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Various - Ninja Tools Vol.2

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / White Label

Minimal Electro Breakbeat

A1 - Aquaplaning

A2 - Dig it

B1 - Galaxy tale

B2 - Concentration in the present

2 Ninjas from lyon who like to collect records like lollipops, as much as they broke their back carrying crates.As deejays, the guys want to see their label as their record collection, rich and full of different influences.


Charlie - Spacer Woman

US 1x12" / 45 RPM / Reissue / Remastered

Italo-Disco Electro

A - Spacer Woman (Vocal)

B - Spacer Woman (Instrumental)



Minoru 'Hoodoo' Fushimi - In Praise Of Mitochondria

Australia 2xLP / Compilation

Funk Electro Hip Hop

A1 - Nikuzuke (Living Desk Of Flesh)

A2 - Thanatopsis

A3 - In Praise Of Mitochondria (Mitochondria San)

B1 - Ai Wa Nohshintoh (Love Hits Like Concussion)

B2 - Shinzō-San (Respecting My Hardworking Heart)

B3 - Mizuko No Tamashii Hyakumademo (Unborn Fetus' Dream Lives For One Hundred Years)

C1 - Furarete Nambo (It's Ok To Get Dumped)

C2 - Sutten Tenmari (Me After The Bubble Economy Crashed)

 Oddball Japanese electro-fueled vocoder funk with occasional raps from the 80s, including unreleased material... Japanese Electro original, Minoru Hoodoo Fushimi, self-released four albums. Two vinyl LPs and two CDs between 1985 and 1992. Melbourne`s Left Ear Records have selected twelve tracks, for a double vinyl retrospective. 10 tracks from Minoru`s four albums and a further two unreleased tracks from the archives.


The Auditor , Consequence  , Trio 3 - Straight Out Of Wandsworth EP

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Acid House Acid Electro Techno

A1 - Jack The Rhythm

A2 - Acid Attack

B1 - Fuck Chicago

B2 - House Your Body

Coming off the back of 2 years running strictly-vinyl-only acid house underground parties, the Downfall crew - all veterans of the 1980's London acid house scene - have put together their debut 12".Straight out of Wandsworth EP. Four jacking analogue machine-driven tracks. All hardware. Vinyl only. No digital.  


Metrist - Nos Ossos / Eliot Mi Fe

UK 1x12"

Electro Techno

A - Nos Ossos

B1 - Eliot Mi Fe

B2 - Eliot Mi Fe (Cadans Remix)

Following the first two harder edged releases on Neighbourhood from Randomer & Cadans and Kamikaze Space Programme, the third release is brought to you by Metrist, with his brand of naked, polemic club music (as he terms it), this release is much more angular and abstract. Nos Ossos has a warm, trippy feel to it. Eliot Mi Fe is brilliantly bonkers, shrieking it's way into your brain, which Cadans has remixed adding his signature weight to the equation.


Posthuman Ft Josh Caffe - Preach / Temptation

UK 1x12"

Electro House Techno

A1 - Preach

B1 - Temptation

B2 - Exit Drums

Next up for Dixon Avenue Basement Jams they celebrate 5 years of bangin' the drums by welcoming I Love Acid's Posthuman to the fold! In Preach and Temptation we have two deep, dance floor bombs with a darker acid vibe featuring the sensual vocal talents of Josh Caffe. Exit Drums on the other hand is straight up 8amwarehouse burner. BIG!


Fede Lijtmaer - Autotransfromación

France 1x12"

Electro Breakbeat Techno

A1 - Polaridades

A2 - T.M On D.M.T

B1 - True Self

B2 - Todos Nos Merecemos El Sol



Junyamabe - Serenade EP

France 1x12"

Electro Breakbeat House

A1 - Sail Away Sail Away Sail Away

A2 - Lets Show Them!

B1 - Hakuei



OMAR - Thanks One Thousand EP

France 1x12"

Electro Minimal Breakbeat

A1 - Thanks One Thousend

A2 -

B1 - Ampozup



Cadency - Código de Acción

US 1x12" / EP

Techno Electro Synthwave

A1 - Another Empty Path

B1 - I Wish I Was A Robot

B2 - Código De Acción



Dona  Vs DJ Plant Texture - The Bongoman Archive

Techno Breakbeat Electro Drum n Bass

A1 - People Have No Name (Live Cut)

A2 - You Better Not Take The Metro

B1 - Press Play On That MF MPC Maaan

B2 - 31 Seconds



Mas569 - Vamos A Entrar Desde Afuera

Canada 1x12" / Stereo

Electro IDM

A1 - Raza


B1 - Martillo



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