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Whodamanny - Dancing Ritual

A - Dancing Ritual (Disco Version)

B - Dancing Ritual (Dub Version)

Another double-tracker out from the Napoli's West Hill Studio, this time by the hands of Whodamanny delivering two Italian funk-disco jams entirely made with electronic instruments.


Whodamanny - Primaria Industria

UK 1x10" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP

Ambient House Techno

A1 - Iris Primum

A2 - Indigo Auctoritas

A3 - Crystal Aestus

B1 - Iris Secundum

B2 - Wise Glaciem

B3 - Neuter Gyrum

A central player in the Fourth World Napoli crew and functioning within Mystic Jungle Tribe, Periodica and Early Sounds labels, Whodamanny presents his vision of a micro cosmic space opera in six parts on Firecracker’s sub-label Unthank.


Whodamanny - Cosmic Morphology (A Voyage Through The Casio CZ 101 Cosmic Synthesizer)

Italy 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Experimental Abstract Disco House

A1 - Orbit Of Niribu (Intro)

A2 - Shadows On Nephtys

A3 - Tiamat's Paths

A4 - 2MW Themis (The Solar Power Plant)

A5 - Ningal Moon Goddess

A6 - Duodecimo Planeta

A7 - Pole Of The North Ecliptic (Draco)

A8 - Kigal First Dimension

A voyage through the Casio Cz 101 cosmic synthesizer. Written, mixed and recorded by Whodamanny.


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