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Various - Ninja Tools Vol.2

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / White Label

Minimal Electro Breakbeat

A1 - Aquaplaning

A2 - Dig it

B1 - Galaxy tale

B2 - Concentration in the present

2 Ninjas from lyon who like to collect records like lollipops, as much as they broke their back carrying crates.As deejays, the guys want to see their label as their record collection, rich and full of different influences.


Attek & Guy Johnson - Love Zone

France 1x12" / EP

House Deep House Garage House

A1 - Love Zone

A2 - Don't Mess Around

B1 - Could It Be The Way

B2 - Leaving You

It all started in March 2016 when Attek and Guy Johnson met each other at their school in Utrecht (NL). They immediately started working together on some House projects, it was the beginning of a great friendship. When mentor and friend DJ Caspa sended over some oldskool vinyl which he recorded from his magical collection, things really took off. With deep characteristic pads, uplifting drums, soft chords and warm smootchy vocals, Attek and Guy Johnson went all out with this warm EP. STRCTR is proud to introduce another beautiful piece of art, mastered once again by the House legend DJ Steaw.


M.A BEAT! - Sans Soleil

Alternative Rock

A1 - Brain Off

A2 - 22 Rainbows

A3 - Nosferato

A4 - Quattro Lineari

B1 - Love You (Birthday)

B2 - Danse Macabre

B3 - Widow

B4 - Ghosts Around

If M.A BEAT! was a place, it would be the Liquidrom in Berlin. This sauna where the youth swim to the rhythm of comforting electronica. Their music is often oneiric composed of ethereal details with surrealist samples.After ‘Drowning For Love’ album and a few EPs, M.A BEAT! ‘s second album ‘Sans Soleil’ will be released 29 September via BMM records and its first single Nosferato on September 8 with a clip by the gif artist Sarah Zucker.Ambient music legend, Brian Eno-collaborator, Laraaji is featured on the album and give birth to a cross collaboration with the band : M.A BEAT! will release a remix for Laraaji's new album.In the lineage of avant-garde electronic music, the band's last effort appears to be experimental, adventurous and radically different from their previous ones. Using less sample collages and improving composition techniques, the trio seems to travel in time with ambient landscapes and obscure pop songs.


Florian Pellissier Quintet - Cap de Bonne Espérance

France 2xLP / Album


A1 - Cap De Bonne Espérance

A2 - The Hipster

A3 - Cantopa Elegua

B1 - La Forêt Des Biches Bleues

C1 - Almeria

C2 - Les Masques Africains

D1 - Comète

D2 - Yasmine



Various - Ethiopian Hit Parade Vol 1

France 1xLP / Compilation / Reissue


A1 - Addis Abeba Bete

A2 - Set Alameneme

A3 - Shemermare Tiya

A4 - Tezeta

A5 - Yebereha Lomie

B1 - Gara Ser Naw Betesh

B2 - Asha Gedawo

B3 - Hedech Alu



Guts - Eternal

France 2xLP / Album

Funk Soul

A1 - Opening

A2 - Take Me Back

A3 - All Or Nothing

A4 - Dirty Otter

B1 - Give You Up

B2 - Rest Of My Life

B3 - Peaceful Life

C1 - Incomplete



Roger Raspail - Dalva

France 2xLP / Album

Zouk Calypso Fusion

A1 - Rara

A2 - Manzé René

A3 - Nuit Douche

B1 - Bossa de la Plage

B2 - Ballade à ilet perou

B3 - Papa Yaya

C1 - Kalypso Ka

C2 - Oui Cé Vou




A1 - Youaresurrounded (The Intro)

A2 - This Is Life (Featuring Rapper Big Pooh & Sly Johnson)

A3 - Boom Bap Love (Featuring Lisa Spada)

A4 - Leiho (Featuring Pumpkin & Sly Johnson)

B1 - N.T. (Featuring Georgia Anne Muldrow)

B2 - Lost Art (Featuring Finale & Sly Johnson)

B3 - Danceonitifucan

C1 - Ame Son (Featuring Tiemoko)



Cotonete - Earth Overshoot Day

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Limited Edition

A1 - Earth Overshoot Day - Original mix

A2 - Earth Overshoot Day - Hugo LX remix

B1 - Earth Overshoot Day - Vox Low remix

B2 - Earth Overshoot Day - Patrice Scott remix

Group made up of members of Ethio Jazz group Akalé Wubé and keyboardist Florian Pellissier. Remixes by the French producer Hugo LX, the Parisian duo Vox Low, P.Scott Sistrum from Detroit 2nd part of the 3 EP series, first EP got sold out in one month. Deluxe packaging: 180g vinyl, replica sleeve with OBI, and Japanese plastic sleeve. 


Various - Digital Zandoli

France 2xLP / Compilation

Disco Soul Zouk Boogie Funk Ambient

A1 - Mwoin Ka Songe

A2 - Devenn

A3 - Vacance Union

B1 - Poutchi

B2 - Nou Ke Sa Enmew

B3 - Mande Moin On Lajan, Pa Mande Moin Za Fe An Moin

C1 - Biguine Inferno

C2 - Mizik Nou

After the success of « Kouté Jazz », Heavenly Sweetness comes back with a dancefloor but not jazz compilation, enough to move your feet at through the whole summer ! 13 disco, boogie and zouk tracks recorded in the 80’s in the West Indies.


Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe - Best Of Les Vikings De La Guadeloupe 1966-2016

France 2xLP / Compilation

Compas Salsa Zouk Beguine

A1 - Ambiance Vikings

A2 - Assez Palé

A3 - Rumbo Melon

A4 - Gadé Douvant

A5 - Ti Tong Ti Tong

B1 - Let's Stay Up Vikings

B2 - Ahi Na' Ma

B3 - Souvenirs

The return of the most important French Antillean band of the 60’s and the 70’s. They bring a unique mix of Biguine, funk, Latin, Compas and early Zouk. Tip! Camille Sopran’n, who founded the band with guitarist Guy Jacquet and bassist Pierre-Edouard Décimus, personally selected this compilation from the Vikings’ vast discography of about 20 albums, starting in 1967. They obviously inherited a lot from “roots music” (Gwo Ka), jazz and the beguine that had been played on the island since the late 19th century, and of which they give a dazzlingly modern version on “Tou Touni”


Discomatin - Discomatin Edits 03

France 1x12" / 45 RPM

Boogie Funk Disco Zouk

A1 - Double Winner

A2 - Keep Tryin'

B1 - Cosmic Life

B2 - Ici Là-Bas Ailleurs

For their first release of 2017 and third edition of the series, the Parisian crew, Discomatin, dug harder than ever to propose edits still in the spirit of the afterparty they organize. The EP is composed by four tracks, finely picked and slightly edited by the DJs of the crew. They cover a wide range of genres, from French boogie, to cosmic disco, through West-Indies or new-wave influenced lyrics. There is definitely something for all tastes on this EP. It’s fresh, it’s French, so don’t sleep on it!


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