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DJ Sports - Modern Species

UK 2x12" / Album

House Breakbeat Drum n Bass Downtempo Ambient

A1 - World A

A2 - Stellar Clusters

B1 - Fertile Crescent

B2 - Entry Mode

C1 - Parallax

C2 - Ascension

D1 - For Real For You

D2 - Reluctant Memory

Danish producer Milan Zaks has largely impressed since releasing his first cassette of dusty, rave-influenced downtempo grooves last year. Modern Species, his first outing for Firecracker Recordings, is easily his most expansive and impressive release to date. Stretched out across two slabs of wax you'll find dreamy, jungle-influenced deepness ("World A", "For Real For You"), cosmic dub ("Stellar Clusters", "Ascension"), spacey ambient techno ('Entry Mode"), Motor City influenced positivity ("Parallax") and Boards of Canada style loveliness ("Reluctant Memory"). Predictably, it's all superbly produced, with the material proudly sitting in the no man's land between club-ready rollers and horizontal home listening fare.


Immaculate Rivombo - Psychic Bridge From Bujumbura

UK 1x12" / 45 RPM / EP

Acid Downtempo Dungeon Synth Folk Leftfield Tribal Trance

A1 - Mbira Girls

A2 - Soudani (Desert Dream)

B1 - Soudani (Drum Dub)

B2 - Mandragora's Scream

Making a debut appearance on our own Invisible EP #6 compilation last year we're very happy to at last feature a full 4-track EP from the mysterious Immaculate Rivombo. Again the music is filled with that signature sound of live African percussion and 303s but this time with additional thumb pianos, hypnotic vocals and spacey synth lines. Purporting to be from Burundi (for all we know this could be the product of an elaborate ruse emanating from Berlin tbh) the enigmatic producer (he? she? they?) has once again excelled and produced an EP that manages somehow to sound uplifting and spiritual at the same time as it is deep, dark and dubby. Whatever, the music's great and that's what matters. Definitely one to watch out for.


Vincent - Fast Forward

A1 - The New Age

A2 - Don't Wait

B1 - Be Easy

B2 - Morning Love



S. English - S. English

US 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Abstract Industrial Drone Downtempo Techno

A1 - 1111

A2 - Land-Lock

B1 - Drip

B2 - Icon

B3 - Over the Railing



Voiski - Disconnections, Music For Clouds

France 1xLP / Album

Ambient Downtempo Drone









First album from the french emotional techno producer, voiski presents a collection of tracks made on airplanes. A special edition including a photography book made of his analog "tour pictures".   10 post-trance tracks made on airplanes with a track for each flight and comes along with a booklet showing a series of analog photography taken by Voiski between two gigs. An album behind the scenes of the dj world.


French Touch 2 - French Touch 2 EP

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Album / Limited Edition

House Deep House Trip Hop Downtempo

A1 - Come On (Frédo Remix)

A2 - Breakin Necks (Papastomp Remix)

A3 - Crowd Jumpin (DJ PH Remix)

B1 - What Would You Change (feat. Teddy.G)

B2 - Yes Yes Y'all (feat. Benjamin Muller)

B3 - Check Out (Déni Shaïn Remix)

B4 - Movin Up (feat. Ben Muller)



Clocolan - Nothing Left To Abandon

Netherlands 2x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Album / Special Edition / Stereo

IDM Ambient Downtempo

1 - Namaqua

2 - Everything You See Is You

3 - Cannon Rock, '72

4 - Redstone

5 - Obsolete Advancements

6 - Ciskei

7 - In The Rainbow

8 - Africae Extremitas



Larry Heard - Alien

Netherlands 2xLP / Reissue / Remastered

Deep House Downtempo

A1 - Faint Object Detection

A2 - The Dance Of Planet X

B1 - Micro-Gravity

B2 - Flight Of The Comet


C3 - Cosmogonic Myth



Pharaohs - In Oeland

Europe 1xLP / Mini-Album

Downtempo Leftfield

A1 - Muddy Middle Of Nowhere

A2 - Oelan Gunda

A3 - Invisible Mile

B1 - Air Kiribati

B2 - Coral Heads

B3 - Cadejé

B4 - Energy



Andi Hanley - RK #13

UK 2x12" / White Label

Downtempo Synth-pop Zouk

A - Raffles

B - Ba Nou

C - Syn-Syn

D - Kinshasa

Fresh from an appearance on Balearic Blah Blah, Andi Hanley sidles over to fellow Mancunian Ruf Dug's Ruf Kutz label with some beautiful, sunkissed tones in mind to keep you gliding on the good vibes no matter how grim it may be outside. "Raffles" is a gently pattering piece that seems to hark from the Terry Riley school of repetition, albeit played through blocky synth tones and delicate refrains. "Ba Nou" is a more flamboyant 80s-flavoured cut with some excellent tom fills, slick guitar licks and powerful brass stabs. "Syn-Syn" is a melancholic, borderline noirish synth ballad, and "Kinshasa" heads for the dancefloor with its pronounced beat and canned funk sound.


Luis Delgado - Vathek


Dark Ambient Experimental Downtempo

A1 - La Gran Torre De Samarah

A2 - La Puerta De Ébano

A3 - El Sacrificio De Catoul

A4 - El Llanto De Nouronihar

A5 - Juegos En El Harén Del Fakreddin

B1 - Las Reflexiones Del Califa

B2 - El Palacio Del Emir

B3 - La Pira De Carathis

Emotional Rescue turns its attention to Spanish artist Luis Delgado, who made a name for himself fusing traditional folk music from across the globe with experimental electronic practice. His first album Vathek stands as one of his masterworks, originally released in 1986 and featuring a range of different electro-acoustic approaches that draw you in with their strange, dynamic textures. There's a whiff of Jon Hassell's treated trumpet about "La Puerta De Ebano" while "El Sacrificio De Catoul" deals in a dense weave of chimes and percussion. Diverse, engrossing listening from the outer reaches.


Khidja - Microb

Israel 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

Downtempo Industrial Experimental Minimal Techno

A - Microb

B1 - Microb (Tolouse Low Trax Version 117)

B2 - Microb (Tolouse Low Trax Version 118)

Khidja are back on Malka Tuti and this combo cannot and will not dissappoint. After their successful debut on John Talabot's Hivern-Discs, Khidja continue their current direction of leftfield-club music exploration, this time in the form of Microb, a track that is a wolrd of its own, fusioning heavy industrial vibes with their own take of "worldly music" to create this peak time dancefloor bonanza. On the flip side Salon Des Amateurs Tolouse Low Trax delievers two takes on the original track, stripped down and turned upside down, adding those Massive vocals. These takes are hypnotic as they are groovey and they complete a unique package for the modern dance floor explorers... Zuruck zu Sprecher eins


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