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Basses Terres

Basses-Terres - Counting Pulsations

France 1xLimited Edition

Ambient Dub Dungeon Synth

1 - Opening Triangulated

2 - The Mask Of A Peson Who No Longer Listens

3 - Trypophobia / Legs Wide Open

4 - Formed, Unformed, Re-Formed

5 - Lines Of Dismemberment

6 - Undecipherable Eyes, Protected From The Sunlight

7 - One Way Voice Link

8 - Kiss In The Neck / Reversed Reflex

The first trees trembled with constant little oscillations, junctions -disjunctions. A red light started blinking, half-buried in the snow. Deep in the Siberian forest, in the middle of the night, a girl with a Morse key, was running a shortwave transmitter off a diesel generator, sending messages toward the ionosphere. Her hands moved closer together, without touching. The pulsations became almost innumerable, incredibly elongated, hollowed out in the middle, like little pinnacles, but she knew that someone, thousands of miles away, would decipher her message. In a dimly lit hotel room, in a subterranean vault, he would build the bridges, channel the frequencies. Forming, unforming, and re-forming the lines, the waves, and the words."


Basses Terres - A Darker Rain

France 1x12" / 45 RPM / EP

Techno Electro Breakbeat Experimental Leftfield

A1 - Any Other Way

A2 - Going Until I Am Gone

B1 - Self - Sufficient Hole

B2 - Sonar System

A dark rain falls on the reeds. The girl stands in the marsh. Night birds are wailing. Slowly she sinks in the water. No other way. An immaterial wave swells around her. The voice echoes on the other side of the liquid wall. Going. She reaches her hand out to the translucent water and passes through… Her entire body, shivering, travels across. Gone. She falls down the self-sufficient hole. The white noise of the water becomes unbearable. Deafened, the girl tries to escape the surveillance of the sonar system. She finally crawls out of the aqueous tunnel : in front of her, lay the Basses-Terres.


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