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Charles-Eric Charrier - Petite Soeur

UK 1xLP / Album / Limited Edition

Ambient Avantgarde Experimental Contemporary Jazz

A1 - Petite Soeur

A2 - No Closed To Be

A3 - 8 Minutes

B1 - Instant Moment

B2 - Toumimi Tatayé

B3 - 8 Minutes Revisited



Fabrik - Fabrik 01

Techno Minimal Techno Ambient

A1 - Mini

A2 - Neon 1

A3 - Jeremi

B1 - Klik

B2 - Live



Money Morning - Corporate Karma

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Ambient Techno

A1 - Haze

A2 - American Pharaoh

A3 - =○=

B1 - False Prophet

B2 - Remnants Of Coy

B3 - Therah

B4 - 〰



Bartosz Kruczyński - Baltic Beat

Downtempo Ambient

A1 - Baltic Beat

B1 - Post Tenebras Lux

B2 - Parco Degli Acquedotti

B3 - Supplement 1

B4 - Supplement 2

After going beatless around the bush with Wilson Tanner's stunning '69', Growing Bin leave the Swan River behind for their sixth release, heading east from their Hamburg home to sample the coastal calm of Krynica Morska. And who better to show them the sights and sounds of idyllic Poland than Ptaki co-pilot The Phantom a.k.a. Bartosz Kruczyński, flying solo here with a sump -tuous score for long sunsets and lapping waves.


Gohan - Mount Athos

UK 1x12" / EP

Darkwave Ambient Deep Techno Electro

A1 - Crackopolis

A2 - Mount Athos

B1 - Danse Toujours

B2 - Promenade Avec L

New EP of Peur Bleue's boss, Gohan, straight from the mystical heights of Mount Athos. Haunted celestial techno with a tinge kosmische electro, melancholic cold wave and hazy ambient. 4 tracks into Gohan's spooky journey. Son of an owl and a clouded leopard, Gohan is a London-based producer and Peur Bleue Records' boss.


Loke Rahbek - City Of Women

Europe 1xLP / Album

Abstract Ambient Experimental

A1 - Like A Still Pool

A2 - Fermented

A3 - City Of Women

A4 - A Mess Of Love

B1 - Palm

B2 - In Piles Of Magazines

B3 - A Word A Day

B4 - Swimwear

Editions Mego is pleased to welcome Danish Loke Rahbek (Damien Dubrovnik,Croatian Amorand Posh Isolation) to the fold. Known for countless creative and commercial endeavours Loke presents his first solo full length under his own name. As with all of Loke's output City of Woman harnesses the radical with the aesthetic in a manner of extreme pleasure for all who encounter. Harnessing his thorough knowledge and experience in extreme electronics, melodic encounters and sultry showmanship Loke ties together disparate threads of various underground movements to create a singular and deeply personal journey through industrial temptation, noise refraction and melodic seduction. This is 21st Century pop music. One which dismantles previous held borders of sound to present a wide palate of sound, song, abstraction and intense emotion.


SW. - Untitled

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

Ambient Leftfield Techno

A1 - Extended Mix

B1 - Beat Mix

Ever stunning SW delivers completely convincing original, warm Techno steppers - Highly Recommended!


Claudio Prc - Volumi Dinamici

Spain 2x12" / Album

Techno IDM Ambient

A1 - Masa

A2 - Disteso (with Blazej Malinowski)

B1 - Ostinato

B2 - Aleatorio

C1 - Nova

C2 - Velato

D1 - Segmento

D2 - Materia



Abdulla Rashim - Semien Terara

Sweden 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

Dub Techno Techno Ambient Deep House

A1 - Semien Terara 1

B1 - Semien Terara 2

B2 - Semien Terara 3

Fresh Abdulla Rashim


Tochigi Canopy - Collecting Things

Ambient House

A1 - Memento

A2 - Collecting Things

A3 - Little People

A4 - Woody's Tapes

B1 - Intermission For The Youth

B2 - 23.9FM

B3 - Velvet Lane

B4 - Decent Beginnings

For his debut album, Tochigi Canopy has been building the melancholic, spleen-full life's perfect soundtrack. At first listen, we already feel his obsession for details and his love for deep atmospheres, he fills our mind with images, moments, slices of nostalgia where summers last only for seconds. An absolut must-have.


PLO Man - Powerline

Germany 1x12" / 45 RPM / EP

Techno Ambient

A - TX-i

B - TX-ii [Tiny Bubbles]



DJ Central & Erika Casier - Drive

Denmark 1x12" / 45 RPM / Maxi-Single

Breakbeat Ambient UK Garage

A1 - Drive (First Mix)

A2 - Drive (Ambient Mix)

B - Drive (Club Mix by DJ Sports)

7th record on Regelbau is a Maxi-single of Drive.A side by Erika De Casier and DJ Central. First Mix and Ambient Mix.B-side is a remix by DJ Sports.July 2017


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