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Various - Hunee - Hunchin' All Night

Netherlands 3xLP / Compilation

Griot African Ambient Disco Synth-pop Deep House Techno Leftfield

A1 - Blu Terra

A2 - Liital (Michael Ozone's Liital Rhythm)

A3 - Koyma Hondo

B1 - Owhaaou !

B2 - Stages

B3 - Ritual Of Love (Ron's Vocal Beat Down Mix)

C1 - Burning 4 You

D1 - Made On Coffee & Wine

Hunee presents a collection of his favorite dance floor cuts from the 70ties till modern times. Pressed on 3 slices of vinyl... Biggest tip!!


Various - Covered In Gloria: Sampler 2

A1 - Nordsee

A2 - Heatwave

B1 - Oud Ou Ray

B2 - Girls

B3 - Wham Dub



Various - La Contra Ola - Synth Wave And Post Punk From Spain 1980-86

Switzerland 2xLP / Compilation

Synth-pop New Wave Post-Punk Industrial Art Rock Experimental Minimal Synthwave

A1 - Moscú Está Helado

A2 - Extraños Juegos

A3 - Aprenda Alemán En 7 Dias

A4 - Autogas

A5 - Himno

B1 - Gestalt

B2 - Mareâ

B3 - Cangrejos En La Cocina

 A compilation dedicated to the early 80’s Spanish Synth Wave and Post Punk scene !First to be published outside Spain, this anthology explores the electronic music side of the independent music produced in the days in the Iberian Peninsula: Synthetic pop music with industrial sounds including futurist Art Rock, dance-floor productions and low-fi experiments on cassettes. Classics or true hidden treasures, this selection of nineteen songs is symbolic of the musical dawn that Spain experienced during the decade marked by the return of democracy and by the creative freedom initiated by Punk music.


Various - French Disco Boogie Sounds Vol. 3 (1977-1987)

France 2xLP / Compilation

Disco Boogie

A1 - Lait De Coco (Dub)

A2 - Segregation

A3 - Funky Baby Love

B1 - Listen To The Music

B2 - Funky And Fire

B3 - Money

C1 - L'Amour Toujours L'Amour (12" Inch Version)

C2 - Ecoute Le Son Du Soleil (Instrumental Version)

They say that good things come in threes... it must be true and Favorite Recordings also proudly presents the third edition of its acclaimed French Disco Boogie Sounds compilation series. Like on prior volumes, the complete tracklist is selected by label head honcho, Charles Maurice (aka Pascal Rioux), who’s unearthed 13 more forgotten and hidden tracks, all produced whether in France, in French, or by French artists between 1977 and 1987. With most of these titles now very hard to find in their original edition and unknown by many, this compilation should be a must have for any Disco-Boogie-Funk music lover and collector.


Various - Ron Hardy #43

France 1x12" / Unofficial Release

Disco Funk

A1 - Hell Dance With Me

A2 - Picking Up Sounds

B - Taste The Music

All the real djs were looking for those for years. Grab it before it's sold out, we have very few copies. A must have.


Various - Quare Groove Vol.1

Ireland 1xLP / Album / Compilation / Remastered

Funk Electro Boogie Post-Punk

A1 - Welcome Back Into My Life

A2 - Hot & Sexable

B1 - Give It To Me

B2 - Hyperspace

C1 - White Fields (In isis)

C2 - Losing Control

D1 - Just Like Me

D2 - Leper

A long time in the making – Quare Groove Vol. 1 – Sounds of the Irish musical underground from the 70s & 80s. Spread across 2 12s with extensive liner notes on printed inner sleeves. Re-mastered with care by Shawn @ Optimum.Stating it softly..... Irish music of the 1970's was simply not synonymous with groove music in any way. Avid music aficionado's were totally 'rockist' then (to use an old tag from the same time!) That thread tends to follow with record collecting of vintage Irish music of that time, down to this day. We'll throw a little change into that narrative here - the groove is very rare, and not a little quare! We've looked at the entire recorded music picture of what happened here on this little island into the 1980's, and we're bringing back this -----


Various - Musique Ambiante Française - Vol. 1

France 3xLP / Compilation


A1 - Gypsotheque

A2 - Vers Un Nouvel Age

A3 - Orage Dans La Creuse

B1 - Chant Des Dunes

B2 - Sine Qua Non

B3 - Poussiere Rose

C1 - Theory Of Relativity

C2 - Pierre Tombale

“It all started when Apollo Noir, Tigersushi’s latest signing came to me with a split 12” he wanted to release, including his own track “Inspiring Images & Visual Power. Chosen With Love & Dedication” and Glass’ “Heart”. I loved the tunes but wasn’t convinced that releasing a 12inch for those 2 songs only was relevant, so I proposed we extend this split EP to a full French Ambient compilation and we all got excited by the idea. There’s never been one although there’s an undeniable interest in that genre from a broad spectrum of French musicians. A few days later, me, Apollo Noir and Charlotte (Tigersushi’s lieutenant in chief) compiled a short list of names we were interested in and within just a few weeks we put together this compilation. Amazingly, 95% of the artists we contacted agreed to participate.  Another surprise is how those 18 tunes come together in such a homogenous way, this stroke me the first time I listened to the whole record. Maybe it’s a result of the fascination for old and new analog machines shared by most of the musicians featured here. Maybe it has to do with a long French lineage of experimental electronic music (Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Jean Michel Jarre, and all the lesser known synth library music and score composers...).  


Various - Popcorn Diary Vol.1

France 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Deep House House

A1 - Love Yourself (Original Mix)

A2 - About Time (Original Mix)

B1 - The Scent Of My Desire (Original Mix)

B2 - African Song (Original Mix)

2 Parisian legends with Point g and D’julz, the great Uk legend Aubey and the only one Amir Alexander from Chicago.


Various - ://about blank 003

Germany 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / EP / Numbered


A1 - Hot Lies (ZKB Taking The Bus Version)

A2 - Opal

B - More Love Later

After a techno focus on the last release, About Blank is back with a bit more melodic and housey release.


Various - Lesser Mysteries

UK 1x12" / Limited Edition

Electro Breakbeat Acid

A1 - Entrance

A2 - Positive Thinking!

B1 - Start Transmission

B2 - Zero Hour Dispatch

B3 - Night Rider

Lesser Mysteries brings together 5 up and coming acts to present a widescreen view on electro.Ben Cohen opens the EP with the atmospheric, hazy Entrance, Monotoxine uneases the ride with the squelchy, demented Positive Thinking! On the flip Tharsis Shelter Unit’s Start Transmission unfolds the B side with a sharp blow, before Stratowerx steps up with the impassioned Zero Hour Dispatch. Furious Frank closes the EP with the resonant Night Rider.


Various - DEPOT II

Germany 1x12" / EP

Techno Breakbeat Electro

A1 - as we walked through fields (Benedikt Frey Remix)

A2 - Wieck (Panthera Krause Remix)

B1 - Wieck/Glowe (Jonas Friedlich's Chaos Mash-UP)

B2 - as we walked through fields (Westlake & Hayter Reinterpretation)

With the fifth EP, Solid Rotation returns to the Various Artist output and releases DEPOT II. A pureremix workout with four killer tracks.On the A-Side you can find a Remix of lekande’s„as we walked through fields” by Benedikt Frey, which will take you on a mind bending, percussive techno-trip. If you don’t turn the disc, another Remix is ready for the Play-Button. Panthera Krause leaves the knobsbehindwith a playful, dreamy version of vokode's „Wiek“. On the B-Side,Jonas Friedlich is waiting for you. He was not able to keep the handsoff two tracks.„Glowe” and „Wiek” by vokode were turned into a rhythmically changing,Chaos Mash-UP,which will letyou stepforever. The final trackcomes from Westlake & Hayter. Asmashing Electro reinterpretation of lekande’s „as we walked through fields“.


Various - Habibi Funk (An Eclectic Selection Of Music From The Arab World)

Germany 2xLP / Compilation

Disco Funk Beat

A1 - Bsslama Hbibti

A2 - Wang Dang

A3 - Unknown

A4 - Mirza

B1 - Irkos Farfesh

B2 - Casablanca Shuffle

B3 - Rouhi Ya Hafida

B4 - La Coladera

Habibi Funk: An eclectic mix of music from the Arab world.


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