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Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)

Available: May 10, 2019

Label: Natural Selections

Cat: NASE02

Formats: 1xVinyl LP Album

Style: Ambient Downtempo Dub

Release Date: May 1, 2019

Country: UK

Guillaume de Ubéda
Naive Melodies

Deep Nalström - Naive Melodies | Natural Selections
A machine mirage. A hallucinogenic haze. Where Moogs mimic animal noise. Sine waves and tribal toms send jungle signals. A twilight chorus in a forest of sound. Its deep, deep, blue canopy lit by shooting stars. Third eye lightening. Wildlife roar, and temple gong drone. A bubbling skunk Funk swamp where New Age meets Nuova Neapolitan Fusion. Tubular vibrations give rise to flights of birds. Bongos back Belleville, Michigan, relics. Bottomless bass exudes womb-like warmth. Drums dance in Nyabinghi ceremony, while gurus question God`s plan, and your place in it

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