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DJ Red Greg , Specter , LTJ X-Perience - Black Aroma EP Vol. 10


Disco Nu-Disco

A1 - Ride on

A2 - Chedda

B1 - Double Dribble

B2 - Sòtcha

B3 - You got me dreamin’

For the 10th installment of his Black Aroma Eps, Patrick Gibin aka TwICE leaves the edit duties to 3 masters of the scene: Red Greg, Specter and Luca Trevisi aka LTJ Xperience deliver 5 special edits for this limited release on Blend it! Records.


Y. Gershovsky - Disco Baby

UK 1x7" / 45 RPM

Soul Disco Boogie

A - Disco Baby

B - Disco Baby

A few years ago, Melodies family members Floating Points and DJ Red Greg got their hands on a couple of original 70s obscurities. While these standout records shone brightly in their own right, the two DJs saw the potential to create their own edits behind the scenes, finely attuning the original versions to modern-day dancefloor standards. Of these new recordings, they cut only five copies for themselves and a few DJ friends of theirs. Today, Melodies International is very proud to bring you MEL006 and MEL007. Fully licensed, lovingly mastered to the highest possible standards and carefully edited to dial up that dancefloor enjoyment, these two ‘You’re A Melody’ classics weren’t originally meant to get official releases. But due to popular request, they are now available to play and share in very special moments at parties around the world. MEL6 arrives as a 7-inch, with the original version and the edit on the flip. First released in 1979 as a three-minute up-tempo library recording, “Disco Baby”, one of 10 tracks off a record available to license for film, radio, television and other media, held some hidden magic that would only get uncovered almost four decades later. Informed by years of combined dancefloor experience, Floating Points and Red Greg have slightly tweaked the original material, realising that played in the right context, it can become a true disco anthem.


Harvey Sutherland - Bermuda

Netherlands 1x12" / 45 RPM

Deep House Disco Boogie

A - Bermuda

B - New Paradise

MCDE Recordings is happy to add a fresh new talent from down under to the label, Harvey Sutherland, who has been releasing some amazing records in the last two years. Danilo has been supporting him since his very first release, and we are proud to put out some of his trademark cosmic boogie biz on this double sider for MCDE.


Motor City Drum Ensemble - Raw Cuts # 3 / Raw Cuts # 4

Netherlands 1x12" / 45 RPM

Deep House Disco

A - Raw Cuts # 3

B - Raw Cuts # 4

The long awaited follow up from MCDE......great disco/house music....massive record....Now a Classic!


Brian Bennett - Voyage (A Journey Into Discoid Funk)

Australia 1xLP / Album / Reissue

Disco Abstract

A1 - Voyage

A2 - Solstice

A3 - Chain Reaction

B1 - Pendulum Force

B2 - Air Quake

B3 - Ocean Glide

Isle Of Jura's first LP reissue, the highly sought after 'Voyage'. A Journey Into Discoid Funk by Brian Bennett originally released in 1978. A cosmic disco classic completely re-mastered from the original master tapes by Matt Colton. 180g vinyl. Bootleged badly in the past, re-issued with love now, the sound quality is top notch! TIP.


Various - Import/Export

Sweden 1x12" / Limited Edition

Disco Funk House

A1 - 1988

A2 - Cassette Boogie

A3 - Muriam

B1 - Luxor Equinox

B2 - Heinas

B3 - II Y A

fter a long hiatus the Fasaan Recordings crew finally emerges from their basement to break out a second volume of their Chalice imprint. Functioning as a looser side vehicle to Fasaan, Chalice is a home for rawer and more uncompromising side projects of the Fasaan crew and their extended family. Honing in on a murky zone of cheap-sounding machine rhythms and punchy boogie-influenced proto-house sounds, the Chalice style is in your face and then out the door "just like that": take it or leave it. 


Ben & Sadar's - We Are Righteous People

A - We Are Righteous People

B - Bouncing Atoms

Sadar Bahar & Ben 'Cosmic Force' team up and come correct with these two direct disco jams ... Artwork by Cosmo Knex.. TIPP!


Alek Lee - Sfarot

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

Downtempo Disco

A - Sfarot

B1 - Sfarot Dub

B2 - Harabait

The Antinote guys have always been keen on introducing new names to you and this addition to the label’s catalogue makes no exception to the rule: they are pleased to present Sfarot, the debut EP from Alek Lee, a musician currently living in Tel-Aviv.The geographic origin of the artists on the Parisian imprint has never been felt as much as on Alek Lee’s debut 12”. In a very “fourth world” manner, Alek Lee brings together middle-eastern influences in his music with ease and without ever having it sounding cliché: on Harabait and Sfarot (and its dub version), his friends and him play the violin, the bass clarinet and the accordion in a way which reminds of Klezmer music, putting the three songs on the EP in line with both his musical education and his cultural background. 


Cloud One - Dust To Dust / Doin' It All Night Long

US 1x12" / Reissue / Unofficial Release


A - Dust To Dust

B - Doin' It All Night Long

Repress of the essential and hard to find "Cloud One - Doin' It All Night/ Dust To Dust" from 1979, written and produced Peter Brown & Patrick Adams!


Hanna  / Almir Ricardi - Deixa Rodar / To Parado Na Tua

UK 1x7" / 45 RPM

Disco Funk

A - Deixa Rodar

AA - To Parado Na Tua

‘Deixa Rodar’ is an essential midtempo disco/boogie jam taken from Hanna’s ‘Deixa Rodar’ LP from 1979. A tip off from our good friend Mark ‘GV’ Taylor, played at the first of our ‘Braziloid’ sessions on Brighton sea front.‘To Parado Na Tua’ is another killer midtempo disco/boogie cut, produced by the legendary Lincoln Olivetti and Robson Jorge, released in 1984. Taken from the sought after and now fairly pricey ‘Festa Funk’ LP on RGE. 


Sandra De Sá / Equipe Rádio Cidade - Olhos Coloridos / Bons Tempo: Sao Paulo (Good Times)

UK 1x7" / 45 RPM

Disco Samba

A - Olhos Coloridos

B - Bons Tempo: Sao Paulo (Good Times)

 ‘Olhos Coloridos’ is an 80’s MPB/boogie jam, thats sits perfectly alongside the likes of Maia, Valle, Jorge and Olivetti. Backed here, by some of the members from Banda Black Rio. Taken from her self-titled 1982 LP on RGE Brazil.‘Bons Tempo Sao Paulo (Good Times)’ was originally released on a rare promo only 7" from 1980, this is a Brazilian boogie version of Good Times by Chic / Rapper's Delight, voiced by radio DJs from Sao Paulo especially for the Christmas holiday season!The replayed version of ‘Good Times’ stands up to the Chic version, and the added cuica heavy percussion breakdown gives it the true Brazilian flavour.


Marcos Valle / Lincoln Olivetti & Robson Jorge - Estrelar / Aleluia

UK 1x7" / 45 RPM

Boogie Disco Funk

A - Estrelar

B - Aleluia

Two silky sides of Brazilian disco soul on Mr Bongo's perennial Brazil 45s series. First up, long-haired lothario samba fusionista Marcos teams up with Leon Ware for a pristine polished piece of early 80s disco funk. Golden harmonies, staccato vocals and a super juicy bassline; it's not hard to see why it was his best selling single. Flip for the equally smooth "Alleluia" from Brazilian boogie gospelist; this one is all about the percussion heavy breakdown. Proper sunshine block party business.


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