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Baerlz - BEST002

1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / Promo

Acid House Breakbeat Disco Boogie

A - Pijaństwo Saksofonu

B1 - Share Your Dreams

B2 - Trans B. Express

Second release from the promotional edits label La Bestiole Records. Loony saxophone, frenetic TR beats and love advice: everything you need to make people dance together and love each other.


The Pilotwings - Pour Faire Pleurer Les Chômeurs

France 1x12" / EP

House Breakbeat Trance

A1 - Massilia Attack

A2 - La Réconciliation Des Intermittents

B1 - Just Be (Ushuaia Mix)

B2 - Dfc Du Pauvre

SPONSOR NEEDED!!!! a fresh new transmission from our favourite French duo. Back after the drop of their debut album ‘Les Portes Du Brionnais‘ over a year ago, followed by a quiet season in the studio, The Pilotwings are set to land a fourth release on their home base of BFDM, ‘Pour Faire Pleurer Les Chômeurs‘, 


Skee Mask - Shred

Germany 2xLP / Album

Techno House Breakbeat Ambient

A1 - Everest

A2 - HAL Conv.

A3 - Autotuned

B1 - Shred 08

B2 - Backcountry

B3 - Melczop 2

C1 - Zenker Haze Trak

C2 - Reshape

Great techno album on Ilian Tape, recommended.


Théo Muller - Finistère Amer EP

France 1x12" / EP

Minimal Deep Techno Breakbeat

A1 - Peace

A2 - Safe

B1 - Les Problèmes

B2 - Attentifs Ensemble

Théo Muller is an authentic product of France’s west coast. Cutting edge member of the Midi Deux collective, « Techno’s boy band », based in Rennes. He recently shined with his first physical release « Les Kicks du Donjon ».Today Théo brings us a new EP filled with enchanting electric sounds « Finistère Amer ». The EP will be released on Concrete Music 7AM.


Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play

UK 1x12" / Reissue / Remastered

Techno Breakbeat

A1 - When We Used To Play (Original Extended Mix)

A2 - When We Used To Play (B's Bootleg Breakbeat Mix)

B1 - When We Used To Play (Blake Baxter Remix)

B2 - Body Work (Original Mix)

Repressed !


The Unknown DJ - This Is Electro / Mini Mois

1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Electro Breakbeat

A1 - This Is Electro

A2 - This Is Electro (Vocal)

B1 - Mini Mois

B2 - Mini Mois (Lyrrad Mix)

On Hiatus for 20 years, the venerable Techno Hop Records has returned under the creative guidance of The Unknown DJ's Big Beat Productions.


Laksa - Camo

Germany 1x12" / EP

Techno Ambient Breakbeat

A1 - Hallyah

A2 - Camo Trousers

B1 - Like It’s 99

B2 - Rest With My Blues

Naughty Selfie Stick Benders.


Barac - Pata Din Mijlocul Naturii

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Breakbeat Dub House Minimal

A - Asa E Omul

B1. - Cursul Respiratiei

B2. - Sapte Numarul Magic

Mesmerizing Breakbeat Dub House.


Basic Soul Unit - Lab.our 09

Canada 1x12"

Deep House Techno Breakbeat

A1 - Behavoural Issue

A2 - Rising Over The East

B1 - Propulses

B2 - My Heart Skips

It’s been 3 years since the last Basic Soul Unit EP on Lab.our and the label co-head is back to top form! Loose, melodic and funky, the Toronto producer stretches his legs across 4 tracks in this kaleidoscopic gem of an EP.On A1 is ‘Behavoural Issue’, a frenetic, crunchy and off-kilter number that will have you contorted in distortion with all arms and legs on the dancefloor.‘Rising Over The East’ marches in next, a deep jacking head trip to the Orient opium den with its endless arpeggiators. On the B-side, the heavy broken club banger ‘Propulses’ harkens back to the glory rave days without mimicry. A Basic Soul Unit interpretation with his undeniable footprint in the mix.‘My Heart Skips’ turns the dial down several notches into deeper house terrain. The soulful ride begins as an easy cruise before deftly lurching into an odd rhythmic fractal workout that the producer has become known for.Sealing an untouchable reputation in the world of broken soulful lo-fi techno, Basic Soul Unit casts an even wider net to captivate audiences with this must-have EP.


Various - Lesser Mysteries

UK 1x12" / Limited Edition

Electro Breakbeat Acid

A1 - Entrance

A2 - Positive Thinking!

B1 - Start Transmission

B2 - Zero Hour Dispatch

B3 - Night Rider

Lesser Mysteries brings together 5 up and coming acts to present a widescreen view on electro.Ben Cohen opens the EP with the atmospheric, hazy Entrance, Monotoxine uneases the ride with the squelchy, demented Positive Thinking! On the flip Tharsis Shelter Unit’s Start Transmission unfolds the B side with a sharp blow, before Stratowerx steps up with the impassioned Zero Hour Dispatch. Furious Frank closes the EP with the resonant Night Rider.


Minimal Violence - Night Gym

Canada 1x12"

Techno Deep Techno House Breaks Acid Breakbeat Deep House

A1 - Night Gym

A2 - Girl Talk

B1 - Authority

B2 - Houses

B3 - Crete Is Calling

Impulsive and intuitive hardware house & techno from Vancouver duo minimal violence aka Ashlee Luk & Lida P. The five tracks on 'Night Gym' soundtrack urban landscapes; textured synths, heavy kicks, and dense polyrhythms come together to form the duo's own brand of outsider house.Citing influence from both minimal synth and Chicago house, Night Gym arrives hot off the heels of the duo's self titled ep on Dublin based First Second Label which closely examined the intersections that lay between punk and techno.


Lnrdcroy - Much Less Normal

UK 2xLP / Album / Reissue

House Breakbeat Ambient Leftfield

A1 - Land, Repair, Refuel

A2 - Ad In The Paper

A3 - I Met You On BC Ferries

B4 - Sphere Of Influence

B5 - If Sylvia Built A House

C6 - Eye Of The Wind

C7 - Telegraph My Love

D8 - Now I'm In Love

Tears of Love began coursing through a crevice in the wall, dissolving the old mortar which had been so firm. From the realm beyond our interstice, the Lacrima of Yearning was met by a coruscating light, heavy with air.This luminance seemed to generate in a distant source, yet had always been present - as illusion hides eternity. In this New Open Channel, a possibility was forged. A golden opportunity for the future and a resting place for the past.Leonard Campbell's Much Less Normal was originally released as a tape on 1080p last spring, and has since become one of the Vancouver label's definitive releases. This welcome vinyl reissue on Firecracker is an invitation to see this remarkable album in a new light for those who already know it, and its new format should help it earn the attention it deserved the first time around.• 2x12” LP• Repackaged and remastered for vinyl release• Bonus track ‘Kendal In Kalusia’• Screen print and sleeve design by House Of Traps• Insert design by the man like Al White


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