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Folamour - Umami

France 2xLP / Album

House Deep House Hip Hop

A1 - Night Of Desirable Objects

A2 - Y'all Right

A3 - Petit Prince Du Macadam

B1 - Ivoire

B2 - Look At Me Or I'll Steal Your Eyes

C1 - Devoted To U

C2 - Oyabun

D1 - Kickflipin' That Stuff

REPRESS COMING SOONFolamour has worked under a number of different aliases and makes poetic music. As a DJ he has lit up dance floors all over France, and he also runs the FHUO Records label. This new nine track LP is the start of a busy year that promises more music on Church and Defected, all after some fine outings on labels like Fauxpas Music and All City Records. The excellent album is an ode to his love of Japanese culture and mixes up beats and house samples, disco swing and future jazz in ways that work both in the club and your living room.The warm and musical ‘Night of Desirable Objects’ kicks things off with loose jazz chords, shuffling beats and welcoming moods that come from smart vocal samples. It’s a brilliantly heartfelt opener that makes way for the slowed down grooves of ‘Y’all Right.’ Trumpets, live drums and gorgeous chords all exude genuine soul and funk, and ‘Petit Prince Du Macadam’ is an exquisite hip hop beat that echoes the great Dilla.Elsewhere, ‘Ivoire’ is a big, afro-tinged cut with bouncy drums and vocals as well as party-starting percussion. ‘Look at Me or I'll Steal Your Eyes’ then pulls back to perfect loops of funky guitar, trilling chords and organic drum work. Like much of the music here, the loveably rough style of Moodymann is a big presence in this one. French filter styles characterise the sunny disco influenced grooves of ‘Devoted to U’, ‘Oyabun’ is a blissed out bit of romantic house, ‘Kickflipin’ That Stuff’ is another gorgeous hip hop interlude weighed down by hot soul and ‘Jah Love’ is a masterfully melodic piece with splashes of cymbal, brilliant key playing and jazz drums that find their way into your heart.This is a fine artistic statement that comes ahead of tour dates and festivals at clubs all over Europe. As such, it is rightly sure to propel Folamour to the next level.


Four Tet - LateNightTales

UK 2xLP / Compilation / Limited Edition

Downtempo Hip Hop Experimental

A1 - Haunted Feelings

A2 - Battle Rhymes For Battle Times

A3 - Wiggy

A4 - One Way Glass

A5 - Music For The Gift (Part 2)

B1 - January V

B2 - Why We Fight

B3 - 2 Cups Of Blood



Neue Grafik - Innervision

UK 1x12" / EP

House Jazzy Hip-Hop Beatdown Broken Beat Acid Jazz Hip Hop

1 - Innervision

2 - Dance To Yemanja

3 - To Peckham Rye

4 - Barbes Interlude

5 - Why You

6 - Aulnay's Tears

Long time friend of the label, Neue Grafik, steps forth with his most fully realised offering to date. This record has been a long time coming, born out of a encounter in Paris back in 2016. This meeting of minds led to a blossoming friendship between Fred ( Neue Grafik) and Bradley ( RS INTL) which has taken them across 3 continents, countless dance-floors and finally crystallised onto this 12”.


Rahsaan Nova - The Lost Afrikan

1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Experimental House Techno Hip Hop

A1 - Zulu Swordstyle

A2 - The Lost Afrikan

A3 - Pumzi's World

A4 - Sundiata

B1 - Nubian Machine

B2 - Kokujin

B3 - Sakoura



Kerri Chandler - DJ-Kicks

Germany 2xLP / Compilation

Soul Contemporary R&B Hip Hop Funk Disco Boogie Jazz-Funk Downtempo

A1 - Stock No. 1

A2 - Stop Wasting My Time

A3 - People Make The World Go Round

B1 - When Will The Day Come

B2 - Look Into Tomorrow

B3 - Getting It Back

C1 - Can't Turn Me Away

C2 - You've Gotta Have Freedom



1000 Names - Monobinate / Run! Dont Walk

France 1x7" / 45 RPM / Limited Edition

Instrumental Hip Hop

A - Monobinate

B - Run! Dont Walk



IAM - L'École Du Micro D'Argent

Europe 3xLP / Album / Reissue

Hip Hop Conscious

A1 - L'École Du Micro D'Argent

A2 - Dangereux

B1 - Nés Sous La Même Étoile

B2 - La Saga

B3 - Petit Frère

C1 - L'Empire Du Côté Obscur

C2 - Chez Le Mac

C3 - Quand Tu Allais, On Revenait



30/70 - Elevate

UK 1x12"

Neo Soul Jazz-Funk Hip Hop Soul-Jazz

A1 - Slangin

A2 - Lucid

A3 - Nu Spring

A4 - Breaking (For This World to Change)

B1 - Misrepresented

B2 - Get to Me

B3 - Steady Hazin

B4 - Takin Me Back

Melbourne has a lot to answer for. For anyone admiring the city’s music scene from afar it would seem fair to wonder if there might be something in the water. 30/70 are the latest collective to emerge from this buzzing scene. ‘Elevate’ is a sublime statement; at once a cry for help and a call to arms, it balances delicate poetry and potent aggression with ease - all of this done with a beguiling pop sensibility. This collection of songs, their second studio effort after their debut LP, ‘Cold Radish Coma', is set to elevate them to the international stage. Under the management of Wondercore Island (Hiatus Kaiyote, Oscar Key Sung, Daniel Merriweather) and with the release set to drop on Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section Intl. (Al Dobson Jr, Silent Jay x Jace XL, Henry Wu), 30/70 are ready to take their message from Northcote to the world.


