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Sign Libra - Closer To The Equator

France 1x12" / EP

Ambient New Age

A1 - Intro / Tropical Plantarum

A2 - Mantodea V.s. Furcifer Pardalis

A3 - Victoria Amazonica

B1 - Teleopsis Dalmanni

B2 - Outro / Oophaga Pumilio

B3 - Longer pause - 15sec / Petrichor

 The people at Antinote are always excited to introduce new names to its roster and Sign Libra, its latest addition, makes no exception to the rule.


Radiante Pourpre - Radiante Pourpre

Sound Collage Ambient Experimental

A1 - I

A2 - II

A3 - III

A4 - IV

B1 - V

B2 - VI

B3 - VII


LP in silk screen sleeve + insert* Born in a cave in Bordeaux, Radiante Pourpre is one of the many children of Simple Music Experience, a collective and label floating somewherebetween Marseille, Paris and Bordeaux and which inexorably attracted to itself many outsider experimentalists from the French electronic scene for the past few years. Antinote is now reissuing a long out-of-print tape that the duo recorded in 2014 in Brussels’ art space Komplot.


Alek Lee - Sfarot

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

Downtempo Disco

A - Sfarot

B1 - Sfarot Dub

B2 - Harabait

The Antinote guys have always been keen on introducing new names to you and this addition to the label’s catalogue makes no exception to the rule: they are pleased to present Sfarot, the debut EP from Alek Lee, a musician currently living in Tel-Aviv.The geographic origin of the artists on the Parisian imprint has never been felt as much as on Alek Lee’s debut 12”. In a very “fourth world” manner, Alek Lee brings together middle-eastern influences in his music with ease and without ever having it sounding cliché: on Harabait and Sfarot (and its dub version), his friends and him play the violin, the bass clarinet and the accordion in a way which reminds of Klezmer music, putting the three songs on the EP in line with both his musical education and his cultural background. 


Various - Five Years Of Loving Notes

France 2xLP / Album / Compilation

Ambient Downtempo Techno Electro

A1 - +371

A2 - Timbuktu

A3 - Maurilia

A4 - Market Session

B1 - Jungle Dweller

B2 - Warm & Easy

B3 - Cap De Creus

C1 - Giza

5th Birthday comp featuring a host of artistst who've graced the label over the perioid.. Exclusives from Tolouse Lowtrax, Geena, Iueke, Domenique Dumont, . Inoue Shirabe, Raphael Top-Secret and more... Gatefold Sleev


Tolouse Low Trax - Decades Vol.III

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Experimental Minimal Electro Techno

A1 - E-Sadam

A2 - Marina Dub

B1 - Boutique Beast

B2 - Metal Tent

B3 - Tazza

The thrid an final installment of archive material, selected by Antinote. A killer suite if you ask us. TIP! 


Succhiamo - Succhiamo

France 1x12"


A - Succhiamo

B - Al Supermercato

To begin the year with, Antinote summoned Panoptique and JC Satan’s Paula to release a badass two-tracker, paying a pared-down tribute to a very overlooked period in recent musical history: the accursed electroclash-era


Tolouse Low Trax - Decades Vol.II

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Experimental Electro Minimal Techno Industrial

A1 - Calyrough

A2 - Hyroglyph

B1 - Wooden Words

B2 - Monia

You can trail away with it. It is easy to enter, but hard to drop out. Tolouse Low Trax just needs an MPC, a small Synthesizer set up and some effects to create subliminal hypnotic music trips, driven by dark synthlines and drunken shuffled patterns. “The primitiveness in my music is linked to something simple, and that don’t have to be obligatory minimal.


Geena - Peace Love Earth

France 1x12"

Techno Electro

A1 - Natural High

A2 - KG Voice

A3 - La Isla

B1 - Keep

B2 - Blue Transfer

Time has passed since Geena’s latest weedy excursions on Antinote, but the man is finally back, inviting you to take a dip in a swimming pool filled with molly!


Tolouse Low Trax - Decades Vol.I

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Experimental Minimal Electro Techno

A1 - Make Friends

A2 - Ejekter

A3 - Hidden Flat

B1 - Studies In Drama

B2 - Tristeros Empire

Kreidler's Detlef Weinrich digs back into his solo archives and furnishes the excellent Antinote Records with a series worth of unreleased jams. Tolouse Low Trax just needs an MPC, a small Synthesizer set up and some effects to create subliminal hypnotic music trips, driven by dark synthlines and drunken shuffled patterns.


Mind Lotion - Altitude Attitudes

France 1xLP / Album

Downtempo House New Age

A1 - Dreamscape

A2 - Atmospherica

A3 - My Language

A4 - Hotel Breakfast

B1 - There Was a Time

B2 - Rainbow Delta

B3 - Astro Girl

B4 - Algo Rydim

Mind Lotion crafts a very modern guide to sun-drenched soundscapes in the form of Altitude Attitudes; a musical travel-log, consisting of eight pieces, written over two years, which are recollections of experiences, moments in time from trips – either real or romanticized – to exotic destinations.


Leonardo Martelli - Previsto

Electro House Experimental

A1 - L'immaginario

A2 - Negli abissi

A3 - Leggende metropolitane

A4 - La Luna

B1 - Il registro

B2 - Lo Schema

B3 - Previsto

A4 samples "Summer on a solitary beach" by Franco Battiato. this time Leonardo Martelli explores a more urban universe, as the use of rap samples on Negli abissi and Lo Schema suggests. Martelli exploits their aggressiveness in a way that somehow reminds us of minimalist rap tapes from Memphis.


Raphael-Top-Secret - Nelson Bishop - Love So High

France 1x12"

House Leftfield

A1 - Chekema

B1 - Get Enough

B2 - Love So High

The three tracks travel in many different directions. Speaking directly to all the dreamers, the result is a surprising cross-over in which synthesized European music gets injected by imaginary tropical visions. The record is opening with the inner mind percussive ambient « Chekema », an animistic incantation that will please all those who see parties as modern ritual gatherings.


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