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Waveform Transmission - V2.0-2.9

UK 2xLP / Album


A - V 2.0-2.1

B - V 2.2-2.3

C - V 2.4-2.7

D - V 2.8-2.9



H. Takahashi - Raum


Ambient Experimental

A1 - Umwelt

A2 - Luft

B1 - Fragment

B2 - Körper



Various - Digital Zandoli

France 2xLP / Compilation

Disco Soul Zouk Boogie Funk Ambient

A1 - Mwoin Ka Songe

A2 - Devenn

A3 - Vacance Union

B1 - Poutchi

B2 - Nou Ke Sa Enmew

B3 - Mande Moin On Lajan, Pa Mande Moin Za Fe An Moin

C1 - Biguine Inferno

C2 - Mizik Nou

After the success of « Kouté Jazz », Heavenly Sweetness comes back with a dancefloor but not jazz compilation, enough to move your feet at through the whole summer ! 13 disco, boogie and zouk tracks recorded in the 80’s in the West Indies.


DJ Sports - Modern Species

UK 2x12" / Album

House Breakbeat Drum n Bass Downtempo Ambient

A1 - World A

A2 - Stellar Clusters

B1 - Fertile Crescent

B2 - Entry Mode

C1 - Parallax

C2 - Ascension

D1 - For Real For You

D2 - Reluctant Memory

Danish producer Milan Zaks has largely impressed since releasing his first cassette of dusty, rave-influenced downtempo grooves last year. Modern Species, his first outing for Firecracker Recordings, is easily his most expansive and impressive release to date. Stretched out across two slabs of wax you'll find dreamy, jungle-influenced deepness ("World A", "For Real For You"), cosmic dub ("Stellar Clusters", "Ascension"), spacey ambient techno ('Entry Mode"), Motor City influenced positivity ("Parallax") and Boards of Canada style loveliness ("Reluctant Memory"). Predictably, it's all superbly produced, with the material proudly sitting in the no man's land between club-ready rollers and horizontal home listening fare.


Cru Servers - Blubber Tottum

UK 1xLP / Album

Ambient Experimental House Leftfield Hip Hop

A1 - Incubation On Ram Skins

A2 - Shot To Life

A3 - Dorito Rook

A4 - Ark Bile Top-Ups

B1 - Deithe 2 Hansy

B2 - Granite Of Blobs Ghost

B3 - Whale Vomit Windfall

B4 - Accursed Share

For their second release, 12th Isle proudly fling 'Blubber Tottum' into the waxen sonic abyss for your full listening pleasure. The inaugural LP drubbed from the Glaswegian machines of Cru Servers is perhaps best framed as what it would sound like if early life took its first steps out of the primordial gloop, dragged itself ashore, decided to make dance music and discovered they had a knack for it. It dangles precariously in the fault lines between discordantly melodic rhythm tracks, steadily paced chaos and swamp-soaked bass oddities. Laden with eerily familiar samples yet always in a world of its own.


One Day - Untitled

Deep House Ambient

A1 - Untitled

A2 - Untitled

B1 - Untitled

B2 - Untitled



Revlux - Revlux Ep

Canada 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Broken Beat Techno Ambient

A1 - Total Recall

A2 - Fuck Air Canada

A3 - Catloop7

B1 - Hos Gana

B2 - What Unprecedented

B3 - Catloop50

Introducing Revlux™. With products and accessories for the entire family, Revlux has grown from a humble lifestyle brand into a multinational, multi-sector corporation with divisions in aerospace, terraforming, deep space networking, food and beverage, and experimental computer science.With the partnership of the Revlux Global Launch Customer, Cosmic Tones, this sampling of Revlux products offers a selection of the Revlux line for your consideration. The products enclosed here are:— RV-50 ready for future expansion— Backwards compatible with full legacy support— Backed by the Cosmic Tones network and CTPA insuredWe hope you’ll find our products as enjoyable to use as they were to make. With support options in all major galaxies and a dedicated team for the Local Group, we’re here for you.


Varro - Mount Mabu

Australia 1x12" / EP

Techno Ambient

A1 - Morning Fog

A2 - From the River

B1 - Discovery

B2 - After the Rains



Radiante Pourpre - Radiante Pourpre

Sound Collage Ambient Experimental

A1 - I

A2 - II

A3 - III

A4 - IV

B1 - V

B2 - VI

B3 - VII


LP in silk screen sleeve + insert* Born in a cave in Bordeaux, Radiante Pourpre is one of the many children of Simple Music Experience, a collective and label floating somewherebetween Marseille, Paris and Bordeaux and which inexorably attracted to itself many outsider experimentalists from the French electronic scene for the past few years. Antinote is now reissuing a long out-of-print tape that the duo recorded in 2014 in Brussels’ art space Komplot.


Bigeneric , Planet Love - Fables Of Robotics

Germany 2x12" / Album

Techno Deep Techno Ambient

A1 - Mya

A2 - Plid

B1 - Virgil

B2 - Shagoma

C1 - Dream Cascade

C2 - The Cosmic Voyager

D1 - Shape Of Time (Expanded)

D2 - Tedril 2



Holy Ghost Inc. - Walk On Air

Australia 1x12" / 45 RPM / Reissue

Ambient Techno Ethereal Deep House

A - Walk On Air (Sun & Moon Mix)

B1 - Walk On Air (Amphibious Carbine Mix)

B2 - Walk On Air (Unreleased Dub One)

B3 - Walk On Air (Unreleased Dub Two)

Originally released in 1990 the Sun & Moon Mix of 'Walk On Air' has taken on near mythical status as a benchmark record that brought together strands of Ambient, Deep House, Techno and Trance. The B side sees the original Amphibious Carbine mix joined by two previously unreleased Dubs unearthed from the original DAT tapes.


Letherique - Emergence Pt. 1

France 1x12" / EP

Techno Experimental Ambient

A - Elevation

B1 - Ethereal Pong

B2 - Etherique

For its very first vinyl release after 2 years of activity in the digital realm, experimental ambient label Arythmic Records from Strasbourg (France) did a rather bold choice by putting its hopes into a local techno artist well known for its open-mindedness and creativity: Letherique.After over a year of various experiments, the best ideas were selected and compiled into a series of 3 EPs, each one dedicated to a particular vibe. The first part is about the more synthetic and futuristic outcome. The second one will be rather dark and organic. Finally, the third and last one will be about the more experimental and minimalistic remainder.Taking from many influences way beyond the world of casual techno music, Letherique ended up crafting unexpected techno tunes, usually starting with an ambient base on which he couldn’t help himself adding beats in order to develop what he knew best. After years of activity in the dark, he needed something a little bit special to put into what he could proudly call his first EP as a testament of his passion for the infinite realms of the electronic music genre. These were the perfect fit.


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