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Tom Scott - Intimate Strangers

US 1xLP / Album

Smooth Jazz Jazz-Funk

A1 - Hi Steppers

A2 - Lost Inside The Love Of You

A3 - Getaway Day

A4 - Nite Creatures



Lydia Rhodes - Dreams

US 2x12"

Deep House

A1 - Dreams (Brian Bristol's Vocal Mix)

A2 - Dreams (B's Break Beats)

B - Dreams (Morel's Pink Noise Vocal Mix)

C - Dreams (Tedd's Vibal Vocal Mix)

D1 - Dreams (Brian Bristol's Dub)

D2 - Dreams (B's Dub Beats)



Sadat X - Ka-Ching / X-Man

A1 - Ka-Ching (Dirty)

A2 - Ka-Ching (Clean)

A3 - Ka-Ching (Instrumental)

B1 - X-Man (Dirty)

B2 - X-Man (Clean)

B3 - X-Man (Instrumental)

Hip Hop


Willus Drummond vs J-Zone - L.A. Vacation / No Consequences

US 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

A1 - L.A. Vacation (Original)

A2 - L.A. Vacation (Instrumental)

A3 - L.A. Vacation (Accapella)

B1 - No Consequences (Clean)

B2 - No Consequences (Filthy)

B3 - No Consequences (Instrumental)

Hip Hop


Various - Reflection Series #4

US 1x12" / Promo / Unofficial Release / White Label

New Wave Industrial Synth-pop

A1 - Ultra Violence

B1 - The Choke

B2 - Schizofrenic Freddy

 Part 4 of the limited Jamal Moss edits.


Motion Graphics - Brass Mechanics / Tarahumara

US 1x7" / 45 RPM / Single

Modern Classical Free Jazz Avant-garde Jazz

A - Brass Mechanics

B - Tarahumara

"Brass Mechanic" is a brilliant chunk of head-spinning ambience, seemingly produced by painstakingly chopping up and rearranging clarinet, saxophone and synthesizer notes. Flip for "Traumhara", a similarly inclined chunk of manipulated, electronic ambient-jazz that pushes the (synthesized) clarinet lines to the fore. Both tracks are fiendishly experimental, but also undeniably ear pleasing


Cloud One - Dust To Dust / Doin' It All Night Long

US 1x12" / Reissue / Unofficial Release


A - Dust To Dust

B - Doin' It All Night Long

Repress of the essential and hard to find "Cloud One - Doin' It All Night/ Dust To Dust" from 1979, written and produced Peter Brown & Patrick Adams!


Tenorio Jr. - Embalo

US 1xLP / Reissue

Bossa Nova

A1 - Embalo

A2 - Inutil Paisagem

A3 - Nebulosa

A4 - Samadhi

A5 - Sambinha

A6 - Fim De Semana

B1 - Nectar

B2 - Clouds

The name Francisco Tenorio Cerqueira Junior, or simply Tenorio Jr, has always been clouded in mystery. Not only did the renowned Brazilian pianist pass away under dubious circumstances in Argentina back in 1976, but he also put out a surprisingly limited number of albums throughout his short-lived career. Having said that, these are all very valid reasons for why his music remains among the most coveted of items in the jazz scene. Embalo is his only album under the Tenorio Jr name, but its 1964 release is still as fresh today as it was back in a cloud of psych-driven hedonism that permeated all arts scenes back then. Fun and uplifting throughout, the album will satisfy both the jazz traditionalists and those with a slightly more left field taste. The percussion driving the arrangements isn't exactly something to ignore either, with its typical South American flair infusing sublimely into Tenorio's own excellence behind the keyboard. This is an important album which has helped to define a whole generation of later Brazilian musicians, and we recommend you to make it part of your life. It's an essential piece of history.


Twilight - Pains Of Love

US 1xLP / Album / Reissue

Soul Disco

A1 - Dance With Me

A2 - Find Someone Else

A3 - I Wonder Who

A4 - You Look So Good

B1 - You're In Love

B2 - Never Want To See You Low

B3 - Give All My Love

B4 - Love From You

In 1986, five years after the release of his first album, Lawrence Ross returned with a new Twilight record calledPains of Love. Taking the experience and proceeds from his debut, Still Loving You, Ross spent a few years building himself a studio, and added engineering to his list of skills as a multi-instrumentalist. He was also mentored by Grover Washington Jr. having met him backstage at the Circle Star Theater. Mouthpiece in-hand Ross played one of Washington Jr.s songs using the stars' saxophone. "When you're young you have no fear," says Ross. "That's because you are insane!" he jokes. "He loved it and gave me his phone number to call and play for him on the phone and he would tell me what I needed to improve upon." Most importantly, the real reason for the 5 year gap between albums was that Ross had become a father, twice.


Solitary Dancer - Dualism

US 1x12" / 45 RPM / EP

Techno Electro

A1 - Anything

A2 - Losing Touch

B1 - Emails 2 Myself

B2 - Emails 2 Myself (Out-Of-Office-Version)

Dark Entries is honored to release 'Dualism', the sophomore E.P. from contemporary Montreal-based duo, Solitary Dancer. They released an eponymously titled debut E.P. on Midland's label Graded in late 2016 after their track


Titonton Duvanté - The Arousal Ep

US 1x12" / EP / Reissue

Techno Broken Beat House

A1 - Fetish

A2 - Uhephna

B1 - Lick

B2 - Skin On Skin

Titonton Duvante's first release from 1998 on Residual Recordings in the rebound


Charlie - Spacer Woman

US 1x12" / 45 RPM / Reissue / Remastered

Italo-Disco Electro

A - Spacer Woman (Vocal)

B - Spacer Woman (Instrumental)



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