Cat: OMD 010

Formats: 1xVinyl 12" Limited Edition

Style: EBM Techno Industrial

Release Date: Nov 21, 2016

Country: UK

Black Merlin

Black Merlin - Resistance  | OMNIDISC
Black Merlin has gone on to release on a number of labels from around the globe including World Unknown, Crimes of the Future, LN-CC, New Jersey, Common Thread, Island of the Gods and SORN. More Recently Black Merlin has debuted his first solo album on Indonesian label Island of the Gods which came about when George was asked to travel over to Indonesia to Record traditional Gamelan music and put together an album of his time over there from the Field Recordings he'd gathered which is now complete. Black Merlin makes his debut on Omnidisc records, with a two tracker of hard hitting distortion.

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