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Various - When I Was 14

Europe 2x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Compilation

Techno Acid Minimal Techno IDM

A1 - Bæpolar

A2 - Don't Mind Wrong Keys

B1 - P-String

C1 - Naked Naked

C2 - Temple Ball

D1 - Untitled

D2 - Taorak

трип 006 continues the tradition of gatefold double EPs as conceptual album. All tracks are selected around a particular story, a trip, and presented as a continuous sonic landscape. All tracks are structured in a way that they can be mixed one with another an endless amount of times making a continuous loop, a trip, that needs only end when the party stops. Kraviz works without release dates or deadlines, enabling her to achieve a certain sound bank to shape the story, unmasking the thoughts and unravelling like a dream.


Andy Rantzen - O/P

Experimental Minimal Ambient Synth-pop Leftfield Downtempo IDM Electro

O - Diskoteka Diskophonia

OO - Roulette

OOO - Aquamarine

P - Froschwurst

PP - Dereks In The Desert

PPP - Barren Ground

PPPP - Point De Non Retour

PPPPP - We Don't Earn Money

6th opus of the label. A super eclectic record, exploring diverses styles of electronic music spectrum such as IDM, Downtempo, Ambient, Synth Pop ... Cosmic release limited to 250 copies.This record includes works from artists discovered around the globe. Old & unknown latvian project Леспинасс Гийом & Лyи Дe Лa Гekчe, Andy Rantzen & David Sudmalis from Australia, Isak Anderssen from Norway. But also Art Teachers, Oberst Gregor ... A reissue of cosmic lost sound from California, an electric guitars orgy from Science Patrol (M. Bracewell) + an all new french act Pascal De Nuit.


Sonar Base - Dark Matter

Netherlands 1xLP / Mini-Album

Electro Techno IDM

A1 - Dark Matter

A2 - Polygone Suffering

A3 - The Second Great War

B1 - Sonic Discharge

B2 - Velvet Sky of Sonar 6

B3 - Meet You at Tower 3 on Sonar 7

After the sublime triple 12" re-issue of the 'Sonar Bases 4-10' album on Deeptrax Records, it's now time for the second installment in the Sonar Base Transmissions Series: the album 'Dark Matter'. All 6 tracks were produced by Frank De Groodt around 2004/2005 and were only released in the inner circle, never released on vinyl. This mini LP still sounds as fresh as it was produced 13 years ago, experimental on the drums and synths. When listening to 'Sonic Discharge' and 'Velvet Sky of Sonar 6', the link with Drexciya is easily made. Sonar Base takes you further into outer space territory with the dark sounds of 'Polygone Suffering' and the title track 'Dark Matter', there is the clear IDM feel of tracks like 'Meet You at Tower 3 on Sonar 7'. "Dark matter is a hypothetical type of matter distinct from baryonic matter (ordinary matter such as protons and neutrons), neutrinos and dark energy. Dark matter has never been directly observed; however, its existence would explain a number of otherwise puzzling astronomical observations" The mini LP is limited to 400 black versions and 100 on limited edition purple marbled vinyl, pressed by Deepgrooves and fully remastered by Thee J Johanz. You know the drill!!


Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers

UK 2x12" / Album / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

Bass Music Ambient Downtempo Experimental Dubstep IDM

A1 - Tunnelvision

A2 - Would Know

A3 - Before I Move Off

B1 - Blind Night Errand

B2 - Adriatic

B3 - Carbonated

C1 - Ruby

C2 - Ode To Bear



Moderat - Moderat

Germany 1xLP / Album

IDM Techno Dubstep Electro

A1 - A New Error

A2 - Rusty Nails

A3 - Seamonkey

A4 - Slow Match

A5 - 3 Minutes Of

A6 - Nasty Silence

B1 - Sick With It

B2 - Porc #1

Great album from the duet Modeselektor and Apparat.


Oscar Mulero - Perfect Peace

Spain 2x12" / Album

Downtempo Ambient IDM

1 - Ataraxia

2 - Surrender The Soul

3 - On Eternal Power

4 - Unwavering Departure

5 - Ouroboros

6 - Embraced To The Last Breath

7 - Resolution

8 - Return To Ash

 Oscar Mulero presents: 'Perfect Peace'. Don't expect dancefloor burners here, this time the spanish techno master goes deep and low, exploring sonic textures, low BPM grooves and the intelligent side of electronic music


Björk - Homogenic

UK 1xLP / Album / Limited Edition / Reissue

IDM Synth-pop

A1 - Hunter

A2 - Jóga

A3 - Unravel

A4 - Bachelorette

A5 - All Neon Like

B1 - 5 Years

B2 - Immature

B3 - Alarm Call



James Holden & The Animal Spirits - The Animal Spirits

UK 2xLP / Album

Experimental Drone IDM Avant-garde Jazz Free Improvisation

A1 - Incantation For Inanimate Object

A2 - Spinning Dance

A3 - Pass Through The Fire

B1 - Each Moment Like The First

B2 - The Beginning & End Of The World

C1 - Thunder Moon Gathering

C2 - The Animal Spirits

D1 - The Neverending



dgoHn - So Be It, Lumbricina

UK 1x12" / EP / Limited Edition

Jungle Drum n Bass IDM

A1 - So Be It, Lumbricina

B1 - Dooky

B2 - So Be It, Lumbricina (Rognvald Remix)

"The title track here ebbs and flows in and out of Amen break cascades, as the drones hovering beneath give a sense of flying through an electrical storm. “Dooky” is better still, its sparser rhythm recalling Reinforced stalwart Paradox in its ability to be simultaneously woody and ultra-digital, human and alien."


Scott Edward , Ultra Modern Art - Access Activist EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Techno Experimental Acid IDM

A1 - Access Activist

A2 - All Is Lost

B1 - In Microcosm

B2 - Brave New World

Three releases deep now, Shadow Play transports us back to the nineties with this extra special collection of music from UK wizard Scott Edward. The Bristolian producer dropped a killer series of tracks from 1993 onwards, using a variety of aliases to explore the realms of the techno universe.


Compositionist & Eater - Compositionist / Eater

Japan 1x12"

IDM Minimal

A1 - Composition No.1

A2 - Composition No.2

B1 - "Rock" Expert

B2 - Hana



214 - Lyle At Dawn

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Electro IDM

A1 - Mind Racer (interlude)

A2 - Lyle At Dawn

B1 - Ektes

B2 - Time For

While the drama continues and we keep fighting the demons of our daily struggle,.. a man from another place locked himself down in a black lodge, conceiving new material to share with the world. 214 isn't just a number, it's music from an extradimensional place, high up the North Bend mountains. Frequencies coming from a red room, filled with electronic circuitry parallel connected to our inner soul. 


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