Various - In Any Case Records 003

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Disco House Deep House Hip Hop

A1 - Keep On Makin’

A2 - What You Doin’

B1 - Dice Bar

B2 - Arrières Vibrations

B3 - Blomheri

    One year after its debut release, In Any Case is back with its third record, delivering, as planned, a large organic and groovy sound-scape.This time, co-founder Mal... Cutouane - sorry - is taking the lead with an edit flawlessly handled ; you'll find an uptempo driving beat, a collection of horns and vocals but most importantly, a killer bassline that won't fail at keeping your dancefloor tight. Next to him, you'll trip on one of the newcomer to the imprint, Kaffe Crème, teaming up with co-founder G2S on an hybrid track. This one won't disappoint you with its funky bassline, jazzy and lush Rhodes layers, horn ensemble and lastly, mellow pads and sax solo ; everything cleverly arranged on top of a massive beat. This one already got dancefloor-proofed this summer and should represent a nice addition to your sets.On the other side, you'll find another new face on In Any Case named 4004. He worked on a mellow sounding House groove, with jazzy drums samples and a mean bassline below some lush electric piano samples. This one will make your head move anywhere you'll listen to. We've then got the same team as on A side ; G2S & Kaffe Crème, with a more chopped up track, blending up a Disco beat and bassline supported by some House drums and Jazz samples for an unusual yet pleasant feeling. Closing this third adventure, Manuel Nie from IAC002 is returning to the label with a leftfield downtempo joint, all groovy and organic sounding, perfect for those lazy sunday afternoons.


Sandy B - Amajovi Jovi

Canada 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Reissue / Remastered

House Deep House Hip Hop Kwaito

A1 - Amajovi Jovi

A2 - Student Night

A3 - Dedication

B1 - Lafaki (Doggy Style)

B2 - Party Time

B3 - Amajovi Jovi (Instrumental)

Invisible City returns with the hotly anticipated reissue of Amajovi Jovi by Durban’s O.G. kwaito giant, Sandy B. Originally self-released on cassette and a white label 12”.In its original post-apartheid context, Amajovi Jovi was a sign of youthful subversiveness, rebellious creativity and a neck snapping rejection to the fascist groove of a silenced nation. While the Pantsulla hustler nods to house legends like Jamie Principle and Pal Joey, its hip hop breaks and interludes show a clear affection for Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle. At its slowed down tempo however, this low-fi kwaito masterpiece turns away from its American influence and looks towards Baldelli and his cosmos. Best of all are Sandy’s vocals— deep, melodic Zulu rap, sung flippantly—the way that only a true gangster could. It now stands as one of the finest glimpses of 90s party music to ever be blasted at the underground parties of the South African townships.A huge fave of Jamie Tiller, Tako and ICE, we are proud to present a limited vinyl and cassette reissue from one of the godfathers of kwaito. Remastered and restored from the original cassette tape. Designed by Zeitype.


Minoru 'Hoodoo' Fushimi - In Praise Of Mitochondria

Australia 2xLP / Compilation

Funk Electro Hip Hop

A1 - Nikuzuke (Living Desk Of Flesh)

A2 - Thanatopsis

A3 - In Praise Of Mitochondria (Mitochondria San)

B1 - Ai Wa Nohshintoh (Love Hits Like Concussion)

B2 - Shinzō-San (Respecting My Hardworking Heart)

B3 - Mizuko No Tamashii Hyakumademo (Unborn Fetus' Dream Lives For One Hundred Years)

C1 - Furarete Nambo (It's Ok To Get Dumped)

C2 - Sutten Tenmari (Me After The Bubble Economy Crashed)

 Oddball Japanese electro-fueled vocoder funk with occasional raps from the 80s, including unreleased material... Japanese Electro original, Minoru Hoodoo Fushimi, self-released four albums. Two vinyl LPs and two CDs between 1985 and 1992. Melbourne`s Left Ear Records have selected twelve tracks, for a double vinyl retrospective. 10 tracks from Minoru`s four albums and a further two unreleased tracks from the archives.


Cru Servers - Blubber Tottum

UK 1xLP / Album

Ambient Experimental House Leftfield Hip Hop

A1 - Incubation On Ram Skins

A2 - Shot To Life

A3 - Dorito Rook

A4 - Ark Bile Top-Ups

B1 - Deithe 2 Hansy

B2 - Granite Of Blobs Ghost

B3 - Whale Vomit Windfall

B4 - Accursed Share

For their second release, 12th Isle proudly fling 'Blubber Tottum' into the waxen sonic abyss for your full listening pleasure. The inaugural LP drubbed from the Glaswegian machines of Cru Servers is perhaps best framed as what it would sound like if early life took its first steps out of the primordial gloop, dragged itself ashore, decided to make dance music and discovered they had a knack for it. It dangles precariously in the fault lines between discordantly melodic rhythm tracks, steadily paced chaos and swamp-soaked bass oddities. Laden with eerily familiar samples yet always in a world of its own.


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