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The Auditor , Consequence  , Trio 3 - Straight Out Of Wandsworth EP

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Acid House Acid Electro Techno

A1 - Jack The Rhythm

A2 - Acid Attack

B1 - Fuck Chicago

B2 - House Your Body

Coming off the back of 2 years running strictly-vinyl-only acid house underground parties, the Downfall crew - all veterans of the 1980's London acid house scene - have put together their debut 12".Straight out of Wandsworth EP. Four jacking analogue machine-driven tracks. All hardware. Vinyl only. No digital.  


Tyrees - Tidy / Switch Back Smith

UK 1x12"

House Techno Breaks

A1 - Tidy

B1 - Switch Back Smith

Tyrees is an up and coming, London born and bred producer and DJ with a heavy focus on breaks, bass and pads. His sound pays homage to and is an evolution of the elements that were so crucial in the UK dance music scene throughout the ‘90s and onwards. His love for Hardcore, Jungle and Drum ‘n’ Bass of the early to mid ‘90s is principally important to the formation of his style.Producers like Tyrees are taking full advantage of the current wave of innovative and experimental styles of electronic dance music. With great respect and adoration, Tyrees is combining percussive elements, rhythms, structures, samples and tempos from many genres and eras, creating familiar but fresh, unique and exciting sounds.Aside from electronic dance music, Tyrees is deeply interested in a broad spectrum of musical styles, notably the many sub-genres of Jazz, Soul and Funk from the ‘60s and ‘70s, Hip Hop culture which was so heavily inspired by this music, and anything else from Rock and orchestral pieces to World Music and obscure OSTs. This obsession with music is apparent in the overall sound of his productions.“Tidy” is a smooth and subtle journey through beautiful sample based pads, chopped breaks, synth lines and vocal samples. It is a gradually rising force, evolving with delicate bass and synth tones and a mysterious vocal narrative. It effortlessly transitions into a melodic latter half, concluding with a climactic, explosive drum.


Metrist - Nos Ossos / Eliot Mi Fe

UK 1x12"

Electro Techno

A - Nos Ossos

B1 - Eliot Mi Fe

B2 - Eliot Mi Fe (Cadans Remix)

Following the first two harder edged releases on Neighbourhood from Randomer & Cadans and Kamikaze Space Programme, the third release is brought to you by Metrist, with his brand of naked, polemic club music (as he terms it), this release is much more angular and abstract. Nos Ossos has a warm, trippy feel to it. Eliot Mi Fe is brilliantly bonkers, shrieking it's way into your brain, which Cadans has remixed adding his signature weight to the equation.


Posthuman Ft Josh Caffe - Preach / Temptation

UK 1x12"

Electro House Techno

A1 - Preach

B1 - Temptation

B2 - Exit Drums

Next up for Dixon Avenue Basement Jams they celebrate 5 years of bangin' the drums by welcoming I Love Acid's Posthuman to the fold! In Preach and Temptation we have two deep, dance floor bombs with a darker acid vibe featuring the sensual vocal talents of Josh Caffe. Exit Drums on the other hand is straight up 8amwarehouse burner. BIG!


Fede Lijtmaer - Autotransfromación

France 1x12"

