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Charles-Eric Charrier - Petite Soeur

UK 1xLP / Album / Limited Edition

Ambient Avantgarde Experimental Contemporary Jazz

A1 - Petite Soeur

A2 - No Closed To Be

A3 - 8 Minutes

B1 - Instant Moment

B2 - Toumimi Tatayé

B3 - 8 Minutes Revisited



Accelera - Surplus

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Techno Experimental

A1 - Tour Garden Segway

B2 - We Are Star Stuff Harvesting Star Light

B3 - Another Drug We're On (Futura Mix)



Various - Dekmantel 10 Years 01

Experimental Techno Downtempo

A - Maja

B1 - Robot Fuck The System

B2 - Mice On Stick

Gigi Masin, Vakula and Roman Flügel line up on this first 10 Year Anniversary 12" for Dekmantel's 9 more of similar quality in the pipe. TIP! 


Melly - Low Pressure

Techno Abstract House Experimental

1 - Doof Doof

2 - Low Pressure

3 - Quarter Life Crisis

4 - Mask Shop

First release on Jheri Tracks early 2017 from Melly // Usual rules - limited copies / Screen print cover.


Hieroglyphic Being , Sarathy Korwar , Shabaka Hutchings - A.R.E Project

UK 1x12"


A1 - The Doctrines Of Swedenborg

A2 - Calling The Loas

B1 - Dimensions Of Frequency & Vibrations

B2 - Ashrams

Last year 2017, Hieroglyphic Being (producer of astral electronic explorations touching house, techno, industrial, avant-jazz and noise); percussionist and producer Sarathy Korwar (who fused traditional folk music of the Sidi community in India with jazz and electronics on his debut album “Day To Day” released by Ninja Tune in collaboration with The Steve Reid Foundation); and Shabaka Hutchings (the highly respected British saxophonist and co-founder of Sons Of Kemet, Mercury-nominated The Comet Is Coming and Shabaka & The Ancestors) - recorded a 100% live improvised session at the iconic Lightship95 studio moored at Trinity Buoy Wharf, London. They recorded over 2.5 hours of music across 2 sessions, with 90 minutes streamed live via NTS. 


Soft Focus - Soft Focus

Finland 1xLP / Album


A1 - EEG

A2 - Polysomnographic

A3 - Emergence Delirium

A4 - Regenerative Apnea

A5 - Cauchermard

B1 - Brief Arousal

B2 - Hypersomia

B3 - Synitillating

Soft Focus is a collaboration of Jimi Tenor , Lary7 and Mia Theodoratus. The album was recorded in NYC, at Lary7's legendary all-analogue studio Plastikville. Lary7 is a collector of historical synthesizers and percussion instruments that are extensively used in the making of this album. Mia Theodoratus lays down a hypnotic harp foundation on the compositions and Jimi Tenor caps them with exotic flute melodies. Soft Focus is evocative of the early Moondog albums. This record is for the hardcore avant-garde fans.


Loke Rahbek - City Of Women

Europe 1xLP / Album

Abstract Ambient Experimental

A1 - Like A Still Pool

A2 - Fermented

A3 - City Of Women

A4 - A Mess Of Love

B1 - Palm

B2 - In Piles Of Magazines

B3 - A Word A Day

B4 - Swimwear

Editions Mego is pleased to welcome Danish Loke Rahbek (Damien Dubrovnik,Croatian Amorand Posh Isolation) to the fold. Known for countless creative and commercial endeavours Loke presents his first solo full length under his own name. As with all of Loke's output City of Woman harnesses the radical with the aesthetic in a manner of extreme pleasure for all who encounter. Harnessing his thorough knowledge and experience in extreme electronics, melodic encounters and sultry showmanship Loke ties together disparate threads of various underground movements to create a singular and deeply personal journey through industrial temptation, noise refraction and melodic seduction. This is 21st Century pop music. One which dismantles previous held borders of sound to present a wide palate of sound, song, abstraction and intense emotion.


Sheila Fleurator - E-Moon EP

Austria 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / EP

Experimental Tribal Techno

A1 - E-Moon (Food For Thought)

A2 - Jin Jang

B - Minimal Hypnosis

Artwork – Planetluke.comMastered By – Gordon PohlPhotography By – Su Noya


Various - Simple Music Experience Vol. 2

France 2xLP / Compilation

Industrial Experimental Avantgarde Darkwave Contemporary Post-Punk

A1 - Thème 1

A2 - Obsession

A3 - Sheraton

A4 - Disacordedd (Short)

A5 - Gone Ego

B1 - Le Temps (Extended)

B2 - Armabianca

B3 - Alright

Special collaboration with friend label ‘Simple Music Experience’ from Bordeaux/Marseille, contains original Industrial, Synth-Pop, Jakbeat, Post-Punk, Experimental and Contemporary music by underground artists from France..Originally released on tape (SM05) in 2016. 100% HIT !!


Soundwalk Collective - Before Music There Is Blood

Ambient Experimental Musique Concrète Sound Collage

A1 - Auditorium Scarlatti

A2 - Xiao Youmei Corridor

A3 - Cai Yuanpei Hall 27

B1 - Rimsky-Korsakov Court

B2 - Rimsky-Korsakov Court (Max Loderbauer Rework)



PTU - A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Electro Techno Experimental

A1 - Intact Alef

A2 - A Broken Clock Is Right Twice A Day

A3 - Yes

B1 - Between Us

B2 - April Theme

B3 - Lizard

B4 - Armlet



Different Fountains - Organism 3

Techno House Experimental

A - Pool

B - Limbo Rift

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