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Kade , Satoi , Mirage Man , Poly Sone - Assorted Pieces 1

A1 - Lazy

A2 - Sterod

B1 - Inch 2 Action

B2 - Abscense of Nothing

After​ ​their​ ​opening​ ​release​ ​by​ ​the​ ​mysterious​ ​Joint​ ​Minds​ ​collective,​ FRIENDSHIP & DECADENCE ​returns​ ​with​ ​a​ ​deep​ ​and​ dubby ​techno-oriented​ ​compilation​ ​-​ ​Assorted​ ​Pieces​ 1.The various EP features ​a smoky​ ​vocal​ ​and organ​ ​filled​ ​late​ ​night​ ​track​ by KADE, ​​a dreamy​ ​and euphoric​ ​sonic​ ​signature​ piece by SATOI, a gritty​ ​and​ ​bass​ ​heavy​ ​studio​ ​recording by MIRAGE MAN ​and​ ​a dark percussive​ ​and​​ ​organic​ ​dance-floor​ jam by POLY SONE.


Soft Focus - Soft Focus

Finland 1xLP / Album


A1 - EEG

A2 - Polysomnographic

A3 - Emergence Delirium

A4 - Regenerative Apnea

A5 - Cauchermard

B1 - Brief Arousal

B2 - Hypersomia

B3 - Synitillating

Soft Focus is a collaboration of Jimi Tenor , Lary7 and Mia Theodoratus. The album was recorded in NYC, at Lary7's legendary all-analogue studio Plastikville. Lary7 is a collector of historical synthesizers and percussion instruments that are extensively used in the making of this album. Mia Theodoratus lays down a hypnotic harp foundation on the compositions and Jimi Tenor caps them with exotic flute melodies. Soft Focus is evocative of the early Moondog albums. This record is for the hardcore avant-garde fans.


TDJ x Lil' Tony - Tellin' Ya Boee EP

Finland 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Stereo

Acid Deep House Dub Techno House

A1 - STO

A2 - LTE

B1 - XTC Man

B2 - Tellin' Ya Boee

The mysterious TREVOR DEEP JR. returns with some special warehouse aesthetics teaming up with his mentor & true Helsinki nightlife pioneer LIL' TONY! The outcome is a raw, edgy and banging four-tracker with a sprinkle of dub for the underground dance-floors.


Trevor Deep Jr. - Like Heaven EP

Finland 1x12" / EP / Numbered

Deep House Dub Techno House Techno

A1 - Prince Of Helsinki

A2 - Cosmos Dub

B1 - Like Heaven (Sven´s Kingdom Of Heaven Remix)

B2 - Like Heaven (Vocal Mix)

The prince is back! TREVOR DEEP JR. teams up with SVEN WEISEMANN, NIKO MARKS and KING SHORTY to explore heaven and cosmos.


Mono Junk - Halo EP

Finland 1x12" / EP


A1 - Halo

A2 - Halo 2

B1 - Musta Peili

B2 - Farewell

Raw minimal techno specialist Mono Junk is back with a selection of new material on his own DUM Records.Techno Minimal


Mono Junk / Kim Rapatti - A-Sides

Finland 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / Reissue

Acid Techno

A1 - A...

A2 - Another Acid

AA1 - Untitled (Mood E.P. A1)

AA2 - Untitled (Mood E.P. A2)

After releasing brand new material on DUM034, DUM Records are dipping into the label boss’s production archives for the next one: it is a reissue that features tracks from a number of classic Mono Junk releases. Two came on Trope Records, one in 1995 and one in 1993, and the last pair of cuts come from 1996 when they were released on Plug Research. Arguably some of the influential Finnish producer’s finest work, all of the tracks here emphasize how long he is operating on the top of his game already.


Teersom - Sun

A1 - Sun

B1 - Orb



Vinyl Jam - Kino

Soul-Jazz Jazz-Rock Jazz-Funk Soul Funk

1 - Mr Mozzicone

2 - Test Of Wind

3 - Soldat

4 - Frozen Love

5 - Copy Cat

6 - Disaster

Mixture of jazz-rock and funky grooves with a feeling and edgy melodism.


Ø - Heijastuva

Experimental Ambient

A - Heijastuva

B1 - Anksiolyytti

B2 - Ensimmäinen Valo

B3 - Hikari


Kaveri Special - Kaveri Special

Soukous Highlife

A1 - Pikajuna

A2 - Pussikaljasää

A3 - Taaksepäin

A4 - Avaruushissi

B1 - Rantakoira

B2 - Hei Suomenmaa

B3 - Suksee

B4 - Sunnuntaibrunssi


Nick Anthony Simoncino Feat. Robert Owens - Some People

Finland 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

House Deep House

A1 - Some People (Mix One)

A2 - Some People (Mix Two)

A3 - Some People (Aquatic Techno Mix)

B1 - Some People (Chamboche Remix)

B2 - Some People (Trevor Deep Jr. Warehouse Remix)


Rasmus Hedlund & Tuomo Väänänen - 80 Endless Loops

Abstract Rhythmic Noise Glitch Drone Ambient Experimental

A1 - Loop 1

A2 - Loop 2

A3 - Loop 3

A4 - Loop 4

A5 - Loop 5

A6 - Loop 6

A7 - Loop 7

A8 - Loop 8

Twenty industrial and raw locked grooves per side.


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