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Kirkis - Vide

New Wave Darkwave Synthwave

1 - The Vide

2 - Finally

3 - The Fever

4 - The Glass Roses

5 - Cryjoy LostBoy

6 - Archangel

7 - What Keeps Us Apart

8 - Hey Man

The Debut LP Vide from Kirkis. Just Incredible. 2017 Australian Import release, finally making it's way to Europe... *Recorded Seven Sisters London. Comes with download code.


The Soft Moon - The Soft Moon

US 1xLP / Album

Darkwave Shoegaze

A1 - Breathe The Fire

A2 - Circles

A3 - Out Of Time

A4 - When It's Over

A5 - Dead Love

B1 - Parallels

B2 - We Are We

B3 - Sewer Sickness



Sam De La Rosa - Earth Wart

1x12" / EP

Synthwave Darkwave

A1 - Earth Wart

A2 - I Hear The Swine

B1 - Racist Cops On A Jog

B2 - R.E.D.

Sam de la Rosa, best known under the alias Samuel Kklovenhoof of the band Led Er Est and with Karen Sharkey of The Coombe, is back on Mannequin Records for a stunning 4-tracks electro-wave-experimental release. 


Group Rhoda - Wilderless

US 1xLP / Album

Darkwave Synthwave Electro

A1 - Trespass

A2 - Ice House

A3 - June

A4 - Mexi Meri

B1 - Agua De Florida

B2 - Sea Or Be Sea

B3 - Scia

Group Rhoda is the solo electronic music project of Mara Barenbaum, based out of Oakland, California. The project started around 2009 with a debut album ‘Out of Time, Out of Touch’ in 2012 on Night School Records and ‘12th House’ in 2013 on Not Not Fun. She is also one half of Max and Mara who released the album ‘Less Ness’ in 2013 on Dark Entries Records. She is committed to live performance, situated within the analog synthesizer and drum machine medium.Wilderless’ is Group Rhoda’s third full length and first for Dark Entries Records. Each of the these 7 songs draw forth tones of tropical darkwave and soft industrial; while negating the sound of conformity and control. The album explore themes of societal and spiritual displacement, contemporary serfdom, the depths of empathy, regeneration through destruction, and the tyranny of claiming recognition and power. Lyrics are poetically expressed through allegory and explore archetypes rooted more in abstract observation rather than hard line experience. Through transgression and imagination, Group Rhoda explores the arc of songwriting interwoven into stark electronic environments; and creates a bridge between the corporeal and the dream worlds.Each song was mixed by Mark Pistel at Room 5 in San Francisco and mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each LP is packaged in a jacket featuring a colorful custom made collage by Hugo Barros and includes a full color sticker and digital download card.


Various - Simple Music Experience Vol. 2

France 2xLP / Compilation

Industrial Experimental Avantgarde Darkwave Contemporary Post-Punk

A1 - Thème 1

A2 - Obsession

A3 - Sheraton

A4 - Disacordedd (Short)

A5 - Gone Ego

B1 - Le Temps (Extended)

B2 - Armabianca

B3 - Alright

Special collaboration with friend label ‘Simple Music Experience’ from Bordeaux/Marseille, contains original Industrial, Synth-Pop, Jakbeat, Post-Punk, Experimental and Contemporary music by underground artists from France..Originally released on tape (SM05) in 2016. 100% HIT !!


Clan Of Xymox - Medusa

France 1xLP / Album

Synth-pop Darkwave

A1 - Theme I

A2 - Medusa

A3 - Michelle

A4 - Theme II

A5 - Louise

A6 - Lorrentine

B1 - Agonised By Love

B2 - Masquerade



Various - Domestic Landscape Vol.2 (Underrated Synth Classics 1982-1990)

Spain 1xLP / Compilation

EBM Industrial Synth-pop Experimental New Wave Darkwave

A1 - In These Times (Original Mix)

A2 - Victmm (Sex Mix)

A3 - She

A4 - Mechanika

A5 - She Moves Like A Machine

B1 - What A World!

B2 - Flags On A Hill

B3 - Prediction (Brainwave Version)


Gohan - Mount Athos

UK 1x12" / EP

Darkwave Ambient Deep Techno Electro

A1 - Crackopolis

A2 - Mount Athos

B1 - Danse Toujours

B2 - Promenade Avec L

New EP of Peur Bleue's boss, Gohan, straight from the mystical heights of Mount Athos. Haunted celestial techno with a tinge kosmische electro, melancholic cold wave and hazy ambient. 4 tracks into Gohan's spooky journey. Son of an owl and a clouded leopard, Gohan is a London-based producer and Peur Bleue Records' boss.


Vilains Bonshommes - Éternité Retrouvée

US 1x12" / 45 RPM / Limited Edition / Reissue


A1 - L'Éternité

A2 - Death Shines On Triumphant Days

B - The Ages Anew



Bossa Luce - Nel Salotto Degli Appestati

US 1xLP / Compilation

Experimental Industrial Darkwave Techno EBM New Wave

A1 - Doux Torture

A2 - Colere

A3 - Pleurs Final

A4 - Opto Opto Opto

A5 - Fonce Demain

A6 - Repulsa

B1 - Time Stands Still

B2 - Bunker Flemma

Mostly from two cassettes, Douce Torture and Aut Aut, each limited to twenty-five copies, originally self-released in the early 2000s by Vincent E.F. from Turin. ‘A mixture of hardware electronics, guitar and musique concrete-style sampling techniques, recorded on everything from minidisc to VHS tape. With its roots in vintage dub, Krautrock and Italo-Industrial artists like Maurizio Bianchi and Mauthausen Orchestra… and yet strikingly original.’


Detobeat. - Cliffs

US 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

New Wave Darkwave Techno

A1 - Cliffs

A2 - Dream Stream

A3 - Cliffs (Pierre Guerineau Version)

B1 - Cliffs (Marie Davidson Version)

B2 - Dream Stream (Lena Platonos Version)

B3 - Dream Stream (Khidja Version)



Contrepoison - Discography 2010 - 2012

US 2xLP / Compilation / Limited Edition

Darkwave Minimal Synthwave Industrial

A1 - Until Next Morning

A2 - The Snake Has Bitten Its Tail

A3 - Heartbeat

A4 - To Never, Forever

B1 - A Deserted Story

B2 - I Keep On Searching

B3 - Poisonous Desires

B4 - In Love With Mars, At War With Love

Hospital Productions collect some of the strongest coldwave pop dirges of a generation in Contrepoison’s Discography 2010-2012 survey, wrapping up both his self-released tapes and releases for Dominick Fernow’s cherished imprint.


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