Label: Warp Records


Warp Records

Cat: Warp lp17r

Warp Records

Cat: Warp LP17R

Formats: 2xVinyl LP Album Reissue Repress

Style: Techno IDM Electro Ambient

Release Date: Nov 11, 2016

Country: UK


Autechre - Incunabula | Warp Records
It's hard to over-emphasize the impact made by Autechre's debut album, Incunabla, on its initial release back in 1993. While they'd ruffled a few feathers already with their 1991 debut 12" - an explosion of off-kilter hardcore and techno - the album was an altogether different beast: a collection of timeless "intelligent dance music" numbers that skillfully fused far-sighted, Motor City electronics, teak-tough drums, metallic percussion hits, spacey ambience, and the kind of intense, off-kilter computer rhythms that would later become their trademark. Should you need persuading of its enduring brilliance, check out the feral thrust of "Basscadet", the bubbly, intergalactic hum of "Windwind", and the icy snap of "Autriche".

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