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Attek & Guy Johnson - Love Zone

France 1x12" / EP

House Deep House Garage House

A1 - Love Zone

A2 - Don't Mess Around

B1 - Could It Be The Way

B2 - Leaving You

It all started in March 2016 when Attek and Guy Johnson met each other at their school in Utrecht (NL). They immediately started working together on some House projects, it was the beginning of a great friendship. When mentor and friend DJ Caspa sended over some oldskool vinyl which he recorded from his magical collection, things really took off. With deep characteristic pads, uplifting drums, soft chords and warm smootchy vocals, Attek and Guy Johnson went all out with this warm EP. STRCTR is proud to introduce another beautiful piece of art, mastered once again by the House legend DJ Steaw.


Leo Pol - All I Got In Me

France 2x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Deep House House Tech House

A1 - BH2

A2 - All I Got In Me

B1 - Reverse Cowboy

B2 - Live Concrete

C - Untitled

D1 - Live Love

D2 - Masile

Fresh from the success of two top notch EPs on Ille, Leo Pol unveils his most ambitious release to date. All I Got In Me is something of a beast, with seven tracks stretched across two slabs of wax. It's a rather pleasingly varied affair, all told, with the experienced producer flitting between Detroit style techno futurism ("BH2"), warm, chunky and occasionally tough deep house ("All I Got In Me", "Live Concrete"), spacey beatbox electro ("Live Love") and the kind of tech-house cuts that look to both the Motor City and Chicago for inspiration. As a bonus, he's also included a collaborative cut under the St Ouen Connection moniker, the deep and hazy, techno-tempo positivity of "Masile".


Ewan Jansen - IILE 03

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Deep House

A1 - Reefing 101

A2 - The Blackhawks

B1 - Twinpole

B2 - Swanbourne

Ewan Jansen signs the third EP for iile Records. He delivers 4 beautiful House tracks, just in time for the Indian summer.


Pablo Valentino - My Son's Smile EP

France 1x12"

Deep House

A1 - My Son's Smile

A2 - Atlantic's Calling (One for Portugal)

B1 - My Son's Smile (Teach The Babies' Remix)

B2 - Good Ol' Days

Finally a fresh MCDE is announced! New one from long time deep house/broken producer, Pablo Valentino!Its been four years since label co-founder Pablo Valentino became a daddy, and almost as old is the idea of him releasing a record on our imprint. So what makes more sense than to dedicate this record to Hugo-João, his son? On "My Son's Smile" we can hear a recording of Hugo-João's laughter over a mellow, summery house track that has been a big favorite of Danilo over the years.With a little help from Lyon producer Patchworks, who played bass on the track, Valentino pulls off one of his most sophisticated productions yet.GE-OLOGY, legendary Hip Hop and House producer from New York, flips it into a more of a peaktime thing, replacing the Fender Rhodes from the original with layers of thick synthesizer chords and a very vibrant, musical vibe reminiscent of his earlier release on Sound Signature. "Atlantic’s Calling" is one of those signature, late night House tracks that Pablo Valentino has been championing both as a producer and Dj throughout the years.


Blackoly - BFS

France 1x12"

House Deep House

A1 - BFS

A2 - Searching

B1 - Fakin'Jax

B2 - Bao Bao

Mad, dope and underground 4 tracks that can move the time base of the floor.BFS… Mysterious lo-fi track with scratches & vocal sampling gradually sublimes danceable.Searching… Deep and rough beat with mysterious atmosphere invites you to an abstract world.Fakin’Jax… Completed with slow mood, mad and dope sound quality that only MPC can creates.Bao Bao… Again, mad, deep, and full of underground atmosphere house track.


Chaos In The CBD - Zona Del Silencio EP

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Deep House

A - Zona Del Silencio

B - Unsound Mind



Shore - A Hundred Times EP

A - A Hundred Times

B1 - The Translator

B2 - Components



Hokuto Sato - Akegarasu Yume No Awayuki

Japan 1x12"

Minimal Techno Deep House

A1 - Akegarasu (Dawn Crow)

A2 - Yume (Dream)

B - Awayuki (Light Snow)

Japan’s Hokuto Sato is back on his own Aura Music with three hypnotic techno-house. On the A side, we’ve got 2 tracks composed of rich layers of concrete sounds and strange voice samples over tight drums and percussions. On the flip “Awayuki (light snow)” is a good example of how piano house can be twisted and stripped down for modern dance floors.


E Davd - Star Sign

UK 1x12" / EP

House Deep House

A1 - Ice Moon

A2 - Low Orbit

B1 - New Age

B2 - Star Sign

As Earth dips below sea level, E Davd steps up with a capsule of botanical and foreign matter reminding us what lies beneath the oil spills, crust and hum of wireless routers. Cast deep into the nebula, It’s the forgotten love songs from the glacial plains, expired vitamin compounds retrieved from petri dishes and the howls of extinct animal life condensed into 25 minutes. Electronic protocol modules formerly known as "humid funk"," new age" "astral ambient" and "horoscope house" drifting through foreign star systems, gradually lost to the eternal vacuum of deep space.


Vincent Floyd Featuring Chan - Your Eyes

US 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Acid House Deep House

A1 - Your Eyes (Vocal)

A2 - Your Eyes (Instrumental)

B1 - Technology

B2 - Carnival

B3 - I'm So Deep

Reissue of essential Chicago vocal house classic from the 90ties. 


Wulysse - Hotspot

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / Single

Deep House Acid House

A - Still Running

B1 - Hotspot

B2 - Smurfin' & Rappin'

 Wulysse is up first with Hotspot, and from the sounds of "Still Runnin" this artist has got the stylistic approach down to a fine art. 


Bogus & Hunter - Bad Runner

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

Deep House

A - Bad Runner (Original Mix)

B1 - Bad Runner (Melchior Sultana Night Remix)

B2 - Bad Runner (Deep88 Paradise 5am Remix)

12 Records is back as serious as ever presenting Bogus & Hunter’s Bad Runner, with additional remixes on the flip by Melchior Sultana and Deep88, Atmospheric, Lush and Dope…Music!


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