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CN - The Expedition Beyond


Techno Electro Ambient Acid

A1 - Star Depot 39 Alpha

A2 - Past The Milky Way

A3 - Surfing Carina

A4 - Coronal Mass Ejections

A5 - Arrival At Star Base Zero

B1 - Charting The Path

B2 - Goodbye, Twin Suns

B3 - Adrift

Following a first drop from Leo Anibaldi and a various 12" featuring Mike Ink, DJ Guy and Terrestre, Future Primitive is back with an immersive new LP from CN, whose approach to electro comes loaded with analog fuzz and a wistful vision of science-fiction sounds. This is a record that should appeal to fans of proper electro as envisioned by Drexciya, Bunker Records and CPU alike. The Kraftwerk influence comes thick and fast on "Surfing Carina" while you can hear all kinds of monosynth-powered atmospheric dread lurking on ambient track "Coronal Mass Ejections" - with a consistent concept and a perfect execution this is a masterclass in future-minded machine funk.


Cute Heels - State Of Mind

US 1x12" / 45 RPM / EP

Electro Techno Acid

A1 - State Of Mind

A2 - Golden Tears

B1 - State Of Mind (LA-4A Remix)

B2 - State Of Mind (Noncompliant Remix)

On the A-side are two fresh compositions recorded in New York and Bogota between 2016 and 2017, one being a slow building foray into techno while on the flip, “Golden Tears” kicks off with Cute Heels’ signature metallic EBM funk played with punchy, percussive analog synths. Two banging club remixes on the flip


EX-T - Portal Vision

Canada 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Acid Downtempo

A1 - Portal Vision (Kali)

A2 - Portal Vision (Plain)

A3 - 2DS

A4 - Vanilight (Rezoned)

Ex-Terrestrial arrives with four tracks from the realms of dance. 


Scott Edward , Ultra Modern Art - Access Activist EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Techno Experimental Acid IDM

A1 - Access Activist

A2 - All Is Lost

B1 - In Microcosm

B2 - Brave New World

Three releases deep now, Shadow Play transports us back to the nineties with this extra special collection of music from UK wizard Scott Edward. The Bristolian producer dropped a killer series of tracks from 1993 onwards, using a variety of aliases to explore the realms of the techno universe.


Jónbjörn , Neotnas - Eastern Split EP

France 1x12" / EP

House Leftfield Acid Jungle Broken Beat


A2 - Seagate

B1 - Ocean Gliding

B2 - Something Will Never Happen

Break, dnb and deep acid music on DKO.


Blawan - Nutrition

UK 2x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / EP

Techno Ambient Acid

A1 - Mayhem

B1 - Trampelpfad

B2 - Fawner

C1 - 993

D1 - Atlas

D2 - Calcium Red

Brand new double dunter of fkcd rippers from Blawan!


Various - Lesser Mysteries

UK 1x12" / Limited Edition

Electro Breakbeat Acid

A1 - Entrance

A2 - Positive Thinking!

B1 - Start Transmission

B2 - Zero Hour Dispatch

B3 - Night Rider

Lesser Mysteries brings together 5 up and coming acts to present a widescreen view on electro.Ben Cohen opens the EP with the atmospheric, hazy Entrance, Monotoxine uneases the ride with the squelchy, demented Positive Thinking! On the flip Tharsis Shelter Unit’s Start Transmission unfolds the B side with a sharp blow, before Stratowerx steps up with the impassioned Zero Hour Dispatch. Furious Frank closes the EP with the resonant Night Rider.


Minimal Violence - Night Gym

Canada 1x12"

Techno Deep Techno House Breaks Acid Breakbeat Deep House

A1 - Night Gym

A2 - Girl Talk

B1 - Authority

B2 - Houses

B3 - Crete Is Calling

Impulsive and intuitive hardware house & techno from Vancouver duo minimal violence aka Ashlee Luk & Lida P. The five tracks on 'Night Gym' soundtrack urban landscapes; textured synths, heavy kicks, and dense polyrhythms come together to form the duo's own brand of outsider house.Citing influence from both minimal synth and Chicago house, Night Gym arrives hot off the heels of the duo's self titled ep on Dublin based First Second Label which closely examined the intersections that lay between punk and techno.


Silicon - Vault Heist Vol.1

UK 1x12" / EP

Acid Techno

A - 1194295T3

B - 1094T3

Vault Heist Vol.1 contains two wicked acid infused techno tracks from the archives of Vmax Records.1094T3 & 1194295T3 are early works constructed back in 1994 by Heath Brunner A.k.A Silicon, H&S. The two-works contained on this release are layered with a steady pace of rhythms, acid synth lines, that blend together in ordered chaos not uncommon with Brunner’s early works. If you are looking for some underground acid tech, this is the pure stuff so don’t miss out!


Further Reductions - Disparate Elements

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Acid Techno Experimental Synthwave

A1 - Central System

A2 - It's Later Than You Think

B1 - Disparate Elements

B2 - Aural Equivalent

New York City based Further Reductions is the live project from husband and wife Shawn (aka Vapauteen, 400ppm, Let Er Est) and Katie O'Sullivan (aka Rose E Kross, ppG).


John Selway / Seltav - Shimmerdown / SPQR

US 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Techno Deep House Acid

A - Shimmerdown


Future Times is feeling super blessed to announce a reissue 12" featuring two hard-to-find cuts by John Selway and his Seltav project with Andrea Taverna.


Star-Kid - Bunker 4013

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Techno Electro Acid

A1 - Fog

A2 - Flooded

B1 - Hexagon Mosktraum

B2 - Tale Of The Blue Coelacanth (Baz Reznik Remix)

Four acidic techno cuts from The Hagues electro duo Star-Kid on Bunker.


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