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FHUO Records

Kimosabe - Feelings For Ur Own Revolution

France 2xLP / Album

House Future Jazz Downtempo

A1 - Intro

A2 - Winter, Spring & Fall

B1 - Mourning At The Inn

B2 - Feelings For Ur Own Revolution

C1 - We Sold Our Soul, That Night

C2 - Interlude

D1 - New York City Farewell

D2 - If We Were Children Again

2x 12 from the upcoming Kimosabe ensembleKimosabe is Folamour and Marc BiancoExtract of the live video


Parviz - Le Cyprès d'Abarqu

France 1xLP / EP

House Future Jazz Tribal

A1 - Bullfinch & Weeping Cherry Blossoms

A2 - Les Rochers Rouges

B1 - Ta'm—e Gilās (طعم گيلاس)

B2 - Tanzende Und Badende Am Lipar



Tour Maubourg - Indulgent Harmonies

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Deep House

A1 - Groove #1

A2 - U Can't I Can't

B1 - Indulgent Harmony

B2 - Hang On



Tochigi Canopy - Collecting Things

Ambient House

A1 - Memento

A2 - Collecting Things

A3 - Little People

A4 - Woody's Tapes

B1 - Intermission For The Youth

B2 - 23.9FM

B3 - Velvet Lane

B4 - Decent Beginnings

For his debut album, Tochigi Canopy has been building the melancholic, spleen-full life's perfect soundtrack. At first listen, we already feel his obsession for details and his love for deep atmospheres, he fills our mind with images, moments, slices of nostalgia where summers last only for seconds. An absolut must-have.


Various - Freedom Is Rising

France 1x12" / Compilation

House Deep House

A1 - Tonight With You Baby

A2 - Quarter Century

B1 - Il Faudra Remercier Pierre

B2 - Ill At Delphia (Raw Mix)

  no information needed


Folamour , Parviz - Alerte à Babylone EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP


A1 - Very First Touch

A2 - 100 Crowns Bill

B1 - L'Estaque

B2 - Alerte à Babylone

Folamour was responsible for one of the dreamiest, most colourful deep house records of recent times - the brilliant Shakkei EP on All City - so hopes are naturally high for this excursion on the producer's recently launched FHUO Records. He kicks off proceedings with the thrillingly addictive "Very First Touch", where dreamy pads and looped party samples cluster around a snappy, jazz-fuelled house groove, before ratcheting the energy levels up a notch or two via the rubbery slap bass, driving drum machine beats and warm Rhodes chords of "Alerte a Babylon". In between, you'll find Pravis' "L'Estaque", a stomping deep house floor-burner blessed with some seriously good, jammed-out electric piano solos.


Various - FHUO001

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

House Deep House

A1 - Dancing On That Rainbow On The Poneymatrix

A2 - Gucci Tennis 84

B1 - Baciami Subito

B2 - Jaco P

Cause nothing can introduce us better than music, here is FHUO's first release FHUO001 - V/A : "L'Homme ne descend pas du singe mais du bruit". For this first one, the goddess and her weird creature are glad to welcome such a sample of french talents from jazzmen to tennis player, from barbecue master to yoga teacher, all together under her supervision and sweetness. Club atmosphere to winter chillness, these four knights of the apocalypse are bringing you what you need in all situation.


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