Electro Breakbeat Techno

A1 - Polaridades

A2 - T.M On D.M.T

B1 - True Self

B2 - Todos Nos Merecemos El Sol



Dreams - Vision Zero

A1 - Vision Zero

A2 - Stop

B1 - Eyes That Burn

B2 - Meditation II

B3 - Stop



Various - ://about blank 002

Germany 1x12" / EP / Numbered


A1 - Weaving

A2 - Inner Islands

B1 - Queen To Bishop Six

The label of the post-autonomous kindergarden from berlin’s east cross awakes after a long beauty sleep. we’re back behind the decks with a lineup that is carving out contemporary techno. Finnish producer samuli kemppi, from helsinki, has accompanied us since the beginning of our club. musically, he stands for a minimalist, crystal-cut sound hailing from galaxies far, far away. Fabrizio lapiana is a long-time friend of the house. his sounds are able to expand even the smallest dance floors—he sculpts spacious soundscapes and sends dancers on a deep dive into dark and melancholy travels. We are particularly excited about the presence of our resident akmê, who comes to us with energetic release after his first ep on connwax. he will be bringing his steadfast love of detail and sly playfulness—elements present in all his dj-sets. With these three numbers, the ://about blank 002 has compiled the best of the mdf soundtrack. next stop after powernap: lobby and garden. Rave on!


Basic Soul Unit - Lab.our 09

Canada 1x12"

Deep House Techno Breakbeat

A1 - Behavoural Issue

A2 - Rising Over The East

B1 - Propulses

B2 - My Heart Skips

It’s been 3 years since the last Basic Soul Unit EP on Lab.our and the label co-head is back to top form! Loose, melodic and funky, the Toronto producer stretches his legs across 4 tracks in this kaleidoscopic gem of an EP.On A1 is ‘Behavoural Issue’, a frenetic, crunchy and off-kilter number that will have you contorted in distortion with all arms and legs on the dancefloor.‘Rising Over The East’ marches in next, a deep jacking head trip to the Orient opium den with its endless arpeggiators. On the B-side, the heavy broken club banger ‘Propulses’ harkens back to the glory rave days without mimicry. A Basic Soul Unit interpretation with his undeniable footprint in the mix.‘My Heart Skips’ turns the dial down several notches into deeper house terrain. The soulful ride begins as an easy cruise before deftly lurching into an odd rhythmic fractal workout that the producer has become known for.Sealing an untouchable reputation in the world of broken soulful lo-fi techno, Basic Soul Unit casts an even wider net to captivate audiences with this must-have EP.


The Willers Brothers - Space Age

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Tech House Techno

A1 - Latest Records

A2 - Give Me A Minute Now

B1 - Space Travel

B2 - Listen

New label by Cinthie and The Willers Brothers for the more stripped back kinda houze muzik.


Revlux - Revlux Ep

Canada 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Broken Beat Techno Ambient

A1 - Total Recall

A2 - Fuck Air Canada

A3 - Catloop7

B1 - Hos Gana

B2 - What Unprecedented

B3 - Catloop50

Introducing Revlux™. With products and accessories for the entire family, Revlux has grown from a humble lifestyle brand into a multinational, multi-sector corporation with divisions in aerospace, terraforming, deep space networking, food and beverage, and experimental computer science.With the partnership of the Revlux Global Launch Customer, Cosmic Tones, this sampling of Revlux products offers a selection of the Revlux line for your consideration. The products enclosed here are:— RV-50 ready for future expansion— Backwards compatible with full legacy support— Backed by the Cosmic Tones network and CTPA insuredWe hope you’ll find our products as enjoyable to use as they were to make. With support options in all major galaxies and a dedicated team for the Local Group, we’re here for you.



A - Release Yourself

B - Pattern on the Floor

Secret Studio Records presents 2 unapologetic acid tracks by 2AMFM.


OHES - Métriques Spectrales

A1 - Rotation Séquentielles

B1 - Canopée

B1 - Asymétrique

B2 - 1987 (Version Bear)

After living in Africa, South America, then London, OHES first made a name in Paris by playing analog lives with the Dynamiterie crew, first as they resident artist and then as the new Artistic Director of their new label. It is while playing live in the french city of Pau that he met Behzad & Amarou. They shared the same views on the perception of music, thus created a particular affinity. After this event, they chose to collaborate under the BOA moniker (Behzad – OHES- Amarou), and invited him to release his new EP on BEAR Records. In this first EP, OHES moves between a slightly dystopic robotic house, sharp discoid grooves and melancholic exoticism. This new adventure present a rich diversity in these four personal tracks, influenced by his numerous travels.


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