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Yoshi - Libertine 08

A1 - Spiritual LoveM

B1 - Spice Cake

B2 - Simulation



Avalon Emerson - Shtum 009

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM


A1 - Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix)

A2 - Sword And Rose Forever

B1 - Constantly My Cure (Plan Around Me Dub)

B2 - Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool

Killer release on Uncanny Valley related Shtum label. Their latest offering is none other than Avalon Emerson, who hits hard with her first appearance on the Dresden-based label with a record full of techno beauties. "Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix)" features vocals by Avalon herself that ride on an unstoppable acid-driven bassline towards a forceful and paradoxically cold yet warm climax. "Constantly My Cure (Plan Around Me Dub)", offers an instrumental redux that's less ambiguous in its intentions -- this one's aimed straight for maximum dancefloor effect. "Sword and Rose Forever" shows once again that she knows how to create relentless club music imbued with beautifully bittersweet atmosphere. The EP closes with the punch of "Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool," a break-laden machine-piston of a rhythmic workout that's made for those selectors who want to set fire to the floor and jam the energy up to a frenetic peak. Recommended! Once again, the illustration on the B-side label is by Aram Haydeyan.


Z@P - Tracid

UK 1x12" / EP


A - Tracid

B1 - That Break

B2 - A-Rhythm

Uruguay's finest house and techno export Z@p continues his welcome return to active service in the freakier end of the scene with this spot on Cartulis Music.


CN - The Expedition Beyond


Techno Electro Ambient Acid

A1 - Star Depot 39 Alpha

A2 - Past The Milky Way

A3 - Surfing Carina

A4 - Coronal Mass Ejections

A5 - Arrival At Star Base Zero

B1 - Charting The Path

B2 - Goodbye, Twin Suns

B3 - Adrift

Following a first drop from Leo Anibaldi and a various 12" featuring Mike Ink, DJ Guy and Terrestre, Future Primitive is back with an immersive new LP from CN, whose approach to electro comes loaded with analog fuzz and a wistful vision of science-fiction sounds. This is a record that should appeal to fans of proper electro as envisioned by Drexciya, Bunker Records and CPU alike. The Kraftwerk influence comes thick and fast on "Surfing Carina" while you can hear all kinds of monosynth-powered atmospheric dread lurking on ambient track "Coronal Mass Ejections" - with a consistent concept and a perfect execution this is a masterclass in future-minded machine funk.


Das Ding / DJ Overdose - AM / PM

Spain 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Electro Techno

A1 - Conun Drum

A2 - Life Is A Tool In The Hands Of Strangers

B1 - I See No Stars At Night

B2 - Potje Freaken

Go! Finger returns to the vinyl grooves again! And this time showing a more dramatic and darkest side. Holland's underground legends Das Ding and DJ Overdose, join forces, for the first time, to deliver "AM/PM". A puzzling split release composed of two pairs of gloomy, sinister and hard to classify gems of the finest west coast electro. Absolutely remarkable. A delightful and state of the art chiaoscuro of today's freshest dark electronics.


Sonar Base - Dark Matter

Netherlands 1xLP / Mini-Album

Electro Techno IDM

A1 - Dark Matter

A2 - Polygone Suffering

A3 - The Second Great War

B1 - Sonic Discharge

B2 - Velvet Sky of Sonar 6

B3 - Meet You at Tower 3 on Sonar 7

After the sublime triple 12" re-issue of the 'Sonar Bases 4-10' album on Deeptrax Records, it's now time for the second installment in the Sonar Base Transmissions Series: the album 'Dark Matter'. All 6 tracks were produced by Frank De Groodt around 2004/2005 and were only released in the inner circle, never released on vinyl. This mini LP still sounds as fresh as it was produced 13 years ago, experimental on the drums and synths. When listening to 'Sonic Discharge' and 'Velvet Sky of Sonar 6', the link with Drexciya is easily made. Sonar Base takes you further into outer space territory with the dark sounds of 'Polygone Suffering' and the title track 'Dark Matter', there is the clear IDM feel of tracks like 'Meet You at Tower 3 on Sonar 7'. "Dark matter is a hypothetical type of matter distinct from baryonic matter (ordinary matter such as protons and neutrons), neutrinos and dark energy. Dark matter has never been directly observed; however, its existence would explain a number of otherwise puzzling astronomical observations" The mini LP is limited to 400 black versions and 100 on limited edition purple marbled vinyl, pressed by Deepgrooves and fully remastered by Thee J Johanz. You know the drill!!


Colophon - Heritage

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Ambient House Techno

A1 - Heritage

A2 - Turing Patterns

A3 - The Final Hour

B1 - Heritage (VC-118A Remix)

B2 - System 4174

For quite a while now we are supporting Bas van Vuurde a.k.a. Colophon to the fullest. The Harlem based producer is a regular in our store and after some proper vinyl digging we told him that he could always send over some demos. Couple of weeks later we got an email and we enjoyed it so much that we had to release it. We asked VC-118A / Mohlao, who also put out music on labels such as Radio Matrix, Lunar Disco and Tabernacle Records, for a remix. Colophon has it's own label called Lowercase Life, beautiful hand printed sleeves with stunning music and remixes by Florian Kupfer and Orson Wells, produces nighttime tracks for the floor with a deep but spacious melancholic feel. The Heritage EP is a hommage to analog machine soul techno, as he calls it himself. Deeptrax is presenting future sounds in fresh modern cuts with a stunning electro-ish remix by VC-118A.


Rich P & Lee - Duff Grove

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

House Techno

A1 - Come Real

A2 - U&Me

B1 - Gypsy Smith 2

B2 - Nergi Flo

 Not a man of many words, this bloke from Canada who let the music do the talking. The mysterious producer Rich P & Lee will release his first EP on Deeptrax Records. This guy was on our heels for quite some time and we liked his groovy fresh cuts so much that we had to do multiple releases of the man. Shimmering super fresh club tracks on a strong 4 track EP with a deep Detroit house kinda flow combined with heavy tensed jazzy chords and flavored rhythms. Deep addicted moody drowning house and sci-fi 313 tracks of the highest order. You have been warned!


Binh - Eastern Bloc EP

Japan 1x12" / EP

Minimal Techno

A1 - Greenbuerger

A2 - Kinziger

B1 - Eastern Bloc

B2 - Revdone



Fantastic Man Pres. P.M.T.C. - P.M.T.C.

Australia 1x12" / 45 RPM

Techno Trance

A - Reality Change

B - Cool Waters



Kerri Chandler - Checkmate

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

House Techno

A1 - Checkmate

A2 - Checkmate (Cinthie Remix)

B - Checkmate (Steve Rachmad Remix)



Skee Mask - Shred

Germany 2xLP / Album

Techno House Breakbeat Ambient

A1 - Everest

A2 - HAL Conv.

A3 - Autotuned

B1 - Shred 08

B2 - Backcountry

B3 - Melczop 2

C1 - Zenker Haze Trak

C2 - Reshape

Great techno album on Ilian Tape, recommended.


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