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Isorinne - Speechless Malison

Ambient Experimental

A1 - 9.21

A2 - 3.29

A3 - 4.05

A4 - 4.55

A5 - 3.08

B1 - 5.45

B2 - 5.00

B3 - 5.18

There is an intricate sorrow to Isorinne's new album, 'Speechless Malison.' Though broadly melodic, it feels exhausted rather than restrained; though rippling with a pulse, the rhythmic passages are sparse, their measured source a great distance away. Building on last year's cassette, 'Echoic Memoir,' 'Speechless Malison' takes greater and emotive strides, however brittle the path.


Healing Force Project - Visual Alterity Ep

Spain 1x12" / EP

Acid Acid Jazz Ambient

A1 - A Matter Of Time

A2 - Abduction

A3 - Harmony Of The Spheres

B1 - Alternative Currents

B2 - Parsec City

B3 - Seven Transmutations

Italy's Antonio Marini last came through on Wicked Bass in 2016, and this new EP for his own On Board Music marks the artist's first release of 2017


In Diamonds , R A M S E S , Felix Naf Naf , AEP.Bproject , Kool.jpeg , Hylvind , Gab'Lab , Andréa Spartà & Maquerelle - DiscoFi02

France 1xCompilation / Limited Edition / Stereo

Ambient Vaporwave Ghetto Modern Classical Industrial

1 - Meets The Sinners

2 - Locoloco

3 - Metro

4 - gogo

5 - Cmd+Z (feat Isadora)

6 - Vague

7 - Canon Mix

8 - La Coulée Douce

Second physical publishing of the goldenboyz who wishes to be part of the Discolored Field adventure. Music of our close environment's head​


Juanita - Princes Of Persia

1 - Princes of Persia

2 - Mutant Standard (Oneohtrix Point Never Cover)

3 - ترحيب — خوش آمدی

4 - Locked Lion

5 - Rojava

Juanita’s first EP “Princes of Persia” is a statement. It is the result of months of travels, life accidents and inspiring meetings. The 5 tracks aim to draw an audio landscape to the past decades’ fight for freedom from people from the ex Persian empire: from young people dancing to defy the high level of Islamic rules in Iran to refugees fleeing Syria through the Kurdish battle for democracy. 


François X - Irregular Passion

Techno Ambient Experimental

1 - Love Of A Lifetime

2 - Blurry Youth

3 - Slave, No Slave

4 - Just A Dream

5 - Shamefaced

6 - Falling For Her

7 - Under Your Spell

8 - Dirty Chat

At night, things get a lot more unpredictable. A stranger can become a friend, you suddenly become intimate with a woman or a man who's name you will never find out, while darkness also allows you to conceal your true identity - even become someone else. Inspiration for this album emanates from the fascination towards the intensity of what nightlife has to offer ; euphoria and melancholy, spotlights or incognito, sexual contact or lonely voyeurism... Francois X entertains the listener with playful ambiguity and unsettling, yet sensual atmospheres.


Acronym - Malm

A1 - Paranoia

A2 - Inner Conflict

B1 - The Final Decision

B2 - Rails

B3 - No Regrets

C1 - And Then There Was Nothing

C2 - Phonecalls

C3 - What Could Have Been

Field Records welcomes Acronym for a new album, Malm, which follows many great ambient laced deep techno EPs and LPs on Semantica and Northern Electronics. The 10-track beatless affair pays homage to one of his lost friends who was torn between his dualistic nature. In a state of paranoia, stress and inner conflict, even brief moments of panic can be fatal for yourself and the people around you. This album is born from those ideas and was recorded and arranged between 2015 and 2017 in different parts of the world using various analog and digital synthesizers and effects. Informed by grief and sorrow, the album evolved through a number of different forms and finally comprises three acts; the first two showcase the artist's take on the mental and physical circumstances during the events that took place on the 4th of January 2016 in Malmi, Helsinki, and the final act presents his viewpoint after that date. The Swedish artist offers absorbing and meditative passages of ambience and sombre atmosphere across all pieces here. Long, tailed pads gently come and go, occasional percussive sounds get sprinkled about and bleak keys bring real tenderness. It's an escapist listen that ranges from oppressive and heavy to more subtly uplifting and is one of the most coherent and cohesive albums you could wish to hear.



