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Odeon - Galaxies

Italy 1xLP / Album


A1 - Recovery

A2 - Landing

A3 - Parsek

A4 - Fauna

A5 - Capricorn

B1 - Galaga

B2 - Videostar

B3 - Sirena



Kyle Hall - Eutrophia Sevan

US 1x7" / 45 RPM

House Downtempo

A - Teacher Plant

B - D.S.P. (Dear Sweet Potato)

Wild Oats proudly presents a new 7 inch from Kyle Hall entitled


Garland - Preludes # 1

Netherlands 1xLP / Limited Edition

Rhythmic Noise Downtempo

A1 - Amb.Guit

A2 - Dada.Dub

A2 - Kat.Ar

A4 - Lead.Dub

B1 - Smo.Dve

B2 - Bas.Ic

B3 - Single.Dub

B4 - Sum.V

 Lullabies for Insomniacs brings you the debut release from the intoxicating Garland. 


Prins Emanuel - Arbete / Fritid

Denmark 2xLP / Album

Nu-Disco Ambient Downtempo

A1 - Globen

A2 - Wirklicheit

A3 - Exkursion

B1 - Bike Chase

B2 - Land Of Joy

C1 - Su Su

C2 - Oran

C3 - Aquarius

imited repress of this highly acclaimed and sought after double vinyl LP from Prins Emanuel,Copenhagen-based label Music For Dreams are extremely proud to unleash the debut album of Sweden’s Prins Emanuel.Released in double vinyl format, Emanuel’s first full length solo project is a concept album revolving around the medium of the record itself. With a functionalist’s attitude, each of the vinyl records can serve a different purpose. Translated from Swedish, the album title literally reads "Work/Leisure Time" and the contrasting moods of the two discs are meant to reflect.


EX-T - Portal Vision

Canada 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Acid Downtempo

A1 - Portal Vision (Kali)

A2 - Portal Vision (Plain)

A3 - 2DS

A4 - Vanilight (Rezoned)

Ex-Terrestrial arrives with four tracks from the realms of dance. 


Floating Points - Reflections - Mojave Desert

UK 1xLP / Album


A1 - Mojave Desert

A2 - Silurian Blue

A3 - Kites

B4 - Kelso Dunes

B5 - Lucerne Valley

DVD - Reflections - Mojave Desert



LA Synthesis - Harmonic Disassembly

UK 1x12" / Reissue

Electro Techno Downtempo

A1 - Harmonic Disassembly

B1 - Skyline

Classic UK electro cuts from the past, finally repressed !


Marenn Sukie - Malinal EP

UK 1x12" / EP

Trip Hop Downtempo

A1 - Found A New Love

A2 - Temo

A3 - Maua

B1 - Miru

B2 - Arrival

B3 - Malinal



Ingleton Falls - Champagne In Mozambique

Dub Ambient Downtempo

A1 - It's Just A Hobby

A2 - Possessed

A3 - She Felt Love

B1 - High

B2 - Mind Yer Head

Ingleton Falls are Andy Hannam Seymour and Andy Eardley from Tyne and Wear in Newcastle. Having come from a more traditional band background originally, Ingleton Falls was their electronic project and the result of a love of acts like Dub Syndicate, African Headcharge, Gary Clail, The Orb and The KLF. 


J. Albert - Strictly J

Canada 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Breaks Deep House Downtempo

A1 - Pangs

A2 - All In

B1 - Strictly J

B2 - For SOHO

Four new loose and beautiful metropolitan house grooves from prolific NYC producer J Albert aka Jio Albert whose Mantra (as always) is to keep it simple, and of course, keep it “Strictly J”!In addition to the grime beats he’s been releasing on Soundcloud under the DJ Osom alias, Jio has also explored other genres with a recent Black Opal release and a 12” on his own Exotic Dance Records imprint.“Strictly J” ,though is his scruffy take classic house on zones more into the Hot Music-Soho vibes. Characterized by busy percussion, off-kilter downtown beats, stops and starts, scattered breaks, and weirdly breezy melodies, these tracks are roomy def down for the summer.


Massive Attack - Protection

Europe 1xLP / Album / Reissue

Downtempo Dub Trip Hop

A1 - Protection

A2 - Karmacoma

A3 - Three

A4 - Weather Storm

A5 - Spying Glass

B1 - Better Things

B2 - Euro Child

B3 - Sly



Black Light Smoke - Depression Sleeping

Germany 1x12" / EP

Deep House Downtempo Tech House

A1 - Depression Sleeping

A2 - Sleepless

B - Running Out of Sky

Collection of tracks from Jordan Lieb's archives from the past decade that have been updated and remixed.


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