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Céline Gillain - What Happens If I Open My Mouth?

Belgium 1x7" / 45 RPM / Single

Dark Ambient

a - I Can't Connect

b - Youth & Beauty

 A video maker and performer living in Brussels, Céline Gillain is discreet, almost secretive, when it comes to her music. As a producer, she's using straight electronics to push people into her own zone of sci-fi, feminism and existential philosophy in the virtual world. Combining her love for what's shiny and a dark sense of humor, these 2 first songs on record are questioning roles assigned – and not only as women searching for their own ways in the boy's club.


Kane Ikin - Basalt Crush

France 1x12" / EP

Ambient Downtempo Abstract Dark Ambient Experimental Techno

A1 - Echoic

A2 - Autophasic

A3 - Gestalt

B1 - Street Flare

B2 - Grid



Florian Kupfer , Torn Hawk - Hungry For Candy

UK 1x12"

Dark Ambient Experimental Techno

A1 - Fake Blood

A2 - Hungry For Candy

B1 - Sweet Tooth

B2 - Manipulation

Commonly found lurking around L.I.E.S., Technicolour and W.T. Records, Florian Kupfer has plenty of credentials in the noisier end of the hardware house and techno scene, so it makes perfect sense to find him sidling up to Valcron Video in collaborative moder with Torn Hawk. The results are predictably excellent, from the gnarled emotional wrangles of "Fake Blood" to the blown out ambience of "Hungry For Candy". "Sweet Tooth" comes on like a dishevelled club workout, and then "Manipulation" rounds the record off with a tongue in cheek spoken word and ambience piece that packs some serious music underneath the irreverent chit chat.


Gabriel Saloman - Movement Building Vol. 3

France 1xLP / Album

Ambient Dark Ambient

A1 - What Belongs To Time

A2 - What Belongs To Bass

A3 - What Belongs To You

B1 - What Belongs To The Fire

B2 - What Belongs To The March

B3 - What Belongs To The Line

B4 - What Belongs To Rest



S. English - Eris

US 1xLP / Album

Dark Ambient Industrial Illbient Downtempo Musique Concrète

A1 - Sanctuary

A2 - How To Build Cathedrals

A3 - The Room Tonight

A4 - Bilocation Drift

B1 - Concrete Message

B2 - Invasion Threat

B3 - I'll Take That One

B4 - Eleventh Night

Over these eight tracks we get English's wide spanning take on the music touching upon elements of industrial on "Invasion Threat" darker ambient with opening track "Sanctuary" and even hints of Stinson on "Bilocation Drift". English's signature sparse and melancholic tone is present throughout again using minimal percussion and voice to glue it all together in a haunting fashion. Another engaging listen direct from the depths of the American underbelly. 


El Sueño De Hyparco - Ambientes Hormonales

Spain 1xLP / Reissue / Remastered

Dark Ambient Minimal Experimental New Age

A1 - Introducción - Einführung

A2 - Rhodas - Rhodas

A3 - Palabras De Vapor - Dampfworten

A4 - Danza Metamórfica - Unwandlung Tanz

A5 - Hechicera - Zauberer

B1 - Procesos - Prozessen

B2 - Leipzig - Leipzig

B3 - Plasma Orgánico -Organischerum

Urpa i musell (Snout and claw in Catalan) is a record label that was conceived almost unconsciously throughout years of long lunchtime conversations at Discos Paradiso, a record store in Barcelona. We simply want music that we love to be made available to everyone. We hope you all enjoy the results of our efforts as much as we enjoy the process of releasing the music.We begin our journey with the reissue of El sueño de Hyparco’s Ambientes hormonales, originally released in 1990 under the Spanish label Hyades Arts.Drawing on the Berlin School, particularly Klaus Schulze and his Tangerine Dream, as a main musical reference, and having emerged from the exciting cassette movement, Ambientes hormonales represents the mysterious missing link between the 80s New Music movement in Madrid and the beginnings in the 90s of contemporary Electronic music in Spain.


Sturqen / Merovee - LIT 003

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Techno Drone Dark Ambient

A1 - Ginasta

A2 - Papafrank

B1 - Drone Desolation Field

B2 - Love Call



Seekness - Devious Destiny

Dark Ambient Industrial

A1 - Balade Au Bout Du Monde

A2 - Subseakence

A3 - Antarctech

B4 - Glük

B5 - Rings Of Anxiety

B6 - Expurgate

C7 - Loneliness

C7' - The Crossing

Second hand, VG+


Herva - Smania

Ireland 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Mini-Album / EP / Single

Dark Ambient Hip Hop Techno Abstract

A1 - Smania

A2 - Abidjan Traffic

A3 - Wavtobin

B1 - Bien

B2 - Afro Sweep

B3 - Kaleidoscopic

Chopped and bemused electronics from Italian beat randomiser, Herva on his second time out on All City. Another 6 track mini LP of organised confusion running the spectrum from sample boogie, broken funk to soundscape techno.


Etienne Jaumet - Night Music

Dark Ambient Krautrock Deep House

A1 - For Falling Asleep

B1 - Mental Vortex

B2 - Entropy

B3 - Through The Strata

B4 - At The Crack Of Dawn

Little surface scratches but play well 


Demdike Stare - Wonderland

UK 2xLP / Album

Experimental Abstract Ambient Dark Ambient Drone Dub Techno Deep Techno

A1 - Curzon

A2 - Animal Style

B - Hardnoise

C1 - Blue

C2 - FullEdge (eMpTy-40 Mix)

C3 - Sourcer

D1 - Airborne Latency

D2 - Fridge Challenge



Charlotte Isabelle - Hopis

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Stereo

Deep Techno Dark Ambient Abstract Dub Techno

A1 - Hopis

A2 - Deimos

B1 - Haumea

B2 - Moso

Hopis is a glance at the various personalities embodied in the duo Charlotte Isabelle, the whole being wrapped in an ethnic universe. The guideline of their second EP is to expose repetitive and percussive beats from the stage to the public, bringing the audience in a gloomy world, and keeping on their path after a debut release on Lucy's Stroboscopic Artefact.


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