France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Album

Leftfield Ambient Ghetto House Screw

A1 - MANI ROJA PT. 1 & 2








Debut LP from experimental producer MOBBS. This is his first official physical release contains recordings from over the past 5 years.  MOBBS is a producer based in London with a monthly residency on NTS Radio. Promesses collaborates with the label / publishing house Red Lebanese, to present its third release.


Leo Anibaldi - Muta

Italy 2xLP / Album / Repress

Techno Abstract Acid Ambient

A1.1 - Untitled

A1.2 - Untitled

B1.1 - Untitled

B1.2 - Untitled

A2.1 - Untitled

A2.2 - Untitled

B2.1 - Untitled

B2.2 - Untitled

"Muta" the second album of the Italian maestro Leo Anibaldi was published in 1993 as double vinyl and cd. A strange mixture of Acid, Ambient and Techno vibes converged in a unique gothic flow. Here with the original mastering by the famous sound engineer Claudio di Toma. 


Gianni Denitto - Café D'arab

Italy 1x12"


1 - Cafe D'Arab

2 - Tillsammans Ballad

3 - Cafe D'Arab (Japan Blues Maroccan Solid Re-Hash)

Musica Altra is a brand new label exploring the underground scene of World Music. Musica Altra’s first release is this Ep by the (great) jazz saxophone improviser and experimenter Gianni Denitto, who’s been travelling the globe performing and recording sounds in every State he visited. Here is a preview of his upcoming album including a remix by the superb producer and music lover Japan Blues. 


Serge Bulot - Les Légendes De Brocéliande

France 1xLP / Limited Edition / Reissue / Remastered

Fusion Modern Classical Experimental Ambient

A1 - Échos

A2 - Staccato Ricochet

A3 - Pleine Lune

A4 - Violectra

A5 - Danse Des Lutins

A6 - Euryale

B1 - Les Légendes De Brocéliande

B2 - Le Vélo De La Sorcière

Camisole Records is delighted to annonce the reissue of Serge Bulot sought after LP « Les Légendes de Brocéliande ».


Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe - Levitation Praxis Pt. 4

UK 1xLP / Limited Edition

Ambient Experimental

A - Untitled

B - Untitled

Prolific experimentalist Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe returns to Demdike Stare's quietly impressive DDS imprint, some 12 months on from his last outing on the label. Like many of the modular synthesizer and analogue hardware-loving artist's albums, Levitation Praxis: Part 4 (we're not sure what happened to parts one to three) is made up of two long, meandering and hugely atmospheric pieces. Intriguingly, these both use a human voice - largely the improvisations of a lone female singer, which are in turns haunting and enchanting - as much as Lowe's usual droning sonic textures, gently throbbing synthesizer figures and outboard effects. The results are naturally hugely impressive, though we'd expect nothing less from the one of electronic music's most distinctive composers.


The Dub Syndicate - The Pounding System (Ambience In Dub)

UK 1xLP / Album / Reissue

Dub Ambient

A1 - Pounding Systems

A2 - Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding (Pts. 1 & 2)

A3 - African Head Charge - Don't Care About Space Invader Machines (Pts. 1 & 2)

A4 - Fringe On Top Dub

B1 - Humourless Journalist Works To Rules

B2 - 10K At 0VU - 60 Hz - Mind Boggles!

B3 - Crucial Tony Tries To Rescue The Space Invaders (With Only 10p)

B4 - Hi-Fi Gets A Pounding (Pt. 3)

The debut Dub Syndicate set from 1982, pre-dating the involvement of mainstay Style Scott. This features various members of Creation Rebel and African Head Charge turning out a wild dub set, with hard-hitting rhythms and FX-mutated melodies phasing in and out of the mix


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