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Gunnar Haslam -  Kalaatsakia


Acid Ambient Experimental Techno

A1 - Broadcast

A2 - Kalapuyan

A3 - Transdisciplinary

B1 - nxbound

B2 - Kjolle

B3 - Rservoir

C1 - Istvaeonic

C2 - Kpalaga

The latest transmission from the world of Gunnar Haslam, Kalaatsakia wildly sprawls across the intersections of techno and more abstract sounds to take us on a wideranging journey from the subterranean to the coastal, from blown-out dub tones through fractured rhythms.


DJ Jus-Ed / Fred P. / DJ Qu - Semesters II

US 1x12"

House Deep House

A - Maryland Jam

B1 - It Is What It Is

B2 - Ahead



Mike Dunn - We R Tuesday Nights Vol #3

US 1x12" / Limited Edition / White Label

House Disco Boogie Funk

A1 - Untitled

A2 - Untitled

B1 - Untitled

B2 - Untitled



Palmbomen II - Memories Of Cindy Pt. 2

US 1x12" / Limited Edition

House Synth-pop Acid House

A1 - Pyrotechnomarco

A2 - Forever Afsluitdijk

B1 - IAO Industries

B2 - Transportzone Meer

B3 - Dancing & Crying

'Memories of Cindy Pt. 2' is the second of four Palmbomen 12”s dedicated to the late dear Cindy. 


Arcarsenal - Alter-Realities EP

US 1x12" / EP

House Deep House

A1 - Hurricane

A2 - Structure & Fraction

B1 - The Vessel

B2 - Quiet Saturn

Inner Balance welcomes French duo Arcarsenal, whose super-refined analog improvisations have found premium company on labels like Finest Hour, Underground Quality and their own Bass Cadet Records. Meditative, cyclical, distilled grooves with a fierce low-end are the order of the day, placing this EP squarely in the nearly 25 year-old lineage drawn from Maurizio through Bluetrain and Thor and in to the bags of the Verveines and Cloutiers of today. Whether it’s the reverb-laden soundscapes of the A-side or the loopy mind-traps on the flip, these four tracks will animate and intrigue in equal measure.


Twilight - Pains Of Love

US 1xLP / Album / Reissue

Soul Disco

A1 - Dance With Me

A2 - Find Someone Else

A3 - I Wonder Who

A4 - You Look So Good

B1 - You're In Love

B2 - Never Want To See You Low

B3 - Give All My Love

B4 - Love From You

In 1986, five years after the release of his first album, Lawrence Ross returned with a new Twilight record calledPains of Love. Taking the experience and proceeds from his debut, Still Loving You, Ross spent a few years building himself a studio, and added engineering to his list of skills as a multi-instrumentalist. He was also mentored by Grover Washington Jr. having met him backstage at the Circle Star Theater. Mouthpiece in-hand Ross played one of Washington Jr.s songs using the stars' saxophone. "When you're young you have no fear," says Ross. "That's because you are insane!" he jokes. "He loved it and gave me his phone number to call and play for him on the phone and he would tell me what I needed to improve upon." Most importantly, the real reason for the 5 year gap between albums was that Ross had become a father, twice.


Vilains Bonshommes - Éternité Retrouvée

US 1x12" / 45 RPM / Limited Edition / Reissue


A1 - L'Éternité

A2 - Death Shines On Triumphant Days

B - The Ages Anew



CVO / GU - The Wilderness / Inner Tech-No

US 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

Deep House

A - The Wilderness

B - Inner Tech-No



Saine & Smith - Laughing Kids

US 1x12" / EP / White Label

House Deep House

A - Lord Vanlig

B - Sir Viktig



Omar-S Featuring Nite Jewel - Confess To U

US 1x12" / Single Sided / Limited Edition

House Deep House

A1 - Confess To U (Vocal)

A2 - Confess To U (The Three Stooges Of Hamtramck Mix)



Ov  / Diego - Perc Song (Chords) / Crack

US 1x12" / 45 RPM

Techno House

A - Perc Song (Chords)

B - Crack

Future Times is back at you with more hot wax!! DC's own OV, who came correct with the opening cut on our Vibe 3 compilation, shares this 12" with Diego (also known as Dude Energy, Suzanne Kraft) and together they lift off into the atmosphere with two dope cuts


Tzusing - 東方不敗

A1 - 日出東方 唯我不敗

A2 - Digital Properties

A3 - Esther

B1 - King Of Hosts

B2 - Nature Is Not Created In The Image Of Man's Compassion

B3 - Post-Soviet Models

B4 - Torque Pulsations

After three stand out eps over the last three years for L.I.E.S. Tzusing delivers his debut lp for the label. Here we get seven tracks of precison crafted electronics, unmistakenly taking the artists signature industrial fueled sound and opening it up to a new dimension far beyond the typical metal beat clang. Emotional, dark and powerful, the album title taken literally means "Invincible East" based on a character (a swordsman) in a Jin Yong novel who must make the ultimate sacrifice to attain knowledge and transform. The narrative goes in hand with the artists observations living and travelling throughout Asia and provides a haunting soundtrack for a bleak future where few dare to subvert the power structures at hand.


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