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Carl Weingarten / Walter Whitney ‎ - Dreaming In Colors

A1 - Mermaid Vocals

A2 - Pipe Winds

A3 - Pathways

A4 - Dreaming In Colors

B1 - Ritual

B2 - Maiden Fligh

B3 - Painted Lake

B4 - Obsession

"Emotional Rescue begins the first in a series of reissues looking at the music of guitarist Carl Weingarten and his Multiphase Records label, starting at his highly sought after collaborate album with Walter Whitney, Dreaming In Colors.


Z@P - Tracid

UK 1x12" / EP


A - Tracid

B1 - That Break

B2 - A-Rhythm

Uruguay's finest house and techno export Z@p continues his welcome return to active service in the freakier end of the scene with this spot on Cartulis Music.


CN - The Expedition Beyond


Techno Electro Ambient Acid

A1 - Star Depot 39 Alpha

A2 - Past The Milky Way

A3 - Surfing Carina

A4 - Coronal Mass Ejections

A5 - Arrival At Star Base Zero

B1 - Charting The Path

B2 - Goodbye, Twin Suns

B3 - Adrift

Following a first drop from Leo Anibaldi and a various 12" featuring Mike Ink, DJ Guy and Terrestre, Future Primitive is back with an immersive new LP from CN, whose approach to electro comes loaded with analog fuzz and a wistful vision of science-fiction sounds. This is a record that should appeal to fans of proper electro as envisioned by Drexciya, Bunker Records and CPU alike. The Kraftwerk influence comes thick and fast on "Surfing Carina" while you can hear all kinds of monosynth-powered atmospheric dread lurking on ambient track "Coronal Mass Ejections" - with a consistent concept and a perfect execution this is a masterclass in future-minded machine funk.


Other Lands - Pattern Transform

UK 1x12"

Deep House Experimental

A1 - Descent Into Nasqueron

A2 - Chapel Perilous Closed

B1 - Late Feeling Yourself

B2 - A Paddle Around The Drowned World

 Abandon all expectations ye who enter here, Other Lands (previous, druid-like incantations on FIREC015 Mac-Talla Nan Creag) got you covered with a truly compelling assortment of jazz snaz and post-armaggedon cosmo-disco oddities; occupying the space between alien-revisited exotica, classic jacking house workouts and a BoC 'Chromakey Dreamcoat' kinda vibe, seemingly elusive at first but definitely familiar to the ears of uncool survivors like you and I. One thing's sure, Other Lands could throw a balearic party at one of Berghain's most secret leather-friendly backrooms that it wouldn't feel out of place. Never mind the weird, inverse sun-tan lines.


Domenico Rosa - Clean Hands, Dirty Hearts EP

UK 1x12" / EP

House Deep House

A1 - Afterall

B1 - Outro

B2 - LM One Last Time



Yussef Kamaal - Black Focus

UK 1xLP / Album

Contemporary Jazz Soul-Jazz Broken Beat Deep House

A1 - Black Focus

A2 - Strings Of Light

A3 - Remembrance

B1 - Yo Chavez

B2 - Ayla

B3 - O.G.

B4 - Lowrider

B5 - Mansur's Message

Brownswood Recordings has high hopes for this debut album from the previously unheralded Yussef Kamaal, which brings together hyped producer Kamaal Williams (AKA Henry Wu) and fast-rising Afrobeat drummer Yussef Dayes. With such talent to draw on, you'd expect Black Focus to be rather good. Happily, it is, with the duo delivering a typically London-centric take on jazz funk. That means that they take as much inspiration from the work of Kaidi Tatham as, say, Herbie Hancock. The key to the album's success - and, yes, it is generally as special as Gilles Peterson suggests - is the fluid combination of Dayes' brilliant drumming and Williams' superb synth solos and effortlessly groovy Rhodes playing.


Floating Points - Reflections - Mojave Desert

UK 1xLP / Album


A1 - Mojave Desert

A2 - Silurian Blue

A3 - Kites

B4 - Kelso Dunes

B5 - Lucerne Valley

DVD - Reflections - Mojave Desert



K15 - Sunbeams

UK 1x10"

Deep House

A1 - Sunbeams

A2 - Esencia

B1 - Starburst 3

North Londons K15 returns to Eglo Records following on from his stellar outing alongside Henry Wu as WU15.


Nicholas - Lonnie's Reprise LP


Deep House House

A1 - Lonnie's Reprise

A2 - Dhalia

A3 - Rara Lake

B1 - Answer

B2 - Resolution (Ft. Paul Cut)

B3 - Black Juniper

Six deep and jazzy tracks LP from Nicholas, nice !


LA Synthesis - Harmonic Disassembly

UK 1x12" / Reissue

Electro Techno Downtempo

A1 - Harmonic Disassembly

B1 - Skyline

Classic UK electro cuts from the past, finally repressed !


Gil Scott-Heron - Small Talk At 125th And Lenox

UK 1xLP / Album / Reissue / Remastered

Spoken Word Soul

A1a - Introduction

A1b - The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

A2 - Omen

A3 - Brother

A4 - Comment #1

A5 - Small Talk At 125th & Lenox

A6 - The Subject Was Faggots

A7 - Evolution (And Flashback)

Including The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and more classics from the man.


Dr. Mary Sullivan Bain - Do You Know Black History

UK 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Reissue / Remastered


A - Do You Know Black History (Vocal)

B - Musical

Rare re-issue of this timeless piece of soul music.


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