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Nu Guinea - Nuova Napoli

Italy 1xLP

Disco Funk Fusion Jazz-Funk Boogie

A1 - Nuova Napoli

A2 - Je Vulesse

A3 - Ddoje Facce

B1 - Disco Sole

B2 - Stann Fore

B3 - 'A Voce 'E Napule

B4 - Parev' Ajere

Almost 2 years after the success of the album THE TONY ALLEN EXPERIMENTS and a few months after the release of the 7inch AMORE, Nu Guinea return to the scene with a new LP published by their newborn label NG RECORDS. After touring the world looking for sounds suitable for their vibrations, NU GUINEA decided to go back to square one, Napoli, where Massimo Di Lena and Lucio Aquilina were born and raised. They watched their city from a distance reconstructing its energy from their studio in Berlin, calibrating the synths on the meridian of Vesuvius, the volcano that has always protected and threatened Napoli.


Alan Shelly - Party Freaks / Dance Together

Italy 1x12" / 45 RPM / Limited Edition / Remastered


A - Party Freaks

AA - Dance Together

Limited edition of the terrific funk groover Party Freak by Alan Shelly and Dance Together on the flip. Only released as a 7 inch cut in Italy in the mid seventies now reissued in the full 12”maxi single with no fades so fully extended ! 


William Onyeabor - Good Name

US 1xLP / Album / Reissue


A - Good Name

B - Let's Fall In Love



Mainpoint - Alaska Wartet / Frisbee

Germany 1x7" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Single / Reissue

Funk Fusion

A - Alaska Wartet

B - Frisbee

When the Growing Bin first bloomed from blog and record store to label it was originally intended to be a reissue imprint. If you’ve kept your ear to the ground and head in the Bin, you’ll know that isn’t exactly how it went down. But for this release we are going back to the scheme a young Basso dreamed up in his adolescent years: bring back the rare, unknown and unfindable.


Onra - Nobody Has To Know

France 2xLP / Album

New Jack Swing Funk RnB/Swing

1 - Prelude

2 - Secretly

3 - Let Me Fantasize

4 - Love Triangle

5 - No Question

6 - Wish I Could

7 - The Jam

8 - Freak



Q - The Voice Of Q

UK 1x12" / 45 RPM / Reissue

Electro Funk Disco

A1 - The Voice Of Q (Original 12'' Mix)

A2 - Keep It Strong (Unreleased Dub Edit)

B - The Voice Of Q (Instrumental)

The leftfield electro disco gem originally released in 1982 finally gets an official reissue. Bootlegged badly in recent years, Isle Of Jura does it right with fully remastered versions from Matt Colton and the added inclusion of a previously unreleased Q song ‘Keep It Strong’


Gay Marvine - Secret Mixes Fixes Vol. 10

US 1x12" / Unofficial Release

Electro Funk Disco

A1 - No No No Señor

A2 - Sunset People Deep Dub

B1 - MJ Illness

B2 - I'm Yr Money

Gay Marvine (pronounced Gay Marveen) is back once again proving his limits are far beyond most, this time exposing the deeper hedonistic elements hidden deep within pop music. What emerges through his filter of reshaping and repurposing and incredibly fine ear for pacing is 4 perfectly distilled late night jams, a magick far beyond anything Aleister Crowley could conjure.


Khruangbin - Con Todo El Mundo

UK 1xLP / Album / Limited Edition / Numbered

Funk Psychedelic

A1 - Como Me Quieres

A2 - Lady and Man

A3 - Maria También

A4 - August 10

A5 - Como Te Quiero

B1 - Shades of Man

B2 - Evan Finds the Third Room

B3 - A Hymn

New album release by Khruangbin called Con Todo El Mundo. The album is a follow up to their hugely successful debut ‘The Universe Smiles Upon’, and releasing on our sister label Night Time Stories 


Unknown Artist - Made In NY EP 1

Europe 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Gospel Disco Funk

A1 - Exhalted (TT Edit)

A2 - God's Spirit (TT Edit)

B1 - Stomped (C3 Edit)

B2 - Forgive Me (Editar)



Diva - La Nuit

France 1x12" / 45 RPM / EP

Disco Funk Boogie

A1 - La Nuit (Version longue spécial DJ)

B1 - La Nuit (Version 45 Tours)

B2 - Prise Au Piège (Version 45 Tours)

Beware, Discomatin is back. In 2018, the Parisian crew of diggers and DJ’s originally known for their edits goes official with fully licensed and remastered reissues. For this new adventure, they chose an incredible in-demand French boogie EP from Diva, an eighties funk band from Bordeaux. Diva only released one EP with La Nuit, a sentimental, almost poetic boogie banger with great synth, guitar and vocal parts. The track could honestly have been a radio hit in the eighties with some real promotion. Today, it’s still time to make it right and it is already an anthem in the French underground disco scene.


Various - Ron Hardy #43

France 1x12" / Unofficial Release

Disco Funk

A1 - Hell Dance With Me

A2 - Picking Up Sounds

B - Taste The Music

All the real djs were looking for those for years. Grab it before it's sold out, we have very few copies. A must have.


Henry Keen - 70's Baby

US 1x12" / Mini-Album / Stereo


A1 - 70's Baby

A2 - Connectin'

A3 - Darboukafrique

A4 - Flow London

A5 - Gotta Step!

B1 - Brotherly Love

B2 - Two Laws

B3 - Miriam's Funk

Debuting under his given name for Maddjazz Recordings' second offering, is DJ, producer and synth enthusiast Henry Keen. Henry's music was discovered after a long night of online digging, and after several exchanges, it was apparent that Henry was making music that defined exactly what Maddjazz is striving to achieve; honest music that’s free of form and not constrained by any genre or tempo.


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