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Aleksi Perälä - The Colundi Sequence Volume 2

Netherlands 2xLP / Compilation / Limited Edition

Techno Ambient

A1 - GBBVT1337082

A2 - UK74R1513080

A3 - UK74R1406070

A4 - UK74R1514020

B1 - UK74R1510029

B2 - UK74R1512020

B3 - UK74R1409107

B4 - UK74R1407020

more colundi artefacts have been found. 10.8 33 33.8 55 62.64 63 70 73.6 83 98.4 105 110 111 147 147.85 172.06 210.42 221.23 264 293 342 396 404 408 410 413 416 417 420.82 440 448 528 630 639 685 852 880 1052 12000 common purpose. consideration of data. colundi everyOne.


Geoffrey Landers - 1 By 1

Netherlands 2xLP / Compilation

New Wave Experimental Minimal

A1 - So

A2 - Logarithms

A3 - Breedlove

A4 - Sex Music

A5 - Carry Me Off

B1 - Say You'll Say So

B2 - Camella

B3 - It's Telling On Me

Music From Memory's final compilation of 2017 sees the release of the double album “1 by 1”, which brings together the works of American experimental musician Geoffrey Landers. During a period spanning from 1979 to 1987, this Denver, Colorado based multi-instrumentalist, composer, record producer and engineer, conceived several solo albums. Only two of these, “The Ever Decimal Pulse” and “Habitual Features” along with the single “Breedlove” were ever released on vinyl. Being heavily involved in the local industrial/punk/new wave scene and wanting to create a recording studio “available to record artists regardless of their financial circumstances” Landers set up “The Packing House Studio” in 1981. This analog 8-track recording facility was located in a former slaughterhouse in the stockyards of Denver and was a place of significant activity for the next three years with the studio releasing recordings from numerous artists most notably Allen Ginsberg.It was here that Geoffrey Landers also started his own aptly named “Cauhaus” label. Indicative of the underground/DIYculture, “Cauhaus” was a subsiduary of a label called Local Anaesthetics which was started as an in-store label by independent Denver record store Wax Trax. Typically Cauhaus releases were only pressed up in small quantities and independently distributed, making Lander's music essentially elusive to a wide audience. After relocating in 1984 to an art district of Denver Landers opened the “Cauhaus Institute of Recording” studio where he continued to produce music for soundtracks, art and multi media projects for the next three years, after which Landers stepped out of the music industry entirely. He currently creates and exhibits mixed-media glass art.Throughout the twenty tracks of "1 by 1", of which six previously appeared on CD only, we are submerged into a wide diversity of musical approaches from Geoffrey Landers. From the proto-house track “Logarhythms” and the heart breaking New-Wave Boogie/Funk of “Say You’ll Say So” to the more contemplative pieces such as the oriental insprired “Nisei” and the drenched in sunshine dub/reggae track “Mack” Landers shies away from musical expectations again and again; searching continually for innovative and new forms of expression. 


Sterac Electronics - Things To Think About

Netherlands 1xLP / Album

Electro House

A1 - Altruistic Endeavor

A2 - Game Changers

B1 - Tuning Into Frequencies

B2 - Original Pattern

C1 - Metatron

C2 - Next Destination

D1 - Beyond My Wishes

D2 - Visualize To Materialize

Dope archival release of Steve Rachmad's long time side project where he exposes the more funk / electro side of his talents. This is musical machine-head side of the Amsterdam electro scene (also purveyed buy the likes of Comtron). Dense undertones of Cybotron/ Model 500 on this one... Top notch productions from a Dutch Master. Check!.


Plant43 - Frozen Monarch

Netherlands 1x12" / 45 RPM / Repress


A - Halflight

B1 - Frozen Monarch

B2 - Cloud Cocoon

  2017 Repress with alternate label-art. UK based Emile Facey joins the frustrada familia bringing a heavy, ice cold and highly emotive 3 track EP. Much in the vein of E.R.P. and the likes, but with a sharper sounding more abstract approach. Highly recommended!


214 - North Cascades

Netherlands 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM

Electro IDM

A - Miami Nights

B1 - Minds Alike (A Tribute)

B2 - Programs On The Move

  ...and then the Log Lady said: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Yet there are those who open many eyes. Eyes are the mirror of the soul, someone has said. So we look closely at the eyes to see the nature of the soul. Sometimes when we see the eyes -- those horrible times when we see the eyes, eyes that ... that have no soul -- then we know a darkness, then we wonder: where is the beauty? There is none if the eyes are soulless."


Pantser Fabriek - Untitled

Netherlands 1xLP / White Label

EBM Industrial

A1 - Untitled

A2 - Untitled

A3 - Untitled

B1 - Schön Jung Und Stark

B2 - Untitled

B3 - Untitled



Bionda E Lupo - Die Kinder Aus Dem Park

Netherlands 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

New Wave Experimental Synth-pop Electro

A1 - Zug Der Vögel

A2 - Twoi Glasza

B1 - Die Kinder Aus Dem Park

B2 - Eckstein

Bionda e Lupo are like little you'll have heard before, a boy/girl band like no other. Synth wave is fed a line of modern alienation, delusory disco to a disdainful drum beat, house emptied and ridiculed. Rhythms are stark, melodies are as mechanical as the lyrics. "Zug Der Vogel" is sparse, vocals intertwine in an empty embrace whilst bars sparkle. "Twoi Glasza" is more playful. Bright words shimmer against sweeping strings. The past is parodied across the EP but nowhere more so than in "Die Kinder Aus Dem Park." A former classic dug out before being peppered by machine gun percussion. The stilted rhyme of "Eckstein" closes, a ballad of bittersweet images and lost hopes.


Nthng - Turn To Gaia

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Techno Ambient

A1 - Oralage

A2 - A Souls Search

B1 - Turn To Gaia

Amsterdam based artist nthng continues to have a busy year. Following up an album on Lobster Theremin and EP on Transatlantic, he now lands on Delsin with three tracks that touch on driving dub-techno and dreamy ambient. 'Oralage' opens with upbeat drum programming and gliding hits that make for a smooth flowing groove. Distant pads add some spacey atmospheres and the production is effortlessly warm and driving. 'A Souls Search' takes time out to drift in the cosmos, with waves of muted euphoria washing over you as you sink into clouds of ambient bliss. Lastly, 'Turn To Gaia' is a dubbed out techno roller, with long legged drums looping down low, reverberating chords adding weight and distant bell sounds charting the whole thing in a harmonic glow. It rounds out a super smooth and seductive EP.


Syncom Data - Den Haag

Netherlands 1x12" / Repress

Techno Electro Acid

A1 - Den Haag

A2 - Solid Industries

B1 - SDI

B2 - Abenteuer Im Abendschein

Techno-electro classic from Syncom Data finally gets a repress. The record that started the Syncom Data label.


I-f - The Brown Elbow Conspiracy

Netherlands 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Reissue


A1 - Torment

A2 - Spiegelbeeld

A3 - Energy Vampire

B1 - Weightless Approach

B2 - Sloth

B3 - The Wanderer

aluable remastered reissue of this groundbreaking and hard to find Dutch westcoast collectors item (only 100 copies made) from 1997.


Jeremiah R. - Vision Of Vega

Netherlands 1x12" / Mini-Album


A1 - Intro

A2 - Close-Up View

A3 - Alpha Draconis

A4 - Transmission To The Eternal Sphere

B1 - There Is No One Like You

B2 - Visions Of Vega

B3 - Bassin Blue

B4 - Message Untold

Jeremiah R returns from an interstellar trip to the Vega constellation. 8 tracks of quality electro from Rotterdam!


Son Swagga - Fires of Quidel

Netherlands 1xLP / Album / Stereo

A1 - Fires Of Quidel

A2 - Isenman

A3 - Calling All Tribes

B1 - Galactic

B2 - Yamanu Emerges

So far we landed to Vol.10, this time with a stunning release from L.U.C.A. of Edizioni MondoFrancesco De Bellis is one of our favorite producer with tons of releases as Francisco, Jolly Music over the last two decadesHis music is a kaleidoscopic universe of beautiful harmonies reminiscent of master italian composer like Morricone, Stelvio Cipriani and Alessandro Alessandroni, blending together soundtracks, “summer of love” atmospheres and balearic pleasure


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