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Sleep D - Red Rock

Deep House Deep Techno House Techno

A1 - Red Rock (IV Mix)

A2 - Bunyip Beat

B - Sandman



Molly - SB Relief

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

Techno Deep Techno Minimal

A - Cycle

B1 - M.B

B2 - L.A



DJ Shufflemaster & Chester Beatty Featuring DJ Funk - Our House Music Remixes

Japan 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Deep Techno

A1 - Our House Music (Akiko Kiyama Remix)

A2 - Our House Music (A.Mochi Remix)

B1 - Our House Music (Mayudepth Remix)

B2 - Our House Music (DJ Shufflemaster Remix)

The new release from Dj Shufflemaster’s label “Shiki Kyokai” is “Our House Music Remixes”. The original ep was released from “Techno Queen” moniker Ellen Allien imprint “Bpitch Control” in 2016.Dj Shufflemaster and Chester beatty have brought retro style house up to date with latest sound shape featuring Dj Funk.4 artists who dwell in To


Primary Perception - Retrofitted Future Vol.1

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Deep Techno Deep House Ambient

A1 - Dark Star (Cassete Version)

A2 - Mind Reverse

A3 - Hal9000

B1 - Distorted Information

B2 - 164 - 17

The Primary Perception brothers are back with a stunning EP, where they showcase their fresh approach to techno and house, based on funky basslines, deep chords, trippy acidic synths and banging percussions.


Ka One & St-Sene - NRMND001

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Deep Techno Deep House House

A1 - I Want

A2 - Motion

B1 - Take Me Back

B2 - The Way

After releasing some heavy deep tracks on labels such as FLYANCE RECORDS or STEAWARDS, the new figure of techno and deepness KA ONE & ST-SENE sign here a killer set of house music jewel. GUNNTER (RUTILANCE RECORDINGS) is proud to introduce his close friends with this new label dedicated to real underground house sound. Pressed with qualitative mastering, heavy bass lines and emotional synths, this wax will easily fits clubs with a powerful sound system.


Vin Sol - Moonchild EP

US 1x12" / 45 RPM / EP

Techno Deep Techno

A1 - Moonchild

A - Electrical Storms

B1 - Patronize

B2 - Bondage Taped



Amandra - Principe De Veracruz

Morocco 1x12" / EP

Deep Techno

A1 - Principe De Veracruz

A2 - Quatre Heroica

B1 - Autochtone

B2 - Risque Papantla



Deepchord - Campfire EP

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Deep Techno

A1 - Perfumes Of A Spring Mist

A2 - Xpan

B1 - Campfire

The incomparable Deepchord is back on Soma and drops the first single from forthcoming album, Auratones due in October. As is expected from the Detroit based sound designer, the Campfire EP is everything we have come to know and admire about his productions; from the spaced out, ambient sound fields to classic Dub Techno.


Jan Jelinek - Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records

Germany 2xLP / Album / Reissue

Deep Techno Dub Techno Glitch Techno Minimal Techno

A1 - Moiré (Piano Organ)

A2 - Rock In The Videoage

B1 - They, Them

B2 - Them, Their

B3 - Moiré (Guitar & Horns)

C1 - Tendency

C2 - Moiré (Strings)

D1 - Do Dekor

In the four years which have elapsed since 'Loop Finding Jazz Records' first shuffled out of his ambrosially dusty speakers, Jan Jelinek has been collaborating with Antiopdean jazz-monkeys Triosk, converting his lint-like sound into a live proposition through The Exposures and releasing a royal flush of solo LP's which culminated in this year's delicious 'Kosmischer Pitch'. Yet for all these undoubted achievements, Jelinek's crowning glory stoically remains 'Loop Finding Jazz Records'; a situation we can't see changing any time soon. As far as albatrosses go, it ain't a bad one to have around your neck. Whilst it's all too easy to over-intellectualise the output of artists such as Jelinek, a simple fact tends to shine through the adjective heavy prose; it sounds utterly fantastic. Taking what reads like a pretty austere set of ingredients, Jelinek's technique revolves around a trilogy of elements which consists of second long cuts of 1960s-70s jazz recordings, the loop-finding modulation wheel (do your homework!) and the Moiré effect; albeit rendered in the acoustic as opposed to the image and spectral domains. If all this sounds like unbridled 'ball-ache maximus' to you, be assured that on record it is anything but; as crumbling edifices of mealy rhythms slowly pulse into life and swirl around your head like snow storms clashing with a dust devil. Taking sediments of fathom deep static then skimming the best stuff from the top, Jelinek opens through the dampened echoes of 'Moiré (piano & organ); wherein a slow-motion thrum of spiraling clicks, rustles and analogue tones conspire to give the impression of recondite perspectives that extend well beyond the constituent elements. Elsewhere, 'Rocky In The Video Age' instills a gratuitously optimistic blush to the aquatic micro-sound ebb, 'Moiré (Strings)' is a perfect companion to Basinski's disintegrating tape archive, whilst 'Them, Their' represents an aural crease so slight you can only catch its distinctive gleam from the corner of your eye. Inventive, intelligent and utterly invigorating, 'Loop Finding Jazz Records' is a genuine modern classic whose re-release is anything but a cynical mortgage repayment exercise. Consider this a second chance, then pretend you had it all along.


Bigeneric Vs. Planet Love - Fables Of Robotics

Germany 2x12" / Album

Techno Deep Techno Ambient

A1 - Mya

A2 - Plid

B1 - Virgil

B2 - Shagoma

C1 - Dream Cascade

C2 - The Cosmic Voyager

D1 - Shape Of Time (Expanded)

D2 - Tedril 2



Cor100 - Sunday Afternoon EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Limited Edition

House Tech House Deep Techno Deep House

A1 - Sunday Afternoon

A2 - Sunday Afternoon (System2 + Juliche Hernande Remix)

B1 - You

B2 - You (Jedsa Soundorom Remix)



E.N.E - Ashford EP

1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Techno Minimal Deep Techno

A1 - Luv

A2 - Ashford

B1 - 10h03

B2 - Velvet Rope



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