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Sugai Ken - UkabazUmorezU = 不浮不埋

USA & Europe 1xLP / Album

Experimental Abstract

A1 - Wakihi = 湧き祕

A2 - Wochikaeri To Uzume = をちかえりと渦女

A3 - Shinobine = 時鳥

A4 - Okera = 桶楽

A5 - Mei = 冥

A6 - Ganoubyoshi = 贋扇拍子

B1 - Doujiri = 堂尻

B2 - Katsura = 桂



Bear Bones, Lay Low - Alien Encrypted Message

Venezuela 1x12" / EP

Abstract Experimental

A - Atlantean Encrypted Message

B1 - The Well's Son

B2 - Dans tes Limbes

n we go... the intoxicating title track is lifted from the great 'Visions from Limbus'* cassette (2015), while the low slung 'The Well's Son', and the ultra doomy Dans Tes Limbes are much more recent creations to flow from Ernesto González's psychadelic fingers.... TIP! 


Kilchhofer - Dersu

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Mini-Album / EP

Abstract Tribal

A1 - Lefu

A2 - Laar

A3 - Amba

A4 - Chanka

B1 - Bittern

B2 - Tau

B3 - Klamm

Marionette wanders through the polyrhythms and shifting harmonics of Benjamin Kilchhofer's 'Dersu'. This is an expedition into modular synthesis and physical modelling, where patches become complex instruments, and the instruments become music. Kilchhofer composes the 4th Marionette instalment, enveloped in a film of spring reverb and tube distortion.


Young Echo - Young Echo

UK 2xLP / Album

Abstract Bass Music Broken Beat Ambient Leftfield

1 - Never

2 - Rocksteady

3 - Sedate Private

4 - Transmission 1

5 - Psychology Of Destructive Cult Leaders

6 - Hake

7 - dominoCro

8 - Bigger Heads

Spread across two 180g discs, spanning 24 cuts and served in a gatefold sleeve designed by members and affiliates, the Young Echo LP is a capsule intended for cementation through time.It’s been almost five years since their last album. As a group, extended radio submissions, prolonged studio sessions and notorious club nights make up the cogs of time. Over the course of these years, the network has grown continually, both as one, and with singular, multi-directional paths from each of the 11 artists that make up the Young Echo collective, counting Jabu, Vessel, Kahn, Neek, Ishan Sound, Ossia, Manonmars, Bogues, Rider Shafique, chester giles and Jasmine towards the crew, with projects such as Bandulu, FuckPunk, O$VMV$M, Gorgon Sound and ASDA adding to the table in their individual ways.LISTEN HERE


Sugai Ken -  鯰上 - On The Quakefish

Netherlands 1xLP / Album / Limited Edition

Abstract Experimental Field Recording

A1 - Mukashi

A2 - Unari

A3 - Utsuo No Maigiri (Vinyl Version)

A4 - Outousen

A5 - Denden

A6 - Sha

B1 - Rumon (Vinyl Version)

B2 - Awai

Debut vinyl release for this curious Japanese producer combining electronics with subtle field recordings across a gorgeous set of arrangements. A maiden voyage too for the Lullabies For Insomniacs label. Blissful TIP on this one! SUGAI KEN is an electronic musician based in Kanagawa, Japan. Using synthesis and recordings of his daily surroundings, he conjures the subtle and profound ambience of the Japanese nightscape. His music evokes a nocturnal peace that reflects the intangible qualities of his memory and dreams.鯰上 - On The Quakefish is an immersive exploration displaying a rugged invention, compressed into short bursts of electrifying genius. The release represents a romantic desire for dispersion into nature. Earthy as well as ethereal in his appreciation for figurative beauty, SUGAI KEN summons the Zen tradition of Satori. He invites one to listen with a sense of intimacy and introspection, reflecting on the extremes of subtlety.


Metronomy - LateNightTales

UK 2xLP / Compilation

Synth-pop Pop Rock Abstract Easy Listening New Wave Soft Rock Folk Ambient Lo-Fi Experimental

A1 - Prototype

A2 - Drunk

A3 - Cosmic Ball

A4 - El Bozo (Part 1)

B1 - Blue Flowers

B2 - Hypnose (Exclusive Cover Version)

B3 - Seabird

B4 - Fold4,Wrap5




France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Deep House Abstract






Geena's first release on his own imprint. Three original club hits made of deep & goofy house gimmicks. If you haven't listened some four to the floor club tracks with accordion for a long time, this record is for you. Too Smooth Christ, the rising french star, and Raymonde, a guy from the gone tribe, give their own interpretation of sound patterns you heard throughout those tunes.


Dino J.A. Deane - For Leena

Netherlands 2xLP / Compilation

Abstract Experimental Tribal

A1 - Liquid Time

A2 - Into Flight

A3 - Merlin

B1 - A River Beneath The River

B2 - Dark Heart

C1 - NB4

C2 - Last Supper

C3 - The Burial Tree

Lullabies For Insomniacs presents ‘For Leena’, a collection of unreleased pieces composed between 1991 & 1998 by Dino J.A. Deane for the choreography of Colleen Mulvihill. Gatefold Sleeve 


Becoming - Idealista

France 2x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Abstract House Minimal Bassline Techno

A1 - We gaze at the distant sunset and walk into the stream

A2 - Papet 12

B1 - Psicologia

B2 - Idealista

C - Implicite

D - Explicite



Peter Zummo - Frame Loop

UK 1xLP / Album

Abstract Experimental

A1 - Song II: Left; On The Beat - Variations

A2 - Song II: Right; Off The Beat

A3 - Song I: Extract

B1 - Song II: Left; On The Beat

B2 - Song II: Right; Off The Beat

B3 - - Negative Ions

Foom present Frame Loop from Peter Zummo. A newly discovered recording from 1984 including Arthur Russell on amplified cello on every track. A few years ago, American composer and trombonist Peter Zummo discovered a 1984 recording of unreleased material from his Six Songs suite in his archive. Six Songs was the basis for Lateral Pass (Foom 2014), his award winning score for modern-dance horeographer Trisha Brown’s work of the same name. Material taken from Six Songs can also be heard on his seminal Zummo with an X (Loris Bend, 1985/Optimo 2012).


Various - Covered In Gloria: Sampler 2

A1 - Nordsee

A2 - Heatwave

B1 - Oud Ou Ray

B2 - Girls

B3 - Wham Dub



Bop & 291out - L'Alba Dei Vinti

Italy 1x12" / Mini-Album

Disco Abstract Soundtrack

A - L'Alba Dei Vinti

B1 - Slot Machine

B2 - Che Male C'è

A soundtrack for the contemporary "Vinti" (defeated) with its dark and at the same time sparkling flavor of the '80s sounds between cold wave, synth pop and imaginary electronic atmospheres. This record with its horror-framed and distopic scenario ("Slot Machine") reveals a content of social criticism healed through the warm and evocative indulgence of "Che Male C’è”. 


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