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Pye Corner Audio - Island Of Ghosts EP

Spain 1x12" / EP / Limited Edition

Electro Acid Techno

A1 - Greenpoint Hangover

A2 - Industrial Rituals

B1 - Island Of Ghosts

B2 - Greenpoint Hangover [Morphology Remix]

AF welcomes Pye Corner Audio for its 10th release. 4-tracker of raw acid jams from the oppressive mind of Martin Jenkins, the man behind the operation. 'Island of Ghosts' includes a wild electro remix by Finnish duo Morphology. Needs no introduction: brutal and beautiful.


François X - Irregular Passion

Techno Ambient Experimental

1 - Love Of A Lifetime

2 - Blurry Youth

3 - Slave, No Slave

4 - Just A Dream

5 - Shamefaced

6 - Falling For Her

7 - Under Your Spell

8 - Dirty Chat

At night, things get a lot more unpredictable. A stranger can become a friend, you suddenly become intimate with a woman or a man who's name you will never find out, while darkness also allows you to conceal your true identity - even become someone else. Inspiration for this album emanates from the fascination towards the intensity of what nightlife has to offer ; euphoria and melancholy, spotlights or incognito, sexual contact or lonely voyeurism... Francois X entertains the listener with playful ambiguity and unsettling, yet sensual atmospheres.


Anthony Linell - Layers of Reality

A1 - Layers of Reality

B1 - Separated from Other Bodies

B2 - The Levels of Existential Space

Ever capitalizing on aerodynamic tactics, Anthony Linell's latest EP, 'Layers of Reality,' presents three tracks that exceed gravitational force with the slickest of manoeuvres. Tersely fluctuating and resoundingly austere, the EP has its moments of breezy volatility that punctuates the mesmeric rhythmic cycles to sweeping effect.


Milium - Addis Abeba / Lord Stanley's Cup

Techno Electro

A - Addis Abeba (feat. Kator)

B - Lord Stanley's Cup

Possblthings Records return with the debut single of Leipzig-based Milium. This record contains your blend of Lust & Angst, compiled for and dedicated to the club. "Addis Abeba" equals Side A - a collocation of groaning machines, bittersweet strings and seducing bass synths, defined with the aid of befriended producer Kator. Side B equals "Lord Stanley's Cup" - a cloudy hike into that weird place where EBM and Electro meet. Comes with inlay.


Avalon Emerson - Shtum 009

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM


A1 - Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix)

A2 - Sword And Rose Forever

B1 - Constantly My Cure (Plan Around Me Dub)

B2 - Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool

Killer release on Uncanny Valley related Shtum label. Their latest offering is none other than Avalon Emerson, who hits hard with her first appearance on the Dresden-based label with a record full of techno beauties. "Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix)" features vocals by Avalon herself that ride on an unstoppable acid-driven bassline towards a forceful and paradoxically cold yet warm climax. "Constantly My Cure (Plan Around Me Dub)", offers an instrumental redux that's less ambiguous in its intentions -- this one's aimed straight for maximum dancefloor effect. "Sword and Rose Forever" shows once again that she knows how to create relentless club music imbued with beautifully bittersweet atmosphere. The EP closes with the punch of "Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool," a break-laden machine-piston of a rhythmic workout that's made for those selectors who want to set fire to the floor and jam the energy up to a frenetic peak. Recommended! Once again, the illustration on the B-side label is by Aram Haydeyan.


Larry McCormick - Intelectro

Netherlands 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Electro Techno

A1 - Banger

A2 - Vibes

B1 - Rocker

B2 - Ride Low

Shipwrec is delighted to welcome an electro pioneer into the fold. Larry McCormick has been at the coal face of machine music for two decades, carving razor sharp cuts under his Exzakt alias whilst spearheading future funk on his exemplary Monotone Records. Intelectro exemplifies twenty years of experience, twenty years of music production and twenty years of talent. "Banger" does exactly what it says, a crunching work that breaks with millisecond-perfect precision before deeper layers are unfurled. "Vibes" feels like three compositions combined. From its spacious intro the track dives into acid chords before resurfacing in refined warmth. Vintage grooves open "Rocker" with some extra muscle added through heavy kicks as samples circle to an ever tighter noose. Styles shift and strafe across the quartet leaving the lines of set expectations to blur and ultimately disappear. "Ride Low" is the final proof of this, understated percussion leading to sky soaring sytnhlines and free flowing harmonies. A 12" that melds disparate sounds with frightening ease, an artist bridging electro past, present and future.


Leo Anibaldi - Muta

Italy 2xLP / Album / Repress

Techno Abstract Acid Ambient

A1.1 - Untitled

A1.2 - Untitled

B1.1 - Untitled

B1.2 - Untitled

A2.1 - Untitled

A2.2 - Untitled

B2.1 - Untitled

B2.2 - Untitled

"Muta" the second album of the Italian maestro Leo Anibaldi was published in 1993 as double vinyl and cd. A strange mixture of Acid, Ambient and Techno vibes converged in a unique gothic flow. Here with the original mastering by the famous sound engineer Claudio di Toma. 


Parrish Smith - Virgin Of The World

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Techno Industrial Experimental

A1 - Stillness And Secrecy

A2 - Supra

B1 - Savior Of The False

B2 - Seven

 Mixing up illusional layers of metal drums with harsh and rough moving synthesis. Polyrhythmical electroniczzz for the mind.


December  / Kaumwald - Half Cuts 1

France 1x12" / EP

Techno Industrial Acid

A1 - Xy

A2 - Behindert

B1 - Cormoran

B2 - No Ivlo

Slow, dark & raw techno/EBM from the In Paradisum camp.


Geistform - Señales

Spain 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Electro Industrial Techno

A1 - Frontier Fields

A2 - End Of Entropy

B1 - Interval Signal

B2 - Perimtr

Señales, Spanish for Signals, is the new work and debut at Femur by Rafa M. Espinosa, aka Geistform. It depicts a round trip to the darkest side, the sullen and dismal side of our sonic concept. The four tracks, which make up this 12” range from odes to smacking electro beat, obsessive mid-tempos, old industrial echoes and sinister and unsettling atmospheres.


Interactive - The Techno Wave

Poland 1x12" / 45 RPM / Limited Edition / Reissue / Remastered

Techno New Beat

A - The Techno Wave (Ancient Methods Remix)

B1 - The Techno Wave (Castle Mix)

B2 - The Bass Is On Fire

“The Techno Wave” was the first single released in 1990 by this famous project created by Jens Lissat and Ramon Zenker (Hardfloor). This re-issue includes the original “Castle Mix”, the b-side “The Bass is on Fire” and a new killer remix prepared by Ancient Methods who described “The Techno Wave” as “one of the influential tracks that brought me alongside Zoth Ommog and R&S into techno”. 


Various - Eine Welt Vol 2 Ep

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Limited Edition

Experimental Techno Synthwave New Beat Downtempo

A1 - Müdes Geschrei

A2 - Cola Cubes

A3 - Держи Мою Руку

B1 - Granchio Scorreggiante

B2 - Tsungire

B3 - Fun Cum

The sub-label of MOND MUSIK called „Eine Welt“ is back with the second edition of the compilation series. Carefully compiled by spAceLex (Alexander Arpeggio), those tracks give a different perspective on the contemporary music scene.


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