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Trentemøller - Never Stop Running

Germany 1x7" / Single / 45 RPM


A - Never Stop Running (Feat. Jonny Pierce Of The Drums)

B - Never Stop Running (Instrumental)



Lanark Artefax - Whities 011

UK 1x12" / EP


A1 - Flickering Debris

A2 - Touch Absence

B1 - Hyphen To Splice

B2 - Voices Near The Hypocentre

A skyscraper extending its fingertips upwards, outstretched and pointing towards an unmarked ceiling that extends even more itself, spinning and slicing its way through the horizontal and the layers that are see through and infinite and stacked one on top of the other. Currently getting plays by AFX and more... 


Claudio Prc - Volumi Dinamici

Spain 2x12" / Album

Techno IDM Ambient

A1 - Masa

A2 - Disteso (with Blazej Malinowski)

B1 - Ostinato

B2 - Aleatorio

C1 - Nova

C2 - Velato

D1 - Segmento

D2 - Materia



Bill Vortex - Musiques Imaginogènes Volume 1

Electro IDM

A1 - Scuba Patrouille

A2 - Kit Polini

A3 - Corniche Night Ride

A4 - Spatioport Autonome

B1 - Jean Michel Vortexini

B2 - Time Vortex

B3 - Smurf Sur Venus

B4 - Space Cargo

We're very pleased to announce the release of a new series of records, between modern retro-futuristic library music and IDM, inaugurated by the fabulous Bill Vortex! Also known as Poborsk for about 20 years, Patrice Curtillat is one of the spearheads of the IDM in France. He has been released on prestigious labels such as Icasea (Team Doyobi), Central Processing Unit, or Flogsta Danshall, and he is the cofounder of the skweee label Mazout, so Autechre were right by choosing him as the first part during their last French tour. Recognized by his peers from Scandinavia to England, he is a discreet but brilliant producer of the stamp of labels like Skam or Warp, with in addition a typical Marseilles Balearic touch.In this new project he reconnects with his old loves : funk, breakdance, house oldschool ... always keeping his inimitable style made of granular grooves, and pentatonic melodies in a sunny atmosphere. His "feelgood music" is the ideal soundtrack for a science fiction series, a 4G TV report, or a motorcycle race.


Different Fountains - Organism 5

Belgium 1x12" / 45 RPM

Modern Classical Leftfield IDM Breakbeat Downtempo Electro

A1 - DC (suncat)

B1 - Asia Iron TV



Searaime - Casual Frequencies

France 1x12" / EP

Ambient Electro IDM Experimental

A1 - C.E.M.

A2 - Cayolle HC

B1 - Sormiou

B2 - Mouvement Latent

For the first Smoky Window release, we are more than excited to introduce local gun Searaime and to present his debut EP : Casual Frequencies. Fed and grown by the abstract works of the likes of Autechre and Aphex Twin, his record is the result of experimentations led from his south side Marseille’s studio, with four long cuts protraying his various production trails : from dreamy ambient to raw break core, through complex and subtle broken and electro anthems. Comes with a printed picture, taken by Claire Mercier on the Marseille’s coast.


Simo Cell - Pogdance EP

France 1x12"

Techno Downtempo Electro IDM

A1 - Crystal

A2 - Echo Doppler

A3 - Random noizes

B1 - I Love the monkey Head

B2 - Storm Steven

Simo Cell Zahef totalTribal chaka zulu, les singes viennent de sortir du zoo


A Credible Eye Witness - Sonic Wall

Italy 1x12" / 45 RPM

Electro IDM

A - Black Hole

B - Fall To Our Knees

The return of Rome based ACEW label with 2 tracks involved in minimalist, electro with an IDM touch. Vocals from Carl Finlow.


DMX Krew - Mini-Owner

Netherlands 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Limited Edition

Acid Disco Electro IDM House

A1 - Changed Minds

A2 - Cordial

A3 - Ping Me Back

B1 - Mini-Owner

B2 - Paraside

B3 - Thinking Using Another’s Brain

Firm favourite DMX Krew returns to Shipwrec for his third release. A spiral of styles come together for Mini-Owner. Funk. Electro. Synth. All are twirled, whirled in a shimmering sound. Cold chords meet warm fronts, meandering grooves and playful interlock to produce a sound that is totally unique. Energy levels are high throughout, sun soaked synthlines dappled by glowing rhythm patterns as Ed DMX delivers six tracks of grin-inducing electronics.


Plant43 - Grid Connection

Netherlands 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Repress

Electro IDM Techno

A1 - Grid Connection

A2 - Gathering Storms

B1 - Wire Wound

B2 - Cirriform Surface

Following his acclaimed Scars of Intransigence album of 2014, Emile Facey (Plant43) is back on terra Shipwrec. On skeletal rhythm supports strings and bass intertwine, link and disappear. Facey performs audio alchemy, transforming cold chords into organic warmth, transfiguring electrical impulses into palpable emotion. Frigid currents flow through bright bars, ephemeral percussion snap at heels of soaring keys as Plant 43 draws you deeper and deeper into the bare and beautiful brilliance of Grid Connection.


Vid Vai - Pragmatism

Slovenia 1x12" / EP

Electro Techno IDM

A1 - Dial-Up Terror

A2 - No - Fun + Compute

B1 - Ultrasonic Sensei Particle

B2 - Memento Mori

All tracks written and produced by Vid Papež, Artwork by Maja Poljanc.


DJ Guy - 1993/1994 Unreleased Tracks

1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Limited Edition

Ambient Techno Downtempo IDM

A1 - Whale Song

A2 - SXII90 Tape (Side A) Trk 1

B1 - BX90 Tape (Side 1) Trk 2

B2 - BASF Ferro Extra Tape Side B - Trk 4

993/1994 unreleased crucial tracks for searchers & dancers by no less than a genius, Dj Guy.


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