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Various - Ninja Tools Vol.2

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / White Label

Minimal Electro Breakbeat

A1 - Aquaplaning

A2 - Dig it

B1 - Galaxy tale

B2 - Concentration in the present

2 Ninjas from lyon who like to collect records like lollipops, as much as they broke their back carrying crates.As deejays, the guys want to see their label as their record collection, rich and full of different influences.


DJ Sports - Modern Species

UK 2x12" / Album

House Breakbeat Drum n Bass Downtempo Ambient

A1 - World A

A2 - Stellar Clusters

B1 - Fertile Crescent

B2 - Entry Mode

C1 - Parallax

C2 - Ascension

D1 - For Real For You

D2 - Reluctant Memory

Danish producer Milan Zaks has largely impressed since releasing his first cassette of dusty, rave-influenced downtempo grooves last year. Modern Species, his first outing for Firecracker Recordings, is easily his most expansive and impressive release to date. Stretched out across two slabs of wax you'll find dreamy, jungle-influenced deepness ("World A", "For Real For You"), cosmic dub ("Stellar Clusters", "Ascension"), spacey ambient techno ('Entry Mode"), Motor City influenced positivity ("Parallax") and Boards of Canada style loveliness ("Reluctant Memory"). Predictably, it's all superbly produced, with the material proudly sitting in the no man's land between club-ready rollers and horizontal home listening fare.


Fede Lijtmaer - Autotransfromación

France 1x12"

Electro Breakbeat Techno

A1 - Polaridades

A2 - T.M On D.M.T

B1 - True Self

B2 - Todos Nos Merecemos El Sol



Junyamabe - Serenade EP

France 1x12"

Electro Breakbeat House

A1 - Sail Away Sail Away Sail Away

A2 - Lets Show Them!

B1 - Hakuei



OMAR - Thanks One Thousand EP

France 1x12"

Electro Minimal Breakbeat

A1 - Thanks One Thousend

A2 -

B1 - Ampozup



Basic Soul Unit - Lab.our 09

Canada 1x12"

Deep House Techno Breakbeat

A1 - Behavoural Issue

A2 - Rising Over The East

B1 - Propulses

B2 - My Heart Skips

It’s been 3 years since the last Basic Soul Unit EP on Lab.our and the label co-head is back to top form! Loose, melodic and funky, the Toronto producer stretches his legs across 4 tracks in this kaleidoscopic gem of an EP.On A1 is ‘Behavoural Issue’, a frenetic, crunchy and off-kilter number that will have you contorted in distortion with all arms and legs on the dancefloor.‘Rising Over The East’ marches in next, a deep jacking head trip to the Orient opium den with its endless arpeggiators. On the B-side, the heavy broken club banger ‘Propulses’ harkens back to the glory rave days without mimicry. A Basic Soul Unit interpretation with his undeniable footprint in the mix.‘My Heart Skips’ turns the dial down several notches into deeper house terrain. The soulful ride begins as an easy cruise before deftly lurching into an odd rhythmic fractal workout that the producer has become known for.Sealing an untouchable reputation in the world of broken soulful lo-fi techno, Basic Soul Unit casts an even wider net to captivate audiences with this must-have EP.


Dona  Vs DJ Plant Texture - The Bongoman Archive

Techno Breakbeat Electro Drum n Bass

A1 - People Have No Name (Live Cut)

A2 - You Better Not Take The Metro

B1 - Press Play On That MF MPC Maaan

B2 - 31 Seconds



Skee Mask - ISS002

Germany 1x12" / EP

Electro Breakbeat Techno Breaks

A1 - Inti

A2 - Kappelberg Chant

B1 - Routine

B2 - Skreet Lvl Dub

Social Media Frustration Treatment.


Gaffarel & Varoslav - Sco

France 1x12" / Limited Edition

House Techno Electro Breakbeat

A1 - Sco

B1 - 45°N

B2 - Dschubba

Varoslav, owner of Rue de Plaisance, and his good friend Gaffarel have spent time in the studio recently. After a first collaboration on the label, in 2014, with “Forbidden Love” ep feat.Jaw (R2P012), they are back for several releases together!In a different style from their first ep, these 3 tracks, more energetic, explore other varied and melodious styles. 300 copies will be delivered with Virassamy’s artwork 


Jay Anderson , S II P , Peshka - Banoffee Pies Black Label 02.2

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Minimal Tech House Breakbeat

A1 - Didn't Care Too Much

A2 - Track 2

B1 - Basic Instinct



Caustic 14 - Basic Moves 03

Belgium 1x12" / 45 RPM / Maxi-Single / Stereo

Breakbeat Electro Techno House

1 - Message In A Box

2 - Rising Star



Unknown Artist - Kingwise

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / White Label

Breakbeat Dub UK Garage Jungle

A1 - Kingwise

A2 - Untitled

B1 - Flat 8

B2 - Version 2



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