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CN - The Expedition Beyond


Techno Electro Ambient Acid

A1 - Star Depot 39 Alpha

A2 - Past The Milky Way

A3 - Surfing Carina

A4 - Coronal Mass Ejections

A5 - Arrival At Star Base Zero

B1 - Charting The Path

B2 - Goodbye, Twin Suns

B3 - Adrift

Following a first drop from Leo Anibaldi and a various 12" featuring Mike Ink, DJ Guy and Terrestre, Future Primitive is back with an immersive new LP from CN, whose approach to electro comes loaded with analog fuzz and a wistful vision of science-fiction sounds. This is a record that should appeal to fans of proper electro as envisioned by Drexciya, Bunker Records and CPU alike. The Kraftwerk influence comes thick and fast on "Surfing Carina" while you can hear all kinds of monosynth-powered atmospheric dread lurking on ambient track "Coronal Mass Ejections" - with a consistent concept and a perfect execution this is a masterclass in future-minded machine funk.


Colophon - Heritage

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Ambient House Techno

A1 - Heritage

A2 - Turing Patterns

A3 - The Final Hour

B1 - Heritage (VC-118A Remix)

B2 - System 4174

For quite a while now we are supporting Bas van Vuurde a.k.a. Colophon to the fullest. The Harlem based producer is a regular in our store and after some proper vinyl digging we told him that he could always send over some demos. Couple of weeks later we got an email and we enjoyed it so much that we had to release it. We asked VC-118A / Mohlao, who also put out music on labels such as Radio Matrix, Lunar Disco and Tabernacle Records, for a remix. Colophon has it's own label called Lowercase Life, beautiful hand printed sleeves with stunning music and remixes by Florian Kupfer and Orson Wells, produces nighttime tracks for the floor with a deep but spacious melancholic feel. The Heritage EP is a hommage to analog machine soul techno, as he calls it himself. Deeptrax is presenting future sounds in fresh modern cuts with a stunning electro-ish remix by VC-118A.


Prins Emanuel - Arbete / Fritid

Denmark 2xLP / Album / Repress

Nu-Disco Ambient Downtempo

A1 - Globen

A2 - Wirklicheit

A3 - Exkursion

B1 - Bike Chase

B2 - Land Of Joy

C1 - Su Su

C2 - Oran

C3 - Aquarius

imited repress of this highly acclaimed and sought after double vinyl LP from Prins Emanuel,Copenhagen-based label Music For Dreams are extremely proud to unleash the debut album of Sweden’s Prins Emanuel.Released in double vinyl format, Emanuel’s first full length solo project is a concept album revolving around the medium of the record itself. With a functionalist’s attitude, each of the vinyl records can serve a different purpose. Translated from Swedish, the album title literally reads "Work/Leisure Time" and the contrasting moods of the two discs are meant to reflect.


Terekke - Improvisational Loops

A1 - another

A2 - NuWav2

B1 - wav1

B2 - ambien

B3 - arrpfaded

B4 - soft g

B5 - 220+g

B6 - l8r h8r



Jonny Nash / Lindsay Todd - Fauna Mapping

Indonesia 1xLP / Album

Ambient Field Recording

A1 - The Gecko That Wore Its Skin Inside Out

A2 - Dengue

A3 - Pigeon

A4 - Hotel Harriot

A5 - Kelahiran Kembar

A6 - Fauna Mapping

B1 - Petrol & Nag Champa

B2 - Kokokan (Heaven Herons Of Petulu)

Jonny Nash (Guissian Curve / Melody is Truth) and Firecracker's Lindsay Todd get barefoot and turn out a stunner of an LP..


MJ Lallo - Star Child

Canada 1x12" / 45 RPM / Maxi-Single / Stereo

Boogie Ambient

A1 - Star Child Going Home

A2 - Aquarius Blue

B1 - Deep Dreams



Skee Mask - Shred

Germany 2xLP / Album

Techno House Breakbeat Ambient

A1 - Everest

A2 - HAL Conv.

A3 - Autotuned

B1 - Shred 08

B2 - Backcountry

B3 - Melczop 2

C1 - Zenker Haze Trak

C2 - Reshape

Great techno album on Ilian Tape, recommended.


Sign Libra - Closer To The Equator

France 1x12" / EP

Ambient New Age

A1 - Intro / Tropical Plantarum

A2 - Mantodea V.s. Furcifer Pardalis

A3 - Victoria Amazonica

B1 - Teleopsis Dalmanni

B2 - Outro / Oophaga Pumilio

B3 - Longer pause - 15sec / Petrichor

 The people at Antinote are always excited to introduce new names to its roster and Sign Libra, its latest addition, makes no exception to the rule.


Eiger Drums Propaganda - Eiger Drums Propaganda

France 1xLP / Album

Krautrock Ambient Trance

A2 - Le Chien Est Parti

B2 - La Fin Non-Triste

New Ambiant/Krautrock/Weirdo/Crétin project by half member of The Pilotwings from Lyon : Louis E Bola, in collaboration with musicians Geddes Hadden, Arthur Tempo, Akino Karma, Sound Of Duty Free & Pierre Mortimer-Dubation. A mix in between Christian Morin « Aquarella » and Berlin School Artist Conrad Schnitzler. Essential must-have !


Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canavarro - Mr. Wollogallu

Spain 1xLP / Album / Reissue / Remastered

Abstract Experimental Ambient

A1 - The Truth

A2 - Guiar

A3 - Mecanismos De Corda

A4 - Plan

A5 - X.Pect

A6 - Em Bou-saada

A7 - West



Various - Musique Ambiante Française - Vol. 1

France 3xLP / Compilation


A1 - Gypsotheque

A2 - Vers Un Nouvel Age

A3 - Orage Dans La Creuse

B1 - Chant Des Dunes

B2 - Sine Qua Non

B3 - Poussiere Rose

C1 - Theory Of Relativity

C2 - Pierre Tombale

“It all started when Apollo Noir, Tigersushi’s latest signing came to me with a split 12” he wanted to release, including his own track “Inspiring Images & Visual Power. Chosen With Love & Dedication” and Glass’ “Heart”. I loved the tunes but wasn’t convinced that releasing a 12inch for those 2 songs only was relevant, so I proposed we extend this split EP to a full French Ambient compilation and we all got excited by the idea. There’s never been one although there’s an undeniable interest in that genre from a broad spectrum of French musicians. A few days later, me, Apollo Noir and Charlotte (Tigersushi’s lieutenant in chief) compiled a short list of names we were interested in and within just a few weeks we put together this compilation. Amazingly, 95% of the artists we contacted agreed to participate.  Another surprise is how those 18 tunes come together in such a homogenous way, this stroke me the first time I listened to the whole record. Maybe it’s a result of the fascination for old and new analog machines shared by most of the musicians featured here. Maybe it has to do with a long French lineage of experimental electronic music (Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Jean Michel Jarre, and all the lesser known synth library music and score composers...).  


Ingleton Falls - Champagne In Mozambique

Dub Ambient Downtempo

A1 - It's Just A Hobby

A2 - Possessed

A3 - She Felt Love

B1 - High

B2 - Mind Yer Head

Ingleton Falls are Andy Hannam Seymour and Andy Eardley from Tyne and Wear in Newcastle. Having come from a more traditional band background originally, Ingleton Falls was their electronic project and the result of a love of acts like Dub Syndicate, African Headcharge, Gary Clail, The Orb and The KLF. 


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