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Phil Weeks - It's The Inside That Counts

France 1x12" / Limited Edition / White Label

House Acid

A1 - It's The Inside That Counts

A2 - It's The Inside That Counts (Instru)

B1 - Another 303 Groove

B2 - Untitled

Dynamite house music from Phil Weeks.


SFV Acid - Petty Clubber EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Stereo

Acid Techno Abstract

A1 - 125BPM At Night: 1

A2 - 125BPM At Night: 2

A3 - 125BPM At Night: 3

B1 - Petty Clubber

B2 - Petty Clubber (Secret Circuit, SFV Acid & Suzanne Kraft Mix)

B3 - Zen Fits

 South California’s acid maestro SFV ACID is featured on the third release by Third Try Records, the Pettyclubber EP, which includes artwork hand drawn by the artist himself. 5 original tracks and one remix that brings together long time friends and collaborators SFV Acid, Suzanne Kraft and Secret Circuit with their first studio collaboration ever committed to wax.


MRH - City Of Greed Pt. II EP

Austria 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / EP

Techno Electro Acid

A - Envy

B1 - Act Of Aggression

B2 - Envy [Dieter Flegel Remix]

Artwork – Planetluke.comMastered By – Kitaro BeehPhotography By – Anna Kollmann-SuhrWritten By, Producer – Mr. Ho (2)


Rag Dabons - T'es Plus Le Même Depuis Que T'as Changé EP

France 1x12" / EP

Deep House Acid Jungle

A1 - En Panna Dauber

A2 - B1 Bobun

A3 - Amarou & Behzad

B1 - Aloe Vera

B2 - Electropp

B3 - Glauquemort

D.KO's very own Rag Dabons (aka label founder Gabriel and friend Sandro) get busy on the broken drums for this epic six-track EP that kicks it hardcore (the break-rifled jungle steppers "En Panna Dauber" and "Aloe Vera") kicks it old school (the icy charms of electro poppers "B1 Bobun" and "Electropop") and kicks it freestyle (the sludgy "Glauquemort" and echo chamber obliterating "Amarou & Behzad") Nothing will ever be the same again...


Mézigue - Votez Mézigue

House Deep House Jungle Acid

A1 - Disconecmergitur (Les Gonces Chanstiquent)

A2 - Track 5 (Sans-Qui Meilleur Bassliner D'Ile de France)

B1 - Aucunes Nouvelles D'Alexis

B2 - Hangar Vortex (Bet de Break Playlist Podcast)

B3 - Nex Lead 1er Sur La Rey Deauxbord Suiveur de Gosses

C1 - Stupide Junky (Nique Bien Ta Daronne)

C2 - Je Vous Salue Marie

D1 - Bouge Ton Gros Boule D'Asnières C'est Mon Investiture



Cardopusher - Nothing Left to Believe In EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Electro Techno Acid

A1 - Nothing left to believe in

A2 - Blast cut

B1 - Regulator

B2 - Trouble with thinking too much acid

B3 - War Dance

Zone Records welcome a real legend in the form of Cardopusher for their next EP, a five track affair that is arresting from the off.Venezuelan born Cardopusher is now based in Barcelona and co-founded the Classicworks label. His diverse and experimental sound takes him from techno to electro to acid to rave to house, all with his own singular perspective. Always fusing ideas with great skill on labels like Super Rhythm Trax, Zodiac 44 and BNR, he now comes correct for Zone.Kicking things off is the raw and raucous ‘Nothing Left to Believe In.’ It is a macho tune with fractured vocals, wild synths and slap funk drums all sounding industrial and tortured. Then comes ‘Blast Cut’, a more dynamic and stripped back electro groove with a corrugated bassline and metallic synth stabs all sounding informed by the past but looking to a distant future.


S.O.N.S - Shimokitazawa One Night Stand

South Korea 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

House Ambient Breakbeat Acid

A - A New Life (Planet Earth Mix)

B - Reversed Skies

Mastered At – Alchemy Mastering


FEOS vs. MSO - Further & Further

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Single Sided

Techno Acid

A - Further & Further



Acidolido / Jaquarius - Acid Avengers 005

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Acid Techno Electro

A1 - Glasgow Smile

A2 - Chestburster

B1 - Gooseka The Slippery

B2 - Incunabulis

B3 - Vive La Vie

With an eye in the past and a foot in the future, Acid Avengers aims at federating the vibrant acid scene, and especially the french one. Through a series of split EPs (Jaquarius, Monoenzyme-307, Voiron, Botine, Umwelt, 88uw, Dez Williams, Tonotopy, Acidolido...), the record label invites artists from different countries and celebrates the hallucinated sounds of the golden age of rave.


Silicon Vallée - Seqs

Belgium 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Stereo

Techno Electro Acid

A1 - Seq3

A2 - Seq7

B1 - Seq6

B2 - Seq5

Listening - youtube! 


Gunnar Haslam -  Kalaatsakia


Acid Ambient Experimental Techno

A1 - Broadcast

A2 - Kalapuyan

A3 - Transdisciplinary

B1 - nxbound

B2 - Kjolle

B3 - Rservoir

C1 - Istvaeonic

C2 - Kpalaga

The latest transmission from the world of Gunnar Haslam, Kalaatsakia wildly sprawls across the intersections of techno and more abstract sounds to take us on a wideranging journey from the subterranean to the coastal, from blown-out dub tones through fractured rhythms.


Ganez , Roberto Figus - Epione 01

France 1x12" / EP

Acid Techno

A1 - This Is Serious

A2 - Acid Test

B1 - Acid Path

B2 - Flashback

 Acid techno from this new french label.


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