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Disposición Asoleada - Sigses Saturninos

A - Bird Songs For Librado Rivera

B - Sigses Saturninos

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LCTR - Teal Ranger

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Electro Techno Ambient

A1 - Ocean Pride

A2 - Teal Ranger

A3 - Polar Defense

B1 - Yaw

B2 - Untitled

B3 - Aural Concept

B4 - PW



Gunnar Haslam -  Kalaatsakia


Acid Ambient Experimental Techno

A1 - Broadcast

A2 - Kalapuyan

A3 - Transdisciplinary

B1 - nxbound

B2 - Kjolle

B3 - Rservoir

C1 - Istvaeonic

C2 - Kpalaga

The latest transmission from the world of Gunnar Haslam, Kalaatsakia wildly sprawls across the intersections of techno and more abstract sounds to take us on a wideranging journey from the subterranean to the coastal, from blown-out dub tones through fractured rhythms.


Finis Africæ - El Secreto De Las 12 (The Secret Of 12 O'Clock)

Japan 1xLP / Compilation / Mini-Album

New Age Ambient

A1 - El Secreto De Las 12 (The Secret Of 12 O'Clock)

A2 - Pipo Y Las Libélulas (Pipo And The Dragonflies)

A3 - El Hechicero (The Wizard)

B1 - Doble Reflejo De La Luna En El Agua (Double Reflection Of The Moon On The Water)

B2 - Hombres Trueno (Thunder Men)

B3 - Ceremonia Mágica En El Estanque (Magical Ceremony In The Pond)

"The Secret of 12 O'Clock" is the second EM Records release by Spaniard Juan Alberto Arteche Guel's Finis Africae project. It collects six pieces from three 1980s albums, pieces not released on "A Last Discovery: The Essential Collection, 1984-2001" 


Holy Ghost Inc. - Walk On Air

Australia 1x12" / 45 RPM / Reissue

Ambient Techno Ethereal Deep House

A - Walk On Air (Sun & Moon Mix)

B1 - Walk On Air (Amphibious Carbine Mix)

B2 - Walk On Air (Unreleased Dub One)

B3 - Walk On Air (Unreleased Dub Two)

Originally released in 1990 the Sun & Moon Mix of 'Walk On Air' has taken on near mythical status as a benchmark record that brought together strands of Ambient, Deep House, Techno and Trance. The B side sees the original Amphibious Carbine mix joined by two previously unreleased Dubs unearthed from the original DAT tapes.


Black Merlin - Hipnotik Tradisi

Indonesia 2xLP / Album

Downtempo Gamelan Ambient Tribal Psychedelic Rock Techno Tribal House Experimental Field Recording

A1 - Surrounded Peace

A2 - Wave

A3 - Somewhere In Ubud

B1 - Sepeda Kumbang

B2 - Time In Motion

B3 - Tutur

C1 - Layang-Layang

C2 - Fire Dance

  ISLAND OF THE GODS is back, with the first in the series of the ''Island Explorer'' Lps. London based artist Black Merlin delivers with the atmospheric HIPNOTIK TRADISI LP - Limited Edition. 180g vinyl.


Various -  Five Years Of Loving Notes

France 2xLP / Album / Compilation

Ambient Downtempo Techno Electro

A1 - +371

A2 - Timbuktu

A3 - Maurilia

A4 - Market Session

B1 - Jungle Dweller

B2 - Warm & Easy

B3 - Cap De Creus

C1 - Giza

5th Birthday comp featuring a host of artistst who've graced the label over the perioid.. Exclusives from Tolouse Lowtrax, Geena, Iueke, Domenique Dumont, . Inoue Shirabe, Raphael Top-Secret and more... Gatefold Sleev


Gaussian Curve - The Distance

A1 - Breathe

A2 - The Distance

A3 - Dancing Rain

A4 - Suspended Motion

B1 - Ceremony

B2 - T.O.R.

B3 - Four For You

B4 - Another Place

New LP from Gigi Masin, Jonny Nash and Young Marco. Highly Recommended!


EinKa - To Waken Doubt In One

France 3xLP / Album / Stereo

Ambient Experimental Minimal Techno

A1 - After long Silence

A2 - You're Too Cold

A3 - Fragments

B1 - Closing Doors

B2 - Stop The Dullness

B3 - I Am U

C1 - Slow Rebirth

C2 - Egotrap

Following "The Edge" & "Void", french producer and Goldmin Music label owner Romain Lanteaume aka EinKa delivers his first album "To Waken Doubt In One".


Searaime - Casual Frequencies

France 1x12" / EP

Ambient Electro IDM Experimental

A1 - C.E.M.

A2 - Cayolle HC

B1 - Sormiou

B2 - Mouvement Latent

For the first Smoky Window release, we are more than excited to introduce local gun Searaime and to present his debut EP : Casual Frequencies. Fed and grown by the abstract works of the likes of Autechre and Aphex Twin, his record is the result of experimentations led from his south side Marseille’s studio, with four long cuts protraying his various production trails : from dreamy ambient to raw break core, through complex and subtle broken and electro anthems. Comes with a printed picture, taken by Claire Mercier on the Marseille’s coast.


Caveman LSD - Untitled

Japan 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Techno Ambient

A1 - Untitled

A2 - Untitled

A3 - Untitled

B1 - Untitled

B2 - Untitled

 Japanese pressing. City-2 St Giga returns. Caveman LSD, aka DJ Paradise, is a producer operating between Chicago and Berlin.


Bandshell - Part-Time Gunslinger

UK 1x12" / EP

Ambient Techno

A1 - Credit Fangs

A2 - Gruberfund

B1 - Polarising Haircut

B2 - Snow Directives

 Clocking in as his fourth record in five years, Part-Time Gunslinger echoes the stylistic traits of his Hessle debut and further builds on them. 


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