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C.K - Spatial Dynamics

Denmark 1x12" / EP

House Techno Breakbeat

A1 - Log Off

A2 - Spatial Dynamics

B1 - Hybrid Textures

Mastered by CGB @ Dubplates & MasteringGreat breaks vibes the Aarhus team again !


DJ Central & Erika Casier - Drive

Denmark 1x12" / 45 RPM / Maxi-Single

Breakbeat Ambient UK Garage

A1 - Drive (First Mix)

A2 - Drive (Ambient Mix)

B - Drive (Club Mix by DJ Sports)

7th record on Regelbau is a Maxi-single of Drive.A side by Erika De Casier and DJ Central. First Mix and Ambient Mix.B-side is a remix by DJ Sports.July 2017


Skudge - First Observation EP

Denmark 1x12" / EP / 45 RPM / 33 ⅓ RPM

Techno Dub Techno

A1 - Surplus

B1 - Void

B2 - Void (Conforce Remix)



Bonnie & Klein , Coyote - Total Blue

A1 - Total Blue

A2 - Coral

B1 - Gitarra

B2 - Demode



Lyra - Synkronudspring I Tomt Bassin

Denmark 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM / 45 RPM / EP / Stereo

Techno Ambient Experimental

A - Senior Crawl

B1 - Bassinprøven

B2 - PPP!



DJ Central & Soft Armour - Untitled

Denmark 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM

House Ambient

A1 - Deliberate Fun

A2 - Tune 4 That Friend

B1 - Invitare

B2 - Lego Igen

Partners is proud to present the third psychical release, which is going to be the first vinyl released through Partners as well. The album is a collaboration between Central and Soft Armour. Both artist has made some of the most interesting releases in Denmark in past years for what comes to their own musical environments. While Christian Hougaard has been creating mesmerizing techno, ambient and drone through various aliases (Soft Armour, Forvarsel, Space Program, etc.), Natal Zaks has made an enormous contribution to the danish House-scene with his own releases as Central (among several other projects).


DJ Seinfeld - Sunrise

Denmark 1x12" / EP

Acid House House Deep House

A1 - Flyin Thru Sunrise

B1 - Chat Shit Get Luved

B2 - The Beginning of An End



Tilliander - Ofog EP

Denmark 1x12" / EP

Dub Techno

A1 - Störet

B1 - Oliveros

B2 - Risset



Various - Club V-Bee

Denmark 1x12" / 33 ⅓ RPM


A1 - V-Bee

A2 - Impresionante

B1 - Friends & Strangers

B2 - In The Heat

What do we have here? Well this is the sixth record from the Regelbau crew - ‘Club V-Bee’. Buying this record means you will score four cuts. The opening track is Manmade Deejay making his first solo appearance on the label with ‘Club V-Bee’. This one is already approved by the deep house community. On the inner cut of the A-side, Manmade teamed up with the infamous Hi Mount on ‘Impresionante’. Flipping the record you will find ‘Friends & Strangers’ by DJ Sports making his second solo appearance on RB. Hi Mount round up the record with their heater ‘In The Heat’ straight out of the cave in Højbjerg (R.I.P).


Resoe - Matrix Sequence EP

Denmark 1x12" / EP

Dub Techno

A - Ecto

B1 - Mocto

B2 - Morphing

Resoe returns to Denmark’s Echocord Colour, having not released on the label since 2011. Resoe, who runs minimal techno label Baum Records, has been producing deep, dubby and groove laden techno since 2007. His return to Echocord Colour is a perfect blend of his signature delicate minimal stabs, mixed with the dancefloor focused energy of the label. We defy you to stand still to the wonky bassline of ‘Morphing.’


Maizena - Sojouring Music

Denmark 1x12" / EP

Leftfield House Experimental

A1 - Sojouring Music

A2 - Sojouring Music (SPCE Mix)

B1 - Approval

B2 - Inflate Deflate Inflate

Mastered by Matt Colton, Alchemy / Perfect groove form - from the Aarhus team


Rune Bagge - Ingen Tak Til Systemet EP

Drum n Bass Techno IDM

A1 - Secret Solutions

A2 - Repulsion

B1 - I Am The Solution

B2 - Coup D'Etat



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