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Björk - Homogenic

UK 1xLP / Album / Limited Edition / Reissue

IDM Synth-pop

A1 - Hunter

A2 - Jóga

A3 - Unravel

A4 - Bachelorette

A5 - All Neon Like

B1 - 5 Years

B2 - Immature

B3 - Alarm Call



James Holden & The Animal Spirits - The Animal Spirits

UK 2xLP / Album

Experimental Drone IDM Avant-garde Jazz Free Improvisation

A1 - Incantation For Inanimate Object

A2 - Spinning Dance

A3 - Pass Through The Fire

B1 - Each Moment Like The First

B2 - The Beginning & End Of The World

C1 - Thunder Moon Gathering

C2 - The Animal Spirits

D1 - The Neverending



dgoHn - So Be It, Lumbricina

UK 1x12" / EP / Limited Edition

Jungle Drum n Bass IDM

A1 - So Be It, Lumbricina

B1 - Dooky

B2 - So Be It, Lumbricina (Rognvald Remix)

"The title track here ebbs and flows in and out of Amen break cascades, as the drones hovering beneath give a sense of flying through an electrical storm. “Dooky” is better still, its sparser rhythm recalling Reinforced stalwart Paradox in its ability to be simultaneously woody and ultra-digital, human and alien."


Scott Edward , Ultra Modern Art - Access Activist EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Techno Experimental Acid IDM

A1 - Access Activist

A2 - All Is Lost

B1 - In Microcosm

B2 - Brave New World

Three releases deep now, Shadow Play transports us back to the nineties with this extra special collection of music from UK wizard Scott Edward. The Bristolian producer dropped a killer series of tracks from 1993 onwards, using a variety of aliases to explore the realms of the techno universe.


Compositionist & Eater - Compositionist / Eater

Japan 1x12"

IDM Minimal

A1 - Composition No.1

A2 - Composition No.2

B1 - "Rock" Expert

B2 - Hana



214 - Lyle At Dawn

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Electro IDM

A1 - Mind Racer (interlude)

A2 - Lyle At Dawn

B1 - Ektes

B2 - Time For

While the drama continues and we keep fighting the demons of our daily struggle,.. a man from another place locked himself down in a black lodge, conceiving new material to share with the world. 214 isn't just a number, it's music from an extradimensional place, high up the North Bend mountains. Frequencies coming from a red room, filled with electronic circuitry parallel connected to our inner soul. 


Peev - Medea / Inflict

Germany 1x12" / Limited Edition / Numbered

Techno IDM Ambient

A - Medea

B - Inflict

Deep but powerful ambient soundscape, and futuristic sub-bass heavy broken techno roller. 


Franck Gérard - Ambios

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Ambient IDM Experimental

A1 - Pontarlier

A2 - A4 Papier-Feutre

A3 - Lavoir De Tuiles

B1 - Ambioln'Vapr

B2 - 146 Arcades

B3 - Smother Savior

Inverted audio review and listening HERE !New release from the french shop and label Groovedge Records. After a first K7 on the imprint and a recent collaboration with Light On Earth owner’ Sentiments, Franck Gérard delivers AMBIOS, a patchwork of 6 smooth tracks EP. Its kind of braindance and ambiant with delicate drums or sometimes not. synthetisers in the high way, its powerfull and it should your new soundtrack of everyday life.


Various - Kontrapunkt 01

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Techno IDM Future Jazz Tribal

A1 - Himalaya Drone Bite

A2 - MN

A3 - PB

B1 - allãhu akbar

B2 - Kampfsport Afrika

B3 - Piece for ƒ Tøne



Burnt Friedman - The Pestle

African Tribal Techno IDM

A1 - 2011 Monkhide

A2 - 2010 The Pestle

A3 - 1999 Nerfs D'Acier

B1 - 1996 Intrication

B2 - 1994 Sorcier

B3 - 1993 Day In Rho



Portico - Living Fields

UK 1xLP / Album

Electro House Ambient IDM Glitch

A1 - Living Fields

A2 - 101

A3 - Where You Are

A4 - Atacama

B1 - Colour Fading

B2 - Dissolution

B3 - Bright Luck

B4 - Brittle

Ninja Tune's ever growing and ever diverse roster facilitates a new album from Portico, the trio of Duncan Bellamy, Milo Fitzpatrick and Jack Wyllie who are founding members of the now defunct Portico Quartet. Living Fields should be seen as quite a separate endeavour to their previous efforts, and it finds them exploring new directions backed by the distinct voices of Jono McCleery, Alt J's Joe Newman and Jamie Woon. Delving into the same realm of post bass music song crafting that has made Jim Blake a worldwide star, this is a confident new direction for the Portico crew and an album that teeters wonderfully between melancholy and euphoria.


Juanita - Princes Of Persia

1 - Princes of Persia

2 - Mutant Standard (Oneohtrix Point Never Cover)

3 - ترحيب — خوش آمدی

4 - Locked Lion

5 - Rojava

Juanita’s first EP “Princes of Persia” is a statement. It is the result of months of travels, life accidents and inspiring meetings. The 5 tracks aim to draw an audio landscape to the past decades’ fight for freedom from people from the ex Persian empire: from young people dancing to defy the high level of Islamic rules in Iran to refugees fleeing Syria through the Kurdish battle for democracy. 


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