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Voilaaa - On Te L'avait Dit ...

France 2xLP / Album

African Disco

A1 - Spies Are Watching Me

A2 - On Te L'avait Dit

B1 - Le Disco Des Capitales

B2 - Bark

C1 - Vampires

C2 - Enlevez-moi ça

C3 - Jungle Fire

D1 - Pas Bon

Pursuing their explorations in the vast corridors of international Funk and Disco music, Favorite Recordings and Bruno « Patchworks » Hovart present us Voilaaa. Following a first 2 tracks single acclaimed this summer and clearly revealing the Afro-Disco inspiration of this new experience, here comes Voilaaa’s first album, titled On te l’avait dit.


Eiger Drums Propaganda - Eiger Drums Propaganda

France 1xLP / Album

Krautrock Ambient Trance

A2 - Le Chien Est Parti

B2 - La Fin Non-Triste

New Ambiant/Krautrock/Weirdo/Crétin project by half member of The Pilotwings from Lyon : Louis E Bola, in collaboration with musicians Geddes Hadden, Arthur Tempo, Akino Karma, Sound Of Duty Free & Pierre Mortimer-Dubation. A mix in between Christian Morin « Aquarella » and Berlin School Artist Conrad Schnitzler. Essential must-have !


Various Artists - Princes Of Abzu موالي أبزو

France 1x12"

Acid, Tribal, Raï, African, Trance

A1 Cornelius Doctor & Tushen Raï - Place Du Pont

A2 Ko Shin Moon & Simple Symmetry - Halay (Cornelius Doctor Lonley Mix)

A3 JAKAM - Tribes

B1 Shadi Khries - Semsemeh

B2 Timothy Clerkin - Akama

 The Lyon imprint Hard Fist strikes again with the collaborative Princes of Abzu EP, federating producers hailing from multiple horizons. Although they may belong to different geographical spaces (London, Moscow, Amman, Tokyo, Paris…), the artists gathered in the EP share a common love for middle-eastern sounds and their transcendantal powers, which they mix with cosmic industrial beats, creating mystical imaginary landscapes, as if beduins were organising a pagan rave in a Düsseldorf factory. In addition with the producers, many musicians took part in this project, like for instance Mejwez's player Abu Sayah and Hervé Carvalho from Acid Arab who play in Semsemeh.A hedonist move, caring more about vibes and feelings than borders and nationalities. Referring to a mythological source that is the sea to every river, Princes of Abzu is a drop in a global culture expanding its currents to infinity.  The opening track Place du Pont made by the two label heads Cornelius Doctor and Tushen Raï is built on a heavy hypnotic / electro bassline heightened with voices samples & oriental Oud sounds giving it a trippy flavor.Halay is the fruit of a collaboration between Parisians Ko-Shi-Moon and Moscovites Simple Symmetry. The track (remixed by Cornelius Doctor) tells the tale of the Halay dancers reveling in circle, exhilarated by an industrial groove while strange synthetic voices whisper. In the middle of the EP, J.A.K.A.M releases the tension and brings a meditative note. Jazzy yet exhilarating, Tribes sounds like a road trip in the desert while the sun is rising.Producer and percussionist Shadi Khries is also inspired by the desert, one place in particular : Wadi Rum, in his home country Jordan. He mixes traditional instruments like semsemeh (which gives its name to the track) bouzouki and oud, with electronic acid textures that makes it perfect for the club.Finally, Timothy Clerkin’s track is a meeting of two his favourite worlds : guitar-based psychedelic music & dark, mechanical acid - all covered with a film of Eastern smoke, hypnotized by the tablas running relentlessly. Listening to the track is supposed to feel a bit like you're trying to wade through drying cement, somewhere in a dystopian future, industrial factory in the Middle East, obviously.


Sheitan Brothers - Breaking Trad

France 1x12"

African, Electronic, Folk, World, & Country

A1 - Bolide Alaoui Feat Rizan Said

B1 - Açaï

Inspired by Arabic and brazilian vibe, Breaking Trad is a tribute to a voodoo club experience.Brand new record of the Sheitan brotherhood, Breaking Trad is an apology to the shamanic side of summer. In those two new tracks, the energy is not based on the BPM rhythm but more on the vibe. When the darkness got a sunburn, Breaking Trad is the solar cream and the perfect medication to save you.


Second Spectre - Les relations invisibles

France 1x12"

Techno, Indus

A1 - Onyx

A2 - Opale

B1 - Obsidienne

B2 - Quartz

C1 - Argile

C2 - Émeraude

D1 - Granite

First Album release for the parisian duo Second Spectre.The martials drums and percussions make it harder than rocks. Leading voices and noisy drones for sound design and cinematic lovers. 7 tracks debut, for a promising journey. 


Valentino Mora, Yoshitake Expe - Astrometric Effect

A1 - Astrometric Effect

B1 - Trans Format Eurotica

B2 - Trans Format Eurotica(Underwater Rephase)

For Intercontinental Dance Organization’s (IDO) third release, Astrometric Effect EP, sees the label’s founder Valentino Mora collaborating for the first time with experimental Japanese musician Yoshitake Expe. The EP comprises of 2 hypnotic house tracks with tribal percussions created through live improvisation between the pair and a third track, an effective dub version by Valentino Mora. 


Various - Beignet De Chaussette EP

France 1x12" / EP

House Deep House G-Funk

A1 - It's Been A Pleasure

A2 - Riding

B1 - Tu Me Manques Mumu Change Pas Le Moteur (Kensous Mashup)

B2 - Abdelkrim & Botanique



Vahan Soghomonian, Tomi Yard, La Houle, Seabuckthorn, MTUA, Fabrik... - SILO004

Experimental, Insitu

A1 FABRIK Ben Merlin x Jonas Bernath x Guillaume Fournier - Ondes tranquilles

A2 Seabuckthorn - There Remains a Desert

A3 La Houle - Les réveillés

B1 Vahan Soghomonian x MTUA - Poésie souterraine


B3 Vincent Gallo x MTUA - Cluster

B4 Tucuxi - Rayon vert3

This records is composed by Vahan Soghomonian, Tomi Yard, La Houle, Seabuckthorn, MTUA, Vincent Gallo, Tucuxi, FABRIK, Guillaume Fournier, Ben Merlin, Jonas Residence SILO in 2017, in Cannes Et Clairan - France.


Various - Only Promo Ma Poule

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Jungle Breakbeat

A1 - Purposeful Lady Glow Afternoon

A2 - Basse Music

B1 - Findus

B2 - Axel Fif (Part 2)

B3 - Gen

 Written and produced by Thomas Caesar, Guillaume Lespinasse, Axel Ropert-Lemercier and Jean Redondo. Distributed by Chez Emile records. Snowballs provided by Tony Mastroianni on a Kawasaki Z750. Type by Dinamo, Illustration by Almost Free Services


Franck Roger - Aux Petits Oignons EP

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

House Deep House

A1 - Montini

A2 - Bazzy

B1 - Just A Memory

B2 - Ruffcut

For this 16th release, the label wanted to add to its panel of artists an emblematicfigure of the French house scene for several years. It is thus Franck Roger who sticksto the production with 4 tracks in the colors of the French label.


Unknown Artist - Uniile 2

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / White Label


A1 - House Jam On Tape

A2 - Jazz Fusion

B1 - Spider 4

B2 - This Must Be Illegal



Chicaiza - Morurco EP

France 1x12"

Electro Deep Techno Ambient

1 - Morurco

2 - Timeless Space

3 - Civic Input

4 - Silent Words



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