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Different Fountains - Organism 3

Techno House Experimental

A - Pool

B - Limbo Rift

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Different Fountains - Organism 4

Belgium 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / Stereo

House Experimental Drum n Bass

A1 - Corpse (UFO Edit)

A2 - Corpse (Amen Take)

B1 - Corpse (Seekers Dub)



Gunnar Haslam -  Kalaatsakia


Acid Ambient Experimental Techno

A1 - Broadcast

A2 - Kalapuyan

A3 - Transdisciplinary

B1 - nxbound

B2 - Kjolle

B3 - Rservoir

C1 - Istvaeonic

C2 - Kpalaga

The latest transmission from the world of Gunnar Haslam, Kalaatsakia wildly sprawls across the intersections of techno and more abstract sounds to take us on a wideranging journey from the subterranean to the coastal, from blown-out dub tones through fractured rhythms.


Black Merlin - Hipnotik Tradisi

Indonesia 2xLP / Album

Downtempo Gamelan Ambient Tribal Psychedelic Rock Techno Tribal House Experimental Field Recording

A1 - Surrounded Peace

A2 - Wave

A3 - Somewhere In Ubud

B1 - Sepeda Kumbang

B2 - Time In Motion

B3 - Tutur

C1 - Layang-Layang

C2 - Fire Dance

  ISLAND OF THE GODS is back, with the first in the series of the ''Island Explorer'' Lps. London based artist Black Merlin delivers with the atmospheric HIPNOTIK TRADISI LP - Limited Edition. 180g vinyl.


EinKa - To Waken Doubt In One

France 3xLP / Album / Stereo

Ambient Experimental Minimal Techno

A1 - After long Silence

A2 - You're Too Cold

A3 - Fragments

B1 - Closing Doors

B2 - Stop The Dullness

B3 - I Am U

C1 - Slow Rebirth

C2 - Egotrap

Following "The Edge" & "Void", french producer and Goldmin Music label owner Romain Lanteaume aka EinKa delivers his first album "To Waken Doubt In One".


Searaime - Casual Frequencies

France 1x12" / EP

Ambient Electro IDM Experimental

A1 - C.E.M.

A2 - Cayolle HC

B1 - Sormiou

B2 - Mouvement Latent

For the first Smoky Window release, we are more than excited to introduce local gun Searaime and to present his debut EP : Casual Frequencies. Fed and grown by the abstract works of the likes of Autechre and Aphex Twin, his record is the result of experimentations led from his south side Marseille’s studio, with four long cuts protraying his various production trails : from dreamy ambient to raw break core, through complex and subtle broken and electro anthems. Comes with a printed picture, taken by Claire Mercier on the Marseille’s coast.


Lutto Lento - Dark Secret World

1xLP / Album


1 - Strangest Dream About U

2 - Crack

3 - Rattlesnake

4 - Dark Secret World

5 - It's A Horror & It's A Wonder

6 - Cheers Tears Ears

7 - Gyal A Devil

8 - The Living Hell



Various - Danzas Electricas

Avantgarde EBM Experimental Industrial New Wave Leftfield Minimal New Beat Synth-pop Post-Punk

A1 - Monarch In My Kingdom (Kilian Krings Ajustement)

A2 - Dare To Die (Dunkeltier Restauration)

A3 - Do The Vopo (Panoptique Ajustement)

B1 - 細菌 (Mori Ra Ajustement)

B2 - (Tnemetsuja Reitleknud / Dniknnamrebo) Gnos Yppah

C1 - Vox (Shiny Boots Ajustement)

C2 - Korperwarme (Misha Geleyn Ajustement)

C3 - Too Much Time (Smagghe & Cross Ajustement)

For the second release of 2017 Macadam Mambo is launching a special compilation of adjustments made by friends and members of the label (Kilian Krings, Sneaker/Dunkeltier, Obermannkind, Panoptique, Mori Ra, Shiny Boots, Misha Geylen, Smagghe & Cross, Guillaume des Bois, Johan Ressle..). Mostly very obscure tracks in Sacha’s « Metalic vibe », from post-punk to synth-pop, experimental and more… Big up to artist Khwezi Strydom’s painting from Lyon for the artwork.


DZAR - B.O.W (behaviour of waves)

France 1x12"

Experimental Techno Minimal Noise Glitch

A1 - Between Two Worlds

B1 - The False Mirror

B2 - Binary System

Asymmetry Symptom presents his second release after Orbis Ep, DZAR return on his own imprint with a darker and more experimental project across Techno, EDM and minimalism. B.O.W (behaviour of waves) Ep is a subtil combinaison of ambient digital sound and analog element. 


Soft Focus - Soft Focus

Finland 1xLP / Album


A1 - EEG

A2 - Polysomnographic

A3 - Emergence Delirium

A4 - Regenerative Apnea

A5 - Cauchermard

B1 - Brief Arousal

B2 - Hypersomia

B3 - Synitillating

Soft Focus is a collaboration of Jimi Tenor , Lary7 and Mia Theodoratus. The album was recorded in NYC, at Lary7's legendary all-analogue studio Plastikville. Lary7 is a collector of historical synthesizers and percussion instruments that are extensively used in the making of this album. Mia Theodoratus lays down a hypnotic harp foundation on the compositions and Jimi Tenor caps them with exotic flute melodies. Soft Focus is evocative of the early Moondog albums. This record is for the hardcore avant-garde fans.


Muslimgauze - Ali Zarin

Techno Dub Industrial Breakbeat Tribal African Downtempo Abstract Experimental

A - Ali Zarin-Part 1

B1 - Ali Zarin-Part 2

B2 - Ali Zarin-Part 3

C1 - Demo-01

C2 - Demo-02

D1 - Demo-03

D2 - Demo-04

D3 - Rest-Track

Ali Zarin, Muslimgauze Archive Series volume 35. Limited Edition 2 x LP


Wosto , Alene Marie  , Autonom , Salò Mentale  , Die Kartoffel - S/T

France 1x12"

Electro Industrial Synth-pop Experimental Techno


SS - Permissions

T - Kill

TT - Women's Liberation Day

TTT - Welcome to Drexciya

Wosto, Alene Marie, Salo Mentale, Autonom, Die Kartoffel. From Dub to Industrial, from Hamburg to Den Haag. 5 tracks for your worst feelings.


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