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Isorinne - Speechless Malison

Ambient Experimental

A1 - 9.21

A2 - 3.29

A3 - 4.05

A4 - 4.55

A5 - 3.08

B1 - 5.45

B2 - 5.00

B3 - 5.18

There is an intricate sorrow to Isorinne's new album, 'Speechless Malison.' Though broadly melodic, it feels exhausted rather than restrained; though rippling with a pulse, the rhythmic passages are sparse, their measured source a great distance away. Building on last year's cassette, 'Echoic Memoir,' 'Speechless Malison' takes greater and emotive strides, however brittle the path.


François X - Irregular Passion

Techno Ambient Experimental

1 - Love Of A Lifetime

2 - Blurry Youth

3 - Slave, No Slave

4 - Just A Dream

5 - Shamefaced

6 - Falling For Her

7 - Under Your Spell

8 - Dirty Chat

At night, things get a lot more unpredictable. A stranger can become a friend, you suddenly become intimate with a woman or a man who's name you will never find out, while darkness also allows you to conceal your true identity - even become someone else. Inspiration for this album emanates from the fascination towards the intensity of what nightlife has to offer ; euphoria and melancholy, spotlights or incognito, sexual contact or lonely voyeurism... Francois X entertains the listener with playful ambiguity and unsettling, yet sensual atmospheres.


Parrish Smith - Virgin Of The World

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Techno Industrial Experimental

A1 - Stillness And Secrecy

A2 - Supra

B1 - Savior Of The False

B2 - Seven

 Mixing up illusional layers of metal drums with harsh and rough moving synthesis. Polyrhythmical electroniczzz for the mind.


Data - Could You Find Your Analog Mind?

Germany 1xLP / Compilation / Limited Edition

Synth-pop Minimal Experimental

A1 - Opsesija

A2 - Ona (Remix)

A3 - Ne Zovi To Ljubavlju (Remix)

A4 - Video Heroj (Remix)

A5 - Kazi Glasno Volim Te (Remix)

A6 - Opsesija (Remix)

B1 - Japon

B2 - Moment

Obscure, dark and mysterious synth pop from Belgrade.


Various - Eine Welt Vol 2 Ep

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Limited Edition

Experimental Techno Synthwave New Beat Downtempo

A1 - Müdes Geschrei

A2 - Cola Cubes

A3 - Держи Мою Руку

B1 - Granchio Scorreggiante

B2 - Tsungire

B3 - Fun Cum

The sub-label of MOND MUSIK called „Eine Welt“ is back with the second edition of the compilation series. Carefully compiled by spAceLex (Alexander Arpeggio), those tracks give a different perspective on the contemporary music scene.


Serge Bulot - Les Légendes De Brocéliande

France 1xLP / Limited Edition / Reissue / Remastered

Fusion Modern Classical Experimental Ambient

A1 - Échos

A2 - Staccato Ricochet

A3 - Pleine Lune

A4 - Violectra

A5 - Danse Des Lutins

A6 - Euryale

B1 - Les Légendes De Brocéliande

B2 - Le Vélo De La Sorcière

Camisole Records is delighted to annonce the reissue of Serge Bulot sought after LP « Les Légendes de Brocéliande ».


Apulati Bien - OO:NÉ

France 1xAlbum

Grime Leftfield Noise Experimental Juke



A3 - OV ZE



A6 - YY NO





Repeat Eater - Electric Studies Vol.1

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Limited Edition / Numbered / White Label

Acid Experimental Electro

A1 - 123.9 Fold Acid

A2 - 136.2 Ravycid

A3 - Finger Core Noise [Exp.1]

A4 - 154.4 Taped MNJitterAcid

A5 - Ping Bong Edit

B1 - 128.4 Acidic Palm

B2 - 126 IllBient Jam.1

B3 - 133.5 Borg Beats

Mini album by Repeat Eater aka Julien Guillot with nine tracks. Electro acid and electro breaks made with analog modular synth and some electronic experiments inbetween. cold and cool sounding, would call it dry or minimal but with a fine reverb. individual colored screen printed covers, stamped and numbered whitelabel, just 300 copies!Acid / Techno / Electro / Breaks 



Germany 1xLP / Deluxe Edition

Experimental Dub Dancehall

A1 - Haile Selassie Is The Micro-Chip

A2 - Bubbling Ambessa (Afrikan Messiah Riddim)

A3 - Nazenet (Wasp Riddim)

A4 - Dont Stop (Wondo Riddim)

A5 - Rough Rider

B1 - BANZINA (Banzina Riddim)

B2 - Gozpaal (Mustard Riddim)

B3 - Still Sound Boy Test (Interlude)

Hundebiss bossman Simone Trabucchi - a pivotal figure of the Italian scene - debuts his STILL alias on PAN with a batch of banging, multi-layered dancehall tracks inspired by the complex historical links between his hometown, Vernasca, with Jamaica, and Italy’s colonial past in Ethiopia. Part of a wider visual arts project, Invernomuto, helmed alongside Simone Bertuzzi, and comprising a series of sculptures, installations, a book, and a long-feature experimental documentary under the title ‘Negus’‘, Simone takes cues from a “cleansing counter-ritual performed by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in the Vernasca square where 80 years earlier, an effigy of Haile Selassie I was burned” to cook up a madd set of dancehall tracks voiced by six Milan-based, African-Italian vocalists and singers. The results weigh in remarkably close to the colourful, plugged-in dancehall art/science of Equiknoxx, effectively pulling together the diffracted aspects of his project into a direct yet psychedelically-charged set which strongly reverberates with its roots. Keener observers will be quick to identity the amazing Nazenet (Wasp Rhythm) as a vocal version of STILL’s uncredited Untitled riddim from Halcyon veil’s Conspiración Progresso compilation, but unless you’ve been listening to Bill Kouligas DJ sets, the rest is all new and exclusive, taking in the weightless prayer of Haile Selassie Is The Micro-Chip, wobbly acid hall knocks in Bubbling Ambessa, and the meter-messing flux of Rough Rider along with style recalling that Vipra ace on Presto!? in Banzina, plus the warped Bionic Ras bumps of Gozpaal and some seriously salty dubbing in the plasmic squeeze of Mangrovi


Lanark Artefax - Glasz E.P

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / EP / Limited Edition

Experimental Techno Glitch

A1 - All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

A2 - Remainder I

B1 - Glasz

B2 - Phasze (s_h_i_f_t)

B3 - Virtual Bodies

Lee Gamble's UIQ label returns with the debut 5-track EP from 22 year old Glaswegian Lanark Artefax, whose precarious ballistics place a queered sidespin on Lee Gamble’s own dancefloor discombobulations, highly recommended if you're into Autechre, Brood Ma, Rustie or Gabor Lázár... The Glasz EP is a trippy, time-warping suite feeding complex rhythmic structures and bent club blueprints thru meticulous FX contouring, re-shaping conventional shapes to create something almost gaseous in form. It's a sound rendered most explicitly in the title track and the lush, polymetric gyroscopics of All That Is Solid Melts Into Air, or with more elusive, prism-pushing aspects of cone-buckling subs and interlaced choral frameworks in Remainder I that sound like ‘ardcore filtered to plasmic, quantum jelly. Glasz opens the other side with a curdled take on trap, oozing queasy stripes of melody and rave stabs on a brittle, percolated rimshot/snare, before Phasze (s_h_i_f_t) diffuses grime in an aether fantasy of sci-fi romantic pads and scything, elastic drums, and Virtual Bodies glitches a sort of shatterproof, neon-coloured chamber music. Killer stuff once again from this firing, singular label.


V/Vm - Brabant Schrobbelèr

UK 1x12" / Single Sided / Limited Edition

Industrial Electro Experimental

A - Brabant Schrobbelèr

The Brabant Shrobbelèr is a searing selection of classic and unreleased New Beat productions by James Leyland Kirby aka The Caretaker, aka V/Vm. It was selected and sequenced by Jerk van den Boschalottt and mixed and chopped to mucky perfection by Miles ov Demdike Stare, marking up a personally important 5th instalment in our 12 x 12 series, while also providing a fitting headstone to one of Kirby’s most crucial and little known projects. New Beat has long become the black sheep of Manchester’s dance music canon, wilfully unacknowledged by successive generations of DJs who continue to suckle at the entrails of the Haçienda, when in fact New Beat was a crucial part of the Manc Dance make-up, most often mixed up with Chicago, Detroit and New York house, and whatever UK bleeps and boops were bubbling thru at that time. Thanks to the influence and legendary DJ sets of V/Vm card holder, Acid Alan - whose New Beat collection spilled over the racks at a now defunct NQ record shop - its memory and place in Manchester’s rave folklore has been preserved by only a select few souls who with the constantly regurgitated putative history of our city’s club and warehouse culture. Now, 30 years since New Beat was syncretised and sonified by the weekending loons of Flanders from the the best/worst bits of synth-pop, EBM, house and electro - arguably giving birth to the rave techno paradigm we know and love in the process - V/Vm’s dark, sexy, and unforgiving dedications take on a new afterlife, resculpted into the oft-maligned but temporally appropriate format of a MegaMix, as was found on dozens of original New Beat and Acid House compilations and 12”s. Driving from Be-Dash’s over-the-limit jackoff, Must Do to the curdled acid gargle of Euro Hit via pure smuts in I Wanna Fxck Miss Nicky Trax, also taking in ‘Animal’ Andy McGregor’s Fxck My Pussy and Hear Me Coming, and previously unknown gold such as Russell Grant and Bajs Grotta, this is the sort of record that deserves its own plinth in the Arndale, preferably somewhere in front of the sweaty gammons and chicken elbows at Gabbott’s farm shop. Free download of Mike Pickmynose and John Rubb spoojing lyrical about when they used to tonk New Beat all night in ’88 is not included. File between your legs


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Levitation Praxis Pt. 4

UK 1xLP / Limited Edition

Ambient Experimental

A - Untitled

B - Untitled

Prolific experimentalist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe returns to Demdike Stare's quietly impressive DDS imprint, some 12 months on from his last outing on the label. Like many of the modular synthesizer and analogue hardware-loving artist's albums, Levitation Praxis: Part 4 (we're not sure what happened to parts one to three) is made up of two long, meandering and hugely atmospheric pieces. Intriguingly, these both use a human voice - largely the improvisations of a lone female singer, which are in turns haunting and enchanting - as much as Lowe's usual droning sonic textures, gently throbbing synthesizer figures and outboard effects. The results are naturally hugely impressive, though we'd expect nothing less from the one of electronic music's most distinctive composers.


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