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Funky Espresso - Born for the Night

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Stereo


A1 - Born for the Night

A2 - Corazon

B1 - Disco Francais

B2 - Je t'adore



Milium - Addis Abeba / Lord Stanley's Cup

Techno Electro

A - Addis Abeba (feat. Kator)

B - Lord Stanley's Cup

Possblthings Records return with the debut single of Leipzig-based Milium. This record contains your blend of Lust & Angst, compiled for and dedicated to the club. "Addis Abeba" equals Side A - a collocation of groaning machines, bittersweet strings and seducing bass synths, defined with the aid of befriended producer Kator. Side B equals "Lord Stanley's Cup" - a cloudy hike into that weird place where EBM and Electro meet. Comes with inlay.


Avalon Emerson - Shtum 009

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM


A1 - Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix)

A2 - Sword And Rose Forever

B1 - Constantly My Cure (Plan Around Me Dub)

B2 - Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool

Killer release on Uncanny Valley related Shtum label. Their latest offering is none other than Avalon Emerson, who hits hard with her first appearance on the Dresden-based label with a record full of techno beauties. "Constantly My Cure (Vocal Mix)" features vocals by Avalon herself that ride on an unstoppable acid-driven bassline towards a forceful and paradoxically cold yet warm climax. "Constantly My Cure (Plan Around Me Dub)", offers an instrumental redux that's less ambiguous in its intentions -- this one's aimed straight for maximum dancefloor effect. "Sword and Rose Forever" shows once again that she knows how to create relentless club music imbued with beautifully bittersweet atmosphere. The EP closes with the punch of "Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool," a break-laden machine-piston of a rhythmic workout that's made for those selectors who want to set fire to the floor and jam the energy up to a frenetic peak. Recommended! Once again, the illustration on the B-side label is by Aram Haydeyan.


Data - Could You Find Your Analog Mind?

Germany 1xLP / Compilation / Limited Edition

Synth-pop Minimal Experimental

A1 - Opsesija

A2 - Ona (Remix)

A3 - Ne Zovi To Ljubavlju (Remix)

A4 - Video Heroj (Remix)

A5 - Kazi Glasno Volim Te (Remix)

A6 - Opsesija (Remix)

B1 - Japon

B2 - Moment

Obscure, dark and mysterious synth pop from Belgrade.


Mono Junk - Presents Suomen Moroderit

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Electro New Wave Synthwave

A1 - Saint Boulevard

A2 - Suomen Moroderit Theme (Forever Dub)

B1 - Last Time

B2 - Minä Unelmoin, Minä Rakastin

The seldomly heard, more emotional side of Mono Junk on Vortex Traks.


OTTO - Full Auto

A1 - Full Auto

B1 - Flöte Spielen

B2 - Stärkere Delirien

Dear ladies and gentleman, May I allow myself to present to you something quite special. Perhaps you are not quite able to imagine, or maybe you just don’t know any better, but incase it is not already obvious: OTTO – whose last album “Greatest Hits” created furore not only with their female fans – have just backed it up with a new release more advanced than most


Various - Eine Welt Vol 2 Ep

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Limited Edition

Experimental Techno Synthwave New Beat Downtempo

A1 - Müdes Geschrei

A2 - Cola Cubes

A3 - Держи Мою Руку

B1 - Granchio Scorreggiante

B2 - Tsungire

B3 - Fun Cum

The sub-label of MOND MUSIK called „Eine Welt“ is back with the second edition of the compilation series. Carefully compiled by spAceLex (Alexander Arpeggio), those tracks give a different perspective on the contemporary music scene.


Porter - Elevate

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / EP / Stereo

Deep House House

A - Flous

B1 - Caprice

B2 - Spacey Kevin

Rubisco is back in business with "Elevate" by Porter. This Berlin-based freshman proves his skills with three diverse cuts, serving up his deep, yet driving style.


Various - OFFFM #1

Germany 2x12" / Compilation

Breakbeat House Techno

A1 - Banana D

A2 - ARX771

B1 - Double Vision

B2 - Moderner Saund

C1 - Jesus Hat Zeit

C2 - Bullet

D1 - Trenna Is A Dancer

D2 - Alec With A Tiny Hand

Connecting the Dots between Frankfurt and Offenbach.


Thomas Rooge - EP 1

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Techno

A1 - ftr

A2 - pHouz

B1 - i Ce

B2 - lucyd

Something special is cooking for the 6th addition to the GOSU catalogue.Thomas Rooge also known as Phil Evans (or the other way around?) is back with four extraterrestrial tracks which forms the first EP out of two.


Porco Rosso - Cherry Unit Ep

Germany 1x12" / EP

House Techno Electro

A1 - Bambam

A2 - Checksaus

B1 - Backfat

B2 - Cloak and dagger




Germany 1xLP / Deluxe Edition

Experimental Dub Dancehall

A1 - Haile Selassie Is The Micro-Chip

A2 - Bubbling Ambessa (Afrikan Messiah Riddim)

A3 - Nazenet (Wasp Riddim)

A4 - Dont Stop (Wondo Riddim)

A5 - Rough Rider

B1 - BANZINA (Banzina Riddim)

B2 - Gozpaal (Mustard Riddim)

B3 - Still Sound Boy Test (Interlude)

Hundebiss bossman Simone Trabucchi - a pivotal figure of the Italian scene - debuts his STILL alias on PAN with a batch of banging, multi-layered dancehall tracks inspired by the complex historical links between his hometown, Vernasca, with Jamaica, and Italy’s colonial past in Ethiopia. Part of a wider visual arts project, Invernomuto, helmed alongside Simone Bertuzzi, and comprising a series of sculptures, installations, a book, and a long-feature experimental documentary under the title ‘Negus’‘, Simone takes cues from a “cleansing counter-ritual performed by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry in the Vernasca square where 80 years earlier, an effigy of Haile Selassie I was burned” to cook up a madd set of dancehall tracks voiced by six Milan-based, African-Italian vocalists and singers. The results weigh in remarkably close to the colourful, plugged-in dancehall art/science of Equiknoxx, effectively pulling together the diffracted aspects of his project into a direct yet psychedelically-charged set which strongly reverberates with its roots. Keener observers will be quick to identity the amazing Nazenet (Wasp Rhythm) as a vocal version of STILL’s uncredited Untitled riddim from Halcyon veil’s Conspiración Progresso compilation, but unless you’ve been listening to Bill Kouligas DJ sets, the rest is all new and exclusive, taking in the weightless prayer of Haile Selassie Is The Micro-Chip, wobbly acid hall knocks in Bubbling Ambessa, and the meter-messing flux of Rough Rider along with style recalling that Vipra ace on Presto!? in Banzina, plus the warped Bionic Ras bumps of Gozpaal and some seriously salty dubbing in the plasmic squeeze of Mangrovi


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