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Acidolido , Jaquarius - Acid Avengers 005

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Acid Techno Electro

1 - Glasgow Smile

2 - Chestburster

3 - Gooseka the Slippery

4 - Incunabulis

5 - Vive la Vie

With an eye in the past and a foot in the future, Acid Avengers aims at federating the vibrant acid scene, and especially the french one. Through a series of split EPs (Jaquarius, Monoenzyme-307, Voiron, Botine, Umwelt, 88uw, Dez Williams, Tonotopy, Acidolido...), the record label invites artists from different countries and celebrates the hallucinated sounds of the golden age of rave.


Walrus - Basic Moves 01

Belgium 1x12" / 45 RPM / Maxi-Single / Limited Edition

Breakbeat Electro Techno Deep House

A - Full Of Feeling

B - Among The Thugs



Circadian Rhythms - Basic Moves 02

Belgium 1x12" / 45 RPM / Maxi-Single / Stereo

Techno Electro Deep House Breakbeat

A - Frequency

B - House Speaker Call

Listening on Walrus soundcloud ! 


Different Fountains - Organism 5

Belgium 1x12" / 45 RPM

Modern Classical Leftfield IDM Breakbeat Downtempo Electro

A1 - DC (suncat)

B1 - Asia Iron TV



Silicon Vallée - Seqs

Belgium 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Stereo

Techno Electro Acid

A1 - Seq3

A2 - Seq7

B1 - Seq6

B2 - Seq5

Listening - youtube! 


LCTR - Teal Ranger

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Electro Techno Ambient

A1 - Ocean Pride

A2 - Teal Ranger

A3 - Polar Defense

B1 - Yaw

B2 - Untitled

B3 - Aural Concept

B4 - PW



Pastaga - Astro-E3 EP

Europe 1x12" / EP / White Label

Electro House Techno

A1 - Sublunar Radiation

B1 - Lowdiskspace

B2 - Area 51

GOSU links up with london based french guy pastaga to form a breaky electro infected 3-tracker which speaks for itself. He also runs his own vinyl only label by the same name "pastaga".


Phil Evans - Qatch Ep

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Single

House Techno Electro

A1 - Qatch

A2 - Orcher

B1 - Jman

B2 - Seial

When Phil Evans conceived the very first catalogue number for Blank State he wore short tight pants, a very wide, washed out aloha shirt and a pair of super big, super dark pilot sunglasses. What followed was the birth of the most wonderful, freakishly weird and trippy four tracks a label could wish for by a close friend and talented young producer.


Various -  Five Years Of Loving Notes

France 2xLP / Album / Compilation

Ambient Downtempo Techno Electro

A1 - +371

A2 - Timbuktu

A3 - Maurilia

A4 - Market Session

B1 - Jungle Dweller

B2 - Warm & Easy

B3 - Cap De Creus

C1 - Giza

5th Birthday comp featuring a host of artistst who've graced the label over the perioid.. Exclusives from Tolouse Lowtrax, Geena, Iueke, Domenique Dumont, . Inoue Shirabe, Raphael Top-Secret and more... Gatefold Sleev


Ismael - Low Contrast EP

Greece 1x12"

Techno Electro

A1 - Let Down

A2 - As She Walks By

A3 - DT 100

B1 - Cross System III

B2 - Shiel

B3 - Aftertalk

Ismael's addition to the Nous camp is an impressively expansive account of contemporary electronic club music, with one foot firmly planted in a robust and ripe understanding of its roots in gritty US electro funk and proto house, alongside the industrial machine music exemplified by the first wave, while the other foot finds itself skating around a future reticulation, informed emphatically by the hardcore continuum and all of its awesome sonic artillery, while infused with the rhythm and grime of now.


Searaime - Casual Frequencies

France 1x12" / EP

Ambient Electro IDM Experimental

A1 - C.E.M.

A2 - Cayolle HC

B1 - Sormiou

B2 - Mouvement Latent

For the first Smoky Window release, we are more than excited to introduce local gun Searaime and to present his debut EP : Casual Frequencies. Fed and grown by the abstract works of the likes of Autechre and Aphex Twin, his record is the result of experimentations led from his south side Marseille’s studio, with four long cuts protraying his various production trails : from dreamy ambient to raw break core, through complex and subtle broken and electro anthems. Comes with a printed picture, taken by Claire Mercier on the Marseille’s coast.


Steve Murphy - Purification EP

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Electro Acid House

A1 - Purification

A2 - Mad Max

B1 - Destroy The Human Race

B2 - Heroine



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