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Ian Martin (5)

Ian Martin  , Barbir & Nicola Kazimir - The Rosa Luxemburg Files

Netherlands 1x12" / EP

Electro Experimental Synthwave Breakbeat Techno

A1 - Mirage

A2 - Synthetic Liberation

B1 - Electronische Sequenz Prolet

B2 - Geräusch

It’s a first for Pinkman and Lux Rec. Yet the two labels have so much in common that it isn’t surprising they have been drawn towards each other. And The Rosa Luxembourg Files is the result of this collaboration. Rotterdam and Zurich, Ian Martin and Barbir & Nicola Kazimir, exploring different shades of the same black, wandering at the fringes, plunging into obscurity and machines talk. There’s no rest and no comfort, but manic fixation.


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