Gigi Masin, Land Of Light’s Jonny Nash and Marco Sterk (also know as Young Marco).


Suso Saiz - Rainworks

Netherlands 2xLP / Album

Experimental Ambient

A - From Memory And The Sky (El Cielo Y La Memoria)

B1 - The Way Of The Water (Agua Para Caminar)

B2 - The Hiding Place (El Escondite)

C1 - They Don't Love Each Other (No Se Aman)

C2 - Nothing Ends (Nada Se Termina)

D - A Rainy Afternoon (Una Tarde De Lluvia)

Following last year’s compilation of archival recordings by Suso Saiz titled ’Odisea’, Music From Memory are thrilled to mark their 20th release to date with an album of new works by the Spanish electronic music pioneer. Recorded in Madrid between January and February 2016, this is Suso Saiz’s first release of new music in nearly 10 years.


Gigi Masin - Talk To The Sea

Netherlands 2xLP / Compilation / Remastered


A1 - Snake Theory

A2 - The Word Love

A3 - Still

A4 - Fata Morgana

B1 - Redanzen

B2 - Talk To The Sea

B3 - Music For Chameleons

B4 - Little Faith

For their much anticipated second release 'Music From Memory' take you into the world of Italian musician Gigi Masin....TIP!Part of only a small and very much underground musicscene in his hometown of Venice, Gigi Masin self released two modestly pressed LP's 'Wind' (1986) and 'Wind Collector' (1991) and appeared along side Charles Hayward for the Sub Rosa compilation LP "Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre Volume 2" (1988)


Workdub - Workdub

Netherlands 1x12" / 45 RPM / Maxi-Single / Compilation / Remastered

Leftfield Synth-pop

A1 - Island Breeze

A2 - Caravan

B1 - The Odyssey

B2 - Caravan Revisited

Another nice surprise from MFM..who'd have thought this one would pop up here? the choice unearthings continue...


Roberto Musci - Tower Of Silence

Netherlands 2xLP / Compilation

Ambient Downtempo Experimental African Tribal

A1 - Improbably Music

A2 - Nexus On The Beach

A3 - Lidia After The Snow

A4 - Water Music

A5 - Woman Of Water And Music

A6 - Lullabies... Mother Sings... Father Plays...

B1 - Back Railway To

B2 - Tamatave

Travelling extensively across Asia and Africa between 1974-1985 to study music, Roberto made many field recordings and collected many instruments on his travels which he would then combine with synthesizers and electronics back in Italy


Dip In The Pool - On Retinae

Netherlands 1x12" / 45 RPM / Reissue / Remastered


A - On Retinae (West Version)

B - On Retinae (East Version)

 80s Japanese pop GOLD - both versions of 'On Retinae' on 12" for the first time. Talk about an end of night finisher.Music From Memory’s third 12” release features two versions of the track ‘On Retinae’ by the Japanese pop duo Dip In The Pool. With support from friend Yasuaki Shimizu (AKA Mariah) on clarinet, the track is pure end of the night pop perfection and something of a lost classic.


Joan Bibiloni - El Sur

Netherlands 1xLP / Compilation / Remastered

Ambient Fusion Jazz-Funk Experimental

A1 - The Boogie

A2 - El Cumpleaños Se Jaimito

A3 - Valerie

A4 - Sobrevivir

A5 - El Salto Del Martin

A6 - Val, I Vuw Ya

B1 - Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila II

B2 - Migas

Primarily a guitarist, Bibiloni was creating music at an early age, releasing his first single at the tender age of 15. In his twenties he formed Spanish progrock outfits Zebra and Euterpe where he would meet Pepe Milan, the two of them becoming the bluesy folk duo 'Milan & Bibiloni'. Bibiloni himself would later go on to play with a number of luminary musicians such as Larry Coryell, Daevid Allen and John Cage to name but a few. Whilst Bibiloni's first solo releases on his Blau imprint have stronger echoes of contemporary Jazz fusion of the time, it is on the album known as 'Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila' where Bibiloni really began to experiment with new sounds and technologies; fusing tape loops, drum computers and synthesizers. Taking these more electronic infused works as a departure point for the compilation and drawing on material from across his following five albums, ‘El Sur’ sets out to highlight Joan Bibiloni’s unique ambient fusion and sun-drenched Mediterranean beach boogie